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LSI (Latent semantic indexing) keywords are becoming very important to rank better in search engines, as an internet marketer people used to stuff focused keywords in their articles, overdoing this keyword stuffing gets a penalty from Google Penguin.
Repeating same keywords more than 2% in any article may get a penalty, it is better not to stuff those focused words.
To come out of this problem, Google has developed its search engine algorithm in a strong manner to understand more details about the article by looking at LSI keywords in the content.

What is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keyword

As per the Wiki, LSI keyword definition is an indexing and retrieval method where it uses a mathematical formula called singular value decomposition to find out the relationship between the words and phrases from the collection of text.
In simple terms, LSI keywords meaning is the prominent feature of LSI is its strength to retrieve the conceptual content of the overall text by understanding the relationship between those terms which can appear in similar context.
So many of us think LSI keywords are synonyms to the seed keywords, but it is not true they are often synonyms but most of the times they are different keywords which have some relationship with the main keywords.
Here is the simple (latent semantic indexing) LSI Keywords example,
I am taking keyword “SEMrush Toolbar” because SEMrush doesn’t have any toolbar of its own, but their parent company has a toolbar with the name of SEOquake when I search this keyword in Google, let’s see what it displayed.
By looking at the above results, we can easily understand how Google search engine knows the relationship between SEMrush and SEOquake.

How LSI Keywords Will increase rankings

Most of the times people will not use exact keyword phrases when they are searching for particular information in Google search, LSI keywords will allow and help the search engines to understand what information he/she is searching for, as we seen in the above example I used entirely different keyword phrase for SEOquake but still Google displayed the results based on the relationship SEOquake has with SEMrush toolbar.
If we use the maximum number of LSI keywords in our content which are closely related with our main keyword then the number of keywords per article which are ranking in search engines will increase automatically because of this we get more traffic to our blog.

How To Find LSI keywords

At present, we have so many LSI keywords suggestion tools available on the internet which will enable us to find out the related keywords to our main keyword, but today I will share particularly about the free tools.

List Of LSI Keywords Generator Tools

As I mentioned before Google is the best search engine which will give us total information about LSI keywords related to the main keyword, so I will start my list with Google as LSI keywords tool.

Google Autocomplete And Related Searches

First and foremost thing we have to do after selecting our main keyword is going to Google search and start typing our keyword when we start typing in Google search bar it automatically suggests most related keyword to the main keyword.
Here is the example of autocomplete search
When started typing my keyword Google started suggesting all the popular related keywords which people are searching very frequently associated with this main keyword.
We can consider all these phrases as LSI keywords to include in our article
Another way to find LSI keywords is using Google’s searches related to option at the bottom of the search results, most of the times Google will display  these related searches.

1. LSI Graph / LSI keyword Generator

LSI graph is the most popular LSI keywords generator which is very simple to use and it covers all the possible keywords which are similar to the main keyword, the user interface is very neat and clean and it is absolutely free to use.
Here we can see so many keywords which are closely associated with the main keyword, now we have to note down all these keywords and we should try to include most of these keywords in our content as much possible as we can without disturbing content flow.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush free option allows us to find out up to 10 LSI keywords with CPC, search volume, and trend, I use this free service to get complete information about related keywords as well their search volume, we can consider SEMrush as LSI SEO tool.

3. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is another great LSI keywords finder to use, it displays all the keywords which are closely related to the main keyword in alphabetical order, it retrieves the information using Google’s autocomplete, related searches, and Google’s keyword planner.

4. Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool  another latent semantic indexing information retrieval tool which works similarly as Ubersuggest but here we have the option to select Google’s database based on a geographical area like if you are in India you can select Google.co.in if you want to know different area information then you can select other option.
Here You can select Google.com to find out the related keywords, it even displays the search volume, CPC and competition like SEMrush, but we have to go for pro version to able to see the results, that’s why it is better to use SEMrush free version to get that data.

5. Google Keyword Planner

I don’t think you need an introduction about keyword planner, most of us are using this tool from long back and it is one of the best tools to do LSI keyword research, but still I am adding this tool in my list.
As you all know to add you keyword in keyword planner click get ideas you will see a bunch related keywords in the get ideas section.

How To Implement LSI keywords In Our Article

Now we know the LSI keywords for our main keyword, but how to incorporate these keywords in our article is the most confusing process.
Before writing the article make a blueprint with headlines, and subheadings try to find out whether these keywords will able incorporate in subheadings of the content.
If you find those keywords will not disturb the core concept of your content then use these keywords in H3, H4 tags, and add these keywords in alt tags of the images except the first image because in first image we use our main focused keyword as alt tag text.
If they are not suitable to your content then don’t try to include those keywords in your content forcibly which disturbs the core concept of your content.


I hope this LSI keywords suggestions tools article will help you to find out related keywords which are suitable to your content to rank better in search engines, please kindly share your experiences and opinions about this article in the comments sections so that you suggestions will help other readers to know about this topic.

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