Why you should buy WordPress Hosting in SeekaHost India?

Before going to a Topic Why SeekaHost India and why they’re the best option WordPress hosting in India? Let’s get to know about what WordPress is and why it’s top CMS platform

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a Website Builder tool that let us to create any website that you can imagine. It’s extremely user-friendly Content Management System (CMS), an open source platform available.

Why is WordPress?

WordPress is flexible tool which you can create and manage your sites or blogs, moreover you can upload files, publish content and host media without a single line of code, easy to manage lots of sites under one control panel. So, anyone can use it at ease to build a website on their own, with a lot of featured themes, templates and plugins.

Who is SeekaHost India and what they provide?

SeekaHost India – A web Hosting Company in India, which has started to provide the hosting services from 2016. SeekaHost India’s motive is to provide a quality service with the cheap price which makes every people can benefit from it. They also provides their Customer with a Dedicated Support which any others to an extent fail to provide. Their customer support and the way they communicate with the clients is much impressive, you will get quick response and their problem-solving skills are so effective all this are possible with the Expert technical team and driven knowledge over the technological updates in the Hosting field.

SeekaHost India has the Exclusive support to their Indian clients with the Support over a Phone call, Live Chat, and Support tickets. Interestingly, their Phone call Support will be available 24/7 to support their clients queries over the call with the technical experts, Live at any time to provide the best support to their clients without lacking in time, to client work effectively. That’s what SeekaHost India is always best when the Support is at a world Class.

Now they are providing a lot of Hosting packages under their online tree Seekahost.in, all packages are toned and customized for the use of Indian clients at a budget friendly cost.

Here, I share a package that has the enormous feature with the cheapest price that SeekaHost India provides. You should know by now, yes here I am going to share you a SeekaHost India exclusive WordPress Hosting package.

Everyone knows about the WordPress Hosting as it is user friendly and therefore every Hosting provider now provides WordPress package.

Are you thinking of what is best that unique about SeekaHost India WordPress hosting, it is the price and features of the packages.

Under SeekaHost India they are providing WordPress package @ Rs.99.50/month with the specialized and futurized WordPress Website Management dashboard which you can manage within client area page.

Features of the WordPress Website management tool kit provides you the below listed features

Under Management:

  • Installation Details
  • Website Details
  • Backups
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Config
  • Users

Under Actions:

  • Control Panel
  • Clear Cache
  • Clone
  • Update
  • Change Domain
  • Manage Auto Upgrades
  • Staging
  • Push To Live
  • SSL
  • Maintenance Mode
  • Instance Image
  • Delete

The above-mentioned features help user to access their WordPress Website under a Dashboard without logging into the sites. These provides user a hassle-free environment.

Another important thing is that WordPress are hosted in the light speed server to provide the overall efficiency of the WordPress Websites. 

Also, when it comes to the Security, SeekaHost India’s WordPress Hosting Servers are configured with Cloud Linux & Imunify 360 to guarantee the top security. Along with Imunify 360, Mod Security + Firewall Configuration guarantee you the most secured hosting platform.

Move to SeekaHost India WordPress Hosting

Migration is a vital factor while moving from other Hosting to SeekaHost India, there is a lot of risks while migrating the backup that ends up with loss of data will damage your sites. So, how about a migration support from hosting provider? SeekaHost India has the experts of Migration team who help you in migrating the data to their server without any loss of data at zero additional cost.

Now SeekaHost India has an offer for their WordPress clients that they will provide you a free domain if you choose a WordPress annually plan. Moreover, they always value the client’s satisfaction and security. If you’re trying to host your sites, I recommend you to check with the SeekaHost.in to host your WordPress sites.

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