Top 10 Free Website Speed Test Tools

You all know this, a blogger is not enough to write articles just to be successful, your blog also has to be alert on many things, with the help of which a blogger can become successful, in which the main role of your blog. SEO (search engine optimization) includes it, your content, its quality, internal linking, external linking, image optimization, your theme, its look, things like it are most important now, the speed of your website, and it has a lot of impact on our blog does matter.

According to information, Google shows the same website on its first page in search, whose time the speed of open is less than 5 seconds, so if you are also a blogger and you have a website, but despite your hard work, your website don’t get in search results. 

Even if you do not get it by searching in the engine, you should also test your website speed, because your website is not the reason for not coming in search. If this is the case then there is no need to panic, in this article today, we have come up with a solution to this problem, with the help of which you can get rid of this problem and you can do your website speed test online and find out the shortcomings of your website.

10 different website speed test tool: 

1.      Web Analyzer: To know the performance of your blog/website, you have to paste the link of the website in the box, which then clicks on Analyze; this tool will show how much loading speed of your website is on mobile and desktop, your blog/website. Due to problems encountered in the website if the website does not appear on the search engine page, then in this way, you can improve by looking at whatever is lacking in your blog. 

With the help of this website, you can find all the shortcomings of the website. Now you have got information about Web Analyzer – Free page speed testing tool.

2.      GtmetrixWith the help of this tool also you can check your blog website loading speed, for that you have to search in Google Gtmetix website speed test and you will reach its official website, you can also go through this link when you are its official Once you reach the website, the interface will look something like this, which you can see on the screenshot below.

To test your website speed here, paste your website URL in the box that appears and click on test your site. Now your website is being tested, wait for some time, all the information related to your blog will come out. You will be able to see them. Not only this, if you want to check the speed of a single article and your competitor who has written an article on the same keyword, then you can also compare the page speed of it and find out why the article is in Google’s first reason.

3. Dotcom-tools: With the help of these tools, you can also find the page speed of your blog website, as well as it can be easily found out what things we need to optimize in our page on the link given to access this website. 

4. KeyCDN tool: This is also a simple tool to test website speed, with the help of which you can test the page speed of your blog and find out what is the size of your page and what are the shortcomings, with the help of this KeyCDN tool All the tools that we have included in this list are available for both free and pad. If you want to pay them, then this can also be done.


5. Solarwinds Pingdom: This tool is a website speed test online free tool created by Pingdom website speed test, with the help of which we can test our website speed.

6. DareboostWith the help of this website speed test tool, you can know all the information about your page in an easy way. 

You can analyze the page and compare it with your competitor. And you can know their performance and improve your page, this dareboost website speed test tool shows you the shortcomings of your page in a very easy way so that anyone can easily improve them. And this tool is also completely free which anyone can use.

7. UptrendsThis is an amazing free website speed test tool, you can easily find your website page speed with the help of this tool, at what speed does your website open on the desktop and can also detect it on mobile like this. You get the facility only in the Pagespeed Insight tool which is Google’s platform.

But in this tool you get to see more features than that, anyone can easily find out the shortcomings of their website from Janha uptrends is a very good website speed test tool, apart from this, many features are also present on this website. This can also be used for free.

8. Website speed test: If your blog or website is facing any problem due to the image and your website is not coming up to search, then the most effective tool to detect it is a website speed test, with the help of this you can find such images due to which your website It is affected and you can improve it by looking at it, this tool only analyzes the image, if it needs some improvement in their size then it analyzes it.

9. Web Tool Hub-free webmaster tool: With the help of this tool, you can check many topics related to SEO of your site, including backlink checker, cloaking checker, URL redirection checker, website speed test, broken link checker, Alexa rank checker, and many more related to blogging. Features are available in this tool that you can use. This webtoolhub tool provides more than 80 features for free, with the help of which all the shortcomings of your blog and website can be detected from one place and improved them. 

10. SEO Site Checkup: One of the easiest tools, this tool along with your website speed test, meta title, meta description in your web pages, what are the search of your domain in Google, you can easily find out the information with the help of this SEO site check-up tool. And how to fix them are also told through this video, which makes it easy to understand even more and with the help of this tool, the main important information on SEO can be found easily.


So in this article I have discussed the speed for any website blog is very important to bring it to the first page of Google search engine which is a core part of SEO and that is why every website creator must pay attention if you. If you do not, then it can be a big loss for anyone!

And you can find it only when you check your website with the help of any tool, that’s why in this article, I gave you information about the top 10 free website speed test online tools.

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