10 Best LSI keyword Generator & Research Tools to Find LSI Keywords

People often stuff their articles with focussed keywords only to get better recognition. But this rather results in a penalty charge from Google. This is where LSI, or Latent semantic Indexing keywords come into the picture. Google has advanced its algorithm and made it even stronger to recognize quality articles. It now focuses on the LSI keywords to make relevant choices.

Most of the time people assume LSI keywords to be synonyms to the main keyword. But in reality, LSI keywords are different words that are related to the main keyword in some or the other way.

Top 10 LSI tools that will help you increase your ranking!

1. LSI Graph

LSI graph is the number one LSI tool that is filled with almost every word that relates to the seed keyword. Moreover, the tool is easy to use with a neat user interface. LSI graph is also free of cost and hence anyone can enjoy its perks. You will find so many options that can be used in your content through the LSI graph.

  • Choose as many LSI keywords as possible, because it will help you improve your ranking.
  • All the keywords that the LSI graph serves you with, are closely related to the main keyword.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is another best option that will help you find many related keywords to improve the ranking of your content. It is completely free to use. Moreover, SEMrush is so easy to use that it can be used by anyone who has access to the internet.

  • You can find as many as ten LSI keywords through SEMrush.
  • It is an amazing free option that gives many great options for your content.

3. Ubersuggest

Another best option on the list of LSI tools is Ubersuggest. The tool will help you find the best LSI keywords so easily and hence, it is among thebest LSI keyword finder tool. Moreover, Ubersuggest ranks all the related keywords alphabetically, and hence, it is more convenient to use. Ubersuggest uses Google’s related searches, its autocomplete, keyword planner, and another reliable tool to generate LSI keywords.

4. Keyword Tool

 Keyword Tool is quite similar to Ubersuggest in its working but with better services. Here, you have the option to select the database as per the geographical location of your article. For example, if your target population is India, then you have the option to select Google.co.in. The results will be according to the target population.

  • It is also a famous and reliable option for LSI keywords.
  • There are many other services that the pro version of the tool offers. You can always take the subscription for enjoying better services.

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is among the most famous keyword search tools. All of us have been using it for a long time now. Therefore, the planner is the best keyword planner that needs no recognition, since it is already so famous among users.

  • It is one of the most convenient tools to be used with the best results.
  • Through Google Keyword Planner, you will get access to many related keywords that can be used in the article to improve the ranking of your content.

6. Keys4up

Another straightforward tool for generating keywords is Keys4up. Through this tool, you will get access to a maximum of 10 related keywords that will help you improve the ranking of your article. Moreover, the tool also has a list of more detailed LSI keywords but to get access to those keywords you are required to have a registered account.

  • Keys4up provides a special service known as “4up” that works as an indication, guiding you about how often the LSI keyword must be used.
  • Also, the tool is user-friendly. Hence, it becomes convenient for the users to rely on it.

7. Twinword Ideas LSI Graph

This tool is more interesting because it depicts the relationship among keywords through visuals rather than the basic write-ups. Moreover, there is no limit to search queries about the LSI keywords. Also, the tool helps you improve your ranking by offering you unique and related keywords.

  • Furthermore, through the website, it is also possible to search the trending keywords, and hence it is another way of improving the ranking of your content.
  • “Twinword idea” is easy to use and there is no limit to search queries.

8. Niche Laboratory

Niche Laboratory is a free-to-use LSI tool that helps you find trending and related keywords. Moreover, this tool helps provide detailed information about the searched keyword. Therefore, it lets you explore your content widely.

  • As many as 150 keywords pop up on the screen for one search query.
  • You can also unlock many more keywords by using the pro version of the tool.

9. Semantic Link

Yet another easy-to-use LSI generator tool is Semantic Link. This tool is somewhat different from others as it relies on Wikipedia to find the related keywords. Moreover, the tool provides you with as many as 100 trending keywords per query. Thus, helping you improve the ranking of your content.

  • There are many pros of using this tool. But the only con is that the keyword in question must appear in Wikipedia for at least 1000 times. Only then it is analyzed by the tool.
  • Even though the website is easy-to-use but certain things make it not a very convenient site to use.

10. Ultimate Keyword Hunter

Ultimate Keyword Hunter is another great and unique option that helps you improve the ranking of your content. It is a great free LSI keyword tool. But you are required to install the software into your system before its usage. Moreover, it works only on Windows. Even though the software is difficult its use as compared to other LSI tools but it offers a free guide that helps you understand its works.

  • This tool is complicated to use, but it offers additional services too. Therefore, once learned to use it can be a great option to improve your ranking.
  • Moreover, it also provides additional details about the keywords. Like how often has the keyword appeared on analyzed pages.


1. Which tool is best for LSI keywords?

Keysearch is the best LSI keyword tool. But there are many other great options too, like:

  • Semantic Link
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ubersuggest

2. Which tool is famous for extracting LSI?

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs
  • Moz

3. How does LSI improve SEO?

  • It lets you boost your content’s contextuality.
  • Genrates SEO advantages.
  • Improve the ranking of your website.

4. What are the LSI keywords?

  • Semantically relevant.
  • Words related to the main keyword.

5. What is the alternative to LSIGraph?

  • Surfer
  • SE Ranking
  • RankIQ
  • Serpstat

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