7 White Hat SEO Techniques to Enhance Your Website Traffic

Google is changing its algorithm frequently to improve the search results. We can consider recent update as the panda, penguin and hummingbird algorithms. So White Hat SEO is the only way to go if you want to maintain your online presence in search engine. Doing White Hat SEO also means that search engine will also like your website and rank them high in search results. White Hat SEO is a collection of techniques by which one can rank high in search engine. There are many Techniques available in White Hat SEO.

What differentiates White Hat SEO from Black Hat SEO

The first and foremost thing which you need to understand about White Hat SEO is that it means following the SEO techniques adhering to respective search engine guidelines. Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, etc. have multiple rules and regulations under which the optimization of websites is done. Whether it is about curating content, keyword stuffing, relevancy of content, navigation of websites, everything must be done according to the search engine guidelines. Black Hat SEO, on the other hand, is performing optimization without following search engine guidelines. In order to get higher rankings, Black hat SEO is what most people find useful but without following the search engine regulations. Black Hat SEO is risky and is also illegal. Most numbers of SEO shysters perform Black Hat SEO techniques and let us tell you, that the result generation in this is not at all intended at increasing the website traffic. As the targeted audience is not so much a human audience, it might eventually expand the website customer base but one way or the other, Black Hat SEO is an illegal procedure to follow. In short, to create a sustainably successful and entirely ethical website, and eventually run a successful business, it is better to implement White Hat SEO techniques.

7 White Hat SEO Tips You Must Follow

Now that we have concluded that practicing White Hat SEO techniques for business enhancement is essential, it is also important for us to look at the best white hat SEO practices to implement.

1. Create In-Depth Content

We have all been familiar with the phrase that “Content is the King” and if we look at the importance which a unique content holds, then this phrase will definitely be held true. Curating content which is unique as well as original is one of the prime White Hat SEO techniques. On the other hand, if we look into Black Hat SEO techniques then there is a duplicity of content. Most of the Black hat SEO professionals do not curate fresh content and resort to stealing content from other websites. All of this is highly unprofessional and absolutely unethical. Republishing, rewritten, and spun content doesn’t interest the visitor at all and thus, it has been advised to write content which is fresh and original.
In order to make the content fresh and appealing, you need to keep in mind a few things which can help you through with the content curating. Have a look at the parameters listed below which you must follow to make original and captivating content:
a) Add a descriptive headline.
b) Lay focus on readability and structure of the content.
c) Though the work is keyword oriented, the entire approach should not revolve around keywords. Readability must not be sacrificed while implementing keywords.
d) Make sure to add enticing Meta descriptions. This might not be one of the direct ranking factors but it is done in order to compel the reader.
Keep these writing techniques in mind while writing content as it is an extremely helpful way with which you can compel the readers to read the content. More relevant content is appreciated at a larger rate than the content which is simply copy-pasted!

2. User Experience

Webmasters have always focused on enhancing user experience. This has been one of the prime focus of the webmasters as it benefits them the most. The aim of UX design is to improve customer satisfaction with its utility, ease of access, and the pleasure involved while utilizing it. There are a number of ways for enhancing the user experience. Improving the UX of the site always comes with a bit of strategic planning, either you are working with any designer or if you are utilizing the readymade templates, delivering a better user experience to the visitors can be a great help for the website. When we talk about the most essential White Hat SEO techniques, delivering smooth UX is a significant technique.

3. Optimize For Mobile

Since 2015, there has been a major focus on making websites mobile-friendly because c’mon, we all have to admit that mobile is the future. Even though the Mobilegeddon update which came three years ago wasn’t much of an upheaval at that time but now, we do consider the fact that going mobile-friendly is really a significant part for the White Hat SEO. Most of the webmasters who didn’t pay heed of putting mobile-friendly interfaces will have to pay heavy prices. In times like these where using mobile has more or less become a ritual for the majority of people, going mobile friendly is a smarter step.

4. Keyword Research

Search engine optimization is keyword oriented and thus, keyword research is an important part of the White Hat SEO. It is essential to implement keywords which are of high-intent and are relevant. There are a good many tools which can be utilized in order to find appropriate keywords. It is significant to implement keywords but overdoing it might be harmful to your website.

5. Local SEO

By this point, you might have understood the risks and difficulties involved with SEO. Now that we have come this far, there is another important white hat SEO practice and that is Local SEO. About Local SEO, people must know that this is absolutely different from the average or regular SEO. One thing which you must know is that local search results have been changing rapidly. With Local SEO strategies, small-scale as well as well- established businesses can attract a larger audience in their locality. Not just it enhances the website visibility, it also enhances the customer base of the business. As we just stated that local searches have been increasing, the expansion of business locally can increase the customer base to an exceptionally well ratio. Website localization, citation building, managing reviews and generating quality back-links etc. are some of the features of Local SEO with which there can be a commendable rise in the ranking of your website.

6. Create Relevant Backlinks

It is essential to get the right kind of links. We are still far away from the day when we might not need links as much we need rankings, and as of today, we need links. It is necessary to create backlinks which are relevant and with that being said, it is imperative to build resource centers with which trust and authority can be built. Link building is a mandatory part of the ranking procedure and if you are ignoring this, then it might be problematic for your website later on.

7. Plan a Better Content Strategy

Creating a website with stolen and copied content is surely one of the ways leading to the downfall of your website. This is why in White Hat SEO techniques a special focus has been laid on creating unique high-quality content. However, creating a website with high-quality unique and fresh content will definitely lead to an upsurge of the website traffic. All of this will be useful in enhancing the customer base. As we have already discussed in the very first point how essential content is for the search engine optimization, it is necessary to devise a content strategy which is unique, fresh and is way ahead of your competitors.
With all the above-listed points, the bottom line remains that it is not mandatory to manage hundreds of ranking signals of SEO factors to enhance your website traffic. Instead, you just have to focus on the White Hat SEO techniques elaborated above to engage the maximum audience and enhance the website traffic. Follow this space for more such facts and new trends in the SEO industry.

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