101 FREE YouTube Channel Ideas For Women & Female Youtubers

If You reach here, it means you also know the power of YouTube now. Do you want to start a youtube channel which helps you earn well and give fame at the same time? Here, We have Most Popular YouTube Channel Ideas for Girls specifically.
Before moving to the topic, One thing you must know is the difference between Blogging and Vlogging.
Now, In this blog, we will focus on some channels specifically and what I think about their channels that you can get inspiration from. I picked out Youtube channels of all sizes which mean that are just starting, established one or in between.

List of YouTube Channel Ideas For Girls

  1. Cooking Channel

    There are many Foodies all over the world that want to learn cooking or try something new. If You are a Masterchef or Know some great cooking hacks, Here you go start a channel on these niches, choose an attractive name related to cooking or just name your channel with your name. Trust me, It will give you a lifetime earning if your videos are best. This topic will never gonna end.

    Best Cooking YouTube Channels in India:

    Nisha MadhulikaSanjeev KapoorTarla Dalal etc.

    Best Cooking YouTube Channels in World:

    Laura in KitchenSorted Food, Simple Cooking Channel, etc.

  2. Beauty Tips Youtube Channel

    One of the Best Youtube Channel Ideas is to start a channel for Women Beauty. Hairstyles, Makeup, Hair Issues, Manicure, Pedicure, etc. You can teach others what you know well. This will make you famous and save others money too. Hahaha. Make sure what you teach is accurate and don’t harm anyone. You can give proper precautions also before starting. Also, Take care of Presentation.

    Best Beauty & Makeup YouTube Channels in India:

    Scherezade ShroffShrutiArjunAnandAnkita Srivastava | Corallista, etc.

    Best YouTube Channels in World for Beauty Tips:

    ZoellaAndreas ChoiceMichelle PhanBethany Mota, etc.

  3. DIY Youtube Channel

    Another Good Youtube Channel Ideas are DIY ( Do It Yourself) of Basic Things We Use. Everyone has some different talent to show off. Create Unique, Funny. You can go for any topic. They are also very useful and save money.

    Best DIY YouTube Channels:

    DIYWengie, DIY NetworkReady For DIV, etc.

  4. Skills Based Youtube Channel

    This is like a cherry on the cake. Bestest Youtube Channel Ideas is to start a channel showing your skills like Dancing, Singing, Playing something, Acting, Mimic, Funny Videos, Vines, etc. This is very good way to get fame and show up your skills.

    Best Skills YouTube Channels:

    Dance-TopicUrban Dance Camp, SanamBB Ki Vines etc.

  5. Teaching YouTube Channel

    You can teach others about what you are an expert. Just make your video informatic, creative and accurate. Teaching subjects can be like English, Blogging ( Like I do ), Tech, Programming, Mathematics, GK, etc. It completely depends on you.

    Best Teaching YouTube Channels:

    Technical Guru JiEnglish with LucyProgramming KnowledgeBankers Adda, etc.

Other YouTube Channel Ideas are

  • Reviews: It is most famous one these days and easy too. For Example Pardesi Girl. She does pretty much nothing. Can you just think nothing except giving few expressions and still earning well? But Yeah you can go for reviews and do better than her.
  • Shoot your Baby Movements, Travelling Moments
  • Parody Videos
  • Health Tips
  • Interviews
  • Motivation Videos
  • Challenge Videos, etc.


Well, in the end, I would like to tell you to just start from one thing even if you are not perfect. Focus on one niche in early days. Once you get good no. of subscribers and views on your videos, You can also extend your channel or do more with it.
Do you Guys have any YouTube Channel Ideas for women ? Then please do share your views with us in the comments section or just drop a mail to us.
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