Top 5 Websites To Buy And Sell Domain Names

Domain flipping is the term used to buy and sell domain names. This is the quickest way to make money online. Many people loves branded name. So if you are having some branded name then you can sell them to such people. With each of your sell, you can add your profit with it. There are some websites which will help you to find people who are looking for branded domain name. In this post, I am going to tell you top 5 websites to buy and sell domain names. These are the best websites to try.
Before starting the list of websites, let me tell you how domain flipping works. There are many people who are earning a good amount with this money making way. Suppose you are interested in this field then first you will buy a good domain name. Once you buy good domain name then you will build website on it. You will give some times to grow your website. Once you find that your website is growing good, you will sell it on higher price. So the person who will buy your website will pay you good amount of money. Then that person will use your website for his purpose. He may grow it or sell it on even higher price. This process continues and people make money out of it.
There are many factors like domain age, Domain authority, Page authority, Moz trust, Moz Rank, Past history of domain, current income etc should be considered while buying or selling domain names.
There are many people who list their domain name on one or two websites. But this is not good. There are many websites to buy and sell domain names. You should list your domain names on all these websites. You don’t know when the right person like your domain name and you will get a huge amount of money. So start listing your domain name on all of these websites.

Top Websites to Buy And Sell Domain Names

1. Afternic

Afternic is the one of the biggest websites to buy and sell domain names. Afternic is having many sites who are partnered with it. So once you add your domain into Afternic, your domain will be visible to all those sites. So your chances of getting sell are very high here. With 100+ resellers, Afternic is the best marketplace where you can buy or sell any domain name. Generally Afternic offers some ways to list your domain names. Some of them are buy now only, parking pages etc.

2. Flippa

Flippa is the again largest marketplace for domain flipping. Flippa offers numerous listing options for any domain name. If you are listing your domain name with Flippa then there are very high chances that you will get your buyer soon. I am a BIG FAN of Flippa. Some of the ways which Flippa offers to sell your domain names are landing pages, auctions, buy now only etc. If you have not tried Flippa then you should try NOW.

3. Sedo

Sedo is another website which will help you in domain flipping. Sedo is having large customer base. It is the website which is FREE for listing of your domain name. But you should pay some commission to Sedo when you sell your domain name. On Sedo, lots of sell are done every single day. So Sedo will let you reach to your targeted buyer easily. Some of the ways which Sedo offers to sell your domain names are counter offer, landing pages, auctions etc.

4. FreeMarket

FreeMarket is the website which is created by a guy who has created The best thing which we all like about FreeMarket is it cuts only 5% as its commission. Many of the websites are taking much more commission as compare to FreeMarket. So this is the best place for any beginner to start with. In this marketplace, you can find any type of website for buy and sell.

5. GoDaddy

We all know that GoDaddy is the best domain registrar in the world of Domain names. With domain Registrar, GoDaddy is among one of the websites to buy and sell domain names. GoDaddy is very popular for its auctions. You can find any type of domain in GoDaddy. You need $4.99/year membership with GoDaddy for domain flipping. But it is worth for you.
The above are some of the websites to buy and sell domain names. You can try other websites too for domain flipping. The more you try the more you gain experience. Your experience in this field will help you to get quick decision about any domain in the future. So go with all the websites and list your domain there. Once you find the perfect buyer of your domain, sell it. This way you can enjoy $$$$.
So guys, if you like this post then do share it with your friends and help them to find the perfect websites to buy and sell domain names. Which websites you are using for domain flipping? Let me know via comments.

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