How To Start Increasing Your Facebook Page Likes

To be successful on Facebook, you need a dedicated community. Without someone, there is no one who can see or read your content, so it is difficult to create brand awareness and achieve ROI.
It’s not just about the amount of I like on Facebook, it’s about quality. You must focus and attract the right audience to meet your business objectives. Achieving good results on Facebook is also shared with common sense. Understand how Facebook works and use free social media monitoring tools to help you adjust your page.

Here are 9 ways to improve the Facebook page of your Facebook page for your business:

  1. Optimize the information on your Facebook page

Most of the time people on your company’s Facebook page only see the profile photo, the cover photo and the short description. Make sure the images and description of your brand are attractive, what your business does and encourage people to like your site.

  1. Post-attractive content

It is important to publish interesting, entertaining and interesting content on your company’s page. Facebook performs its Edgerank algorithm constants and rewards the publications that I like, likes, comments, resources shared with far reach. Facebook has provided content that informs us that it is not possible to use the information that is compromised by the privacy of the information that is compromised by it.
Recently, Facebook announced that it will update its algorithm to track how much time users spend reading publications. The videos are the best type of content published on Facebook to attract attention and driving force. However, make sure that the videos are the optimal length to capture the attention of your followers and keep them long enough to process the content.

  1. Be active

People probably will not like your Facebook page if you do not post regularly.
How often should you post? There is no magic number, but many Good Practice Guides suggest 3 times a week to once a day.
You can also use your visits to the Facebook page and find out on what days (and at what times) your audience is active on Facebook.  Publish at peak times when your audience is online and experiment with the time of your posts to see when most of your followers are participating in your content.

  1. Promote your Facebook page anywhere

For example, you can promote your Facebook page on your website (home page, header or footer), your email signature, marketing email footer, business cards and any other digital marketing material .
Once you have great content on your company’s FB page, you should post your presence on Facebook in any Evergreen content you own and manage.
Make sure your visitors are as comfortable as possible to access their Facebook page or click on it with a single click.

  1. Invite your existing community

You have an easily accessible community: employees, current customers, business partners and business partners. It is probably your first proponent and find its content interesting and shareable. Why not send a friendly personal invitation to ask them to like your company’s Facebook page if they have not already done so?
One way to do this is to simply add a call to action in a personal email (ie, “I like Facebook.”). Add a slide at the end of your presentations or webinars to encourage customers and business partners to remind them that they like their Facebook page, if they have not already done so.

  1. Use Facebook social add-ons

As we suggested above, to promote your Facebook page on your site, you can do so with some free social Facebook add-ons:
With the addition of the Facebook page, you can easily integrate and promote your Facebook page on your website. As in Facebook, your visitors can see and share the page without having to leave your site.
With the comment plugin, users can comment on the content of their website with their Facebook account. If people want it, they can also share this activity with their friends in News Feed. It also includes built-in moderation tools and a special classification of social relevance.

  1. Use data to make new members of the community like you

This step goes hand in hand with # 2 “Post-participation content” to help inform your entire content strategy.
You must use a specialized tool, based on data. For our purposes, I use the Meltwater’s Media Intelligence platform to illustrate an example.
Let’s say I have a pizza brand. To get more information about the interests of my target group, I create a social search for “pizza.” Based on my search data, people who talk about pizza also talk about wings, food, cinnamon, bark and sausages. It also seems that the hashtag #pizzafood  is also associated with people in the pizza.

  1. Pay to play with Facebook ads

You have to pay to play to be seen on Facebook today. Facebook offers a wide selection of advertising products with some of the best social orientation options.
Taking advantage of the data you found above, along with the contact lists of your popular community and supporting a Facebook pixel, you can see your content from the right people to build your Facebook community. In addition, all Facebook ads have the ability to show the “like-page” button to people who see your ad but do not like your page. Win win.
Below is a brief breakdown of the ad’s goals, which can ultimately lead to more likes of Facebook:
Improve your publications: bring your content to the right people. Search for interests or upload your own contact lists to show content for well-known audiences. You can also try the Facebook Lookalike audience tool and create a target audience with similar interests and demographics of your current, potential or fanatic customers of the page.

  1. Run a contest

Companies organize Facebook contests all the time to create their audience and get more “likes”. If you decide to do so, make sure your competition follows Facebook’s advertising policies.
Some quick guidelines: make sure your competition is fun, simple and relevant to your audience, and encourage users to share their results and participation with their friends. Do not forget to use Facebook Ads to promote your contest. And if you’re using an application to manage your competition, make sure it’s friendly to mobile devices.
I forgot something? Do you have any questions about the above suggestions? Add a comment and, if you like the post, feel free to share it with your friends.

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