What is Google Adsense & How Does it Work?

Adsense is a CPC (Cost per click) Advertising program of Google which shows the relevant, auto adjustable and native ads on website and blog. Google Adsense generates relevant banner ads, text and image ads, videos ads (for youtube.com) and sponsored links based on the location and content on the website.
Google Adsense is more popular among the publisher because it is one of the best and the easiest way for bloggers, webmasters, and Youtubers to make money from their blogs, Videos, and websites. To start Money making with Google Adsense publisher needs to signup for Google Adsense account.Once you apply for Google Adsense will check the quality and content on the blog.If your blog is full fill the Adsense term and condition, Your Adsense account will be approved & then set up ads for each page on the website.Google  Adsense show the ads in various formats and Publisher have the liberty of choosing the ads formate.

Google Adsense highlights:

  • Adsense is owned by Google and participant in the AdChoices program.
  • It generates approx 96% part of Total Google’s income.
  • Adsense has the various like AdMob,  AdSense for Feeds  AdSense for search, etc.
  • Adsense works on either a per-click(PPC) or per-impression (CPC)basis and Publishers will get paid for clicks on ads appearing on their websites.
  • Currently (Oct 2018), Adsense publishers receive 68% of the click cost and Google 32%  for Non-Hosted Adsense account. Means that if an advertiser pays $2 for each click on his ads, the AdSense publisher will get $1.36 and Google $0.64
  • Adsense publishers receive 51% of the click cost and Google 49%  for Hosted Adsense account (Blogger and Youtube programme).
  • Google Adsense has many products suited for desktop websites, videos, games, mobile apps and sizes including text and images.
    Adsense publishers get paid monthly; However, the payment threshold is different by currency.

How Adsense Work for Publisher?

Google publishes the Ads base on the content of a website, Geographical location and user interest. The publisher can control and block the ads unit and type of ads according to their choice to maximize the revenue. After successfully Creating an  Adsense account, you need to create a ads unit. Ads unit give an HTML and Javascript code.The publisher has to place the javascript code where you want to display the ads. You will earn money  in two way, If any visitor see or click on Ads than Google pay you according to

  1. The number of click and CPC (Cost per Click).
  2. Number impression on site.

Impression RPM (Page revenue per thousand impressions ) is lower than CPC (Cost per Click). RPM is defined as
RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1000
It has a larger number of the online advertiser who is bidding for your ads place, so you get maximum from ads.  You receive payment when reach threshold value of payment ( 100$).

How AdSense Work for Advertiser?

It helps Advertiser to Advertise to Ads to the right person. Because Google always tracks each person activity internet and Show the Ads according to our Activity, Search and Location. For Example: If you search about a smartphone, Google Adsense to Ads Related to Smartphone. Advertiser requires a Google Adwords for Online Advertisement and control of ads such as target traffic, ads keyword, bids. Advertiser will pay per click.

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