10 Best Free Whatsapp Spy Apps For Monitoring Kids

With technology growing at its fastest pace, there is nothing left that can not be achieved. Be it exploring the world with just a few clicks or invading someone’s privacy. But with technological advancement, guiding your children in the right direction is becoming more and more challenging. The balance between allowing your children to explore what time serves and protecting them from getting carried away with how easily everything is available on the internet is a serious matter of concern for every parent. 

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. WhatsApp Spy Apps are one of the best tools that allow you to keep a check on your child while also allowing them to enjoy their freedom. 


XNSPY is one of the best apps that will help you keep a check on your child. The app is filled with some of the most amazing features that make it a reliable app for parents. There are several reasons that make it the no. one spying app, and to quote some of the reasons:

  • XNSPY works smoothly on both Android as well as iOS.
  • You will get access to all the WhatsApp chats through XNSPY.
  • Moreover, the app allows you to keep track of WhatsApp calls too. But you can only enjoy this feature on Android.

2. mSPY

Another reliable app for monitoring your child’s WhatsApp is mSPY. This app allows you access to any chat, including group chats, location, emails, and call logs. Furthermore, you not only get access to the WhatsApp chats but also contact details along with the date and time of the message. Therefore, mSPY is a great option to be used by parents to track their child’s hereabouts.

  • mSPY can be used on both Android and iOS. But the app offers different versions for iOS with and without jailbreak.
  • There are three price ranges available for the app, you can choose the one that suits you the most.

3. Spyzie

Spyzie is an inclusive app that allows you to spy on anyone’s WhatsApp. There are many phenomenal features that the app offers, like you will get access to all the chats. Moreover, the app also allows you to play voice notes and view pictures and even videos.

  • There are two different subscriptions of different price ranges that help you get Spyzie for Androids.
  • Choose the one that you think is suitable for you.
  • You will be required to buy new subscriptions per month for iOS.

4. Flexispy

Flexispy is an app entirely dedicated to spying which makes it another great choice to spy on your child’s WhatsApp. The app allows you to track Whatsapp on anyone’s device. Moreover, it is suitable for both Android and iOS. But with Flexispy, jailbreaking and rooting are mandatory, specifically for spying on WhatsApp.

  • Flexispy not just allows you to go through the chat but you can spy on anything and everything, including display pictures.
  • There are both premium and extreme subscription categories available for the app.

5. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is on the expensive side and therefore, it is not generally a choice for the majority. But people who are into aesthetics love to use this app. The website is designed with features that make it pleasing for its viewers and thus users enjoy relying on Hoverwatch.

  • The app allows you to go through chats as well as call details.
  • The subscriptions are available on per basis. 

6. Coco Spy

Coco Spy is another great option that is convenient for spying on WhatsApp. Though the app offers multiple features but it is on the pricier side. Also, the services that Coco Spy offers are too less for its price. You can get better services at this price range.

  • Moreover, the app neither supports calls nor allows you to access live chats.
  • There are subscription options available on a yearly basis but you are advised to go for a trial session prior to investing a huge amount on the app.

7. iSpyoo

Another great app to spy on WhatsApp is iSpyoo. There are a plethora of features that the app serves, including various monitoring tools and GPS trackers. Apart from this, one of the most impressive features of this app is that you can even record and block calls through iSpyoo.

  • The only disadvantage of the app is that it is on the expensive side.
  • But you will be satisfied with the services the app offers.

8. The TruthSpy

This is one of the most widely used WhatsApp spy apps by parents. It not only allows you to spy on text messages, but you can also view all the documents, pictures, videos, and whatnot. The TruthSpy is exclusively made for parents to look after their children by allowing parents to spy on their child’s WhatsApp as well as Snapchat details.

  • The app runs smoothly in the background. Thus, you do not require any additional effort to run the app.
  • There are many features that are not supported by the premium version.

9. Copy9

Copy9 is one of the most amazing spying apps designed for parents. Along with giving you access to WhatsApp, the app also has exclusive features that allow you to go through your child’s text messages and other social media accounts like Facebook. 

  • Copy9 lets you access the entire chat. Moreover, the app makes it possible for you to read even deleted messages. 
  • The app also lets you track call records along with detailed information about the calls.

10. iKeyMonitor

You will find over 30 monitoring functions that make it easier for parents to track their child’s activities. iKeyMonitor allows youtube to track call details, text details, etc. The app even allows you to check the games and applications that are installed on your child’s device. 

  • Not just chats but also the attachments can be accessed through iKeyMonitor.
  • The only thing that you will have to adjust is that it is mandatory for the app to have an active internet connection.


1. How can I see my child’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing?

There are many apps available that allow you to spy on your child’s WhatsApp. Some of the great options are:

  • Coco Spy
  • Flexi Spy
  • Spy Bubble

2. Can I control my child’s WhatsApp?

You can either put an app lock on your child’s WhatsApp or you can link your child’s WhatsApp to your device. 

3. How can parents see their kid’s messages?

You can either go for spy apps or choose to rely on third-party parental control. Some of the best spy app options are:

  • Spyera
  • mSpy
  • Spyic 

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