Google Adsense: Describing CTR, CPC, CPM, RPM, Page views & Impression

Adsense is one most influential and popular ads network. It’s too popular due to paying high CPC and page RPM.Most of New Adsense user’s don’t know about What is Page, CTR and Page RPM. Due to lack of knowledge of this term, the New user does not understand the Google  Adsense Earning Report because of lack of understanding of Adsense Dashboard.Every blogger wishes for  Higher CPC  because it increases the earning. Higher Page CTR is essential for the advertiser as well as publisher. Higher CTR increases the earning of the publisher. It also shows that How many people attract toward the ads.
Before CTR and Page RPM I would like to give some information about Click and Impressions. For standard content ads, Google Adsense count a Click when a user clicks on an ad.For link ad units, Google Adsense count a click when a user clicks on an ad and open the page of ads.
An impression is counted By Google Adsense when least one ad shown on the site. The impression is the number of ad units (for content ads) or search queries (for search ads) that showed ads.

What is Page CTR in Adsense?

CTR stands for (Click through Rate) and defined as Number of Impression convert in Click.
CTR= Number of Ads Click / Number of  Ad Impression.
CTR is depended upon many factors like traffic, Type of ads,  Ad unit, and Template. Many publishers get more than 10 % CTR but average CTR is 2-3 %.

What is Page CPC?

CPC (Cost per Click) is how many publishers can earn on each click.
It depends upon the how many advertiser’s bids for your ad placement. Publisher increases the CPC by using High pay keywords and improving the site ranking.More Advertiser bid for the High Rank site so Higher higher rank site get High CPC as compression to the low site.Higher CPC  plays a prominent role in earning For example:
If your CTR is 12 %, ie, 12 click on 100 page views but Cost per Click is $.10, then you make only $1.2.
If you have CTR 1%, ie, 1 click on 100 page views but Cost per Click is $4, then your estimated earning will be $4.

What is RPM in Adsense?

RPM(Revenue per thousand impressions ) is calculated by your estimated earning divide by the number of page views, then multiply by 1000.
For example :
If your estimated earning is $15 from 15000 page views, then your page RPM would equal ($15 / 15000) * 1000, or $1.00.

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