Top 20 FREE Video Submission websites to upload your videos

A huge list of top video sharing websites you can trust on, rely on, and upload your videos to and reach a far greater audience. All of the best video hosting sites with video services for sharing your all kind of videos.
Monthly traffic, Alexa, and SimilarWeb Rank will help you determine the popularity of these video sharing sites.
Get, set and share your videos all over the web to get the most eyes!

1. Youtube

Monthly Traffic: 21.60B
Alexa Rank – 2 | SimilarWeb Rank – 3
Youtube has a global rank of the 3rd most visited website. The Big Daddy of all video-sharing websites available and by far the most popular website on the web right now. Youtube supports almost all popular video formats, annotation of the video is one of the best features beginners will swear by.
Revenue sharing model of YouTube and its worldwide popularity makes it the best video sharing website of the world.

2. DailyMotion

Monthly Traffic – 344.80M
Alexa Rank – 135 | SimilarWeb Rank – 124
A great platform to upload video and best alternative to Youtube, that is worth utilizing for video. The site has a robust set of analytics for creators, a revenue sharing program.

3. Vimeo

Monthly Traffic – 205.10M
Alexa Rank – 180 | SimilarWeb Rank – 148
One of the best alternatives to Youtube. USP of Vimeo is providing your audience with the best quality of HD videos. Vimeo offers best revenue sharing program amongst all video sharing sites. The only drawback, you can not upload commercial content with Basic or Plus plan, you will need to go for Vimeo Pro.

4. Metacafe

Monthly Traffic – 3.70M
Alexa Rank – 11418 | SimilarWeb Rank – 12882
Metacafe specializes in short-form video entertainment in the categories of movies, video games, sports, music, and TV.
The best thing about Metacafe is that it pays you for posting videos. If your content is popular among users and your video hit 20,000 views, Metacafe will pay you $5 for every 1,000 views.

5. Liveleak

Monthly Traffic – 44.50M
Alexa Rank – 882 | SimilarWeb Rank – 557
LiveLeak is specifically made to upload videos related to politics and world events. Commercial videos, music, trolls or any video showing criminal activities are prohibited on Liveleak.

6. Rumble

Monthly Traffic – 29.10M
Alexa Rank – 9056 | SimilarWeb Rank – 25740
Rumble claims to be Youtube alternative. Along with monetization and amazing revenue sharing program, Rumble also helps video users distribute and advertise your video on some of the top viral websites in the world. Discovery, ViralNova, LittleThings are a few of these websites.

7. Younow

Monthly Traffic – 16.70M
Alexa Rank – 2696 | SimilarWeb Rank – 1868
Younow is a community-based video sharing website where you meed some cool like-minded people from all over the world. From live DJs & musicians to YouTubers & Viners, discover talented content creators and promote your favorites to the top!

8. Vid Me

Monthly Traffic – 11.80M
Alexa Rank – 914 | SimilarWeb Rank – 4369
Vid Me claims to have simplest upload feature ever. And it is! Drag-and-drop a video onto the page and it will start uploading. No signup required!
Vidme turns your uploaded videos into simple short links which can be further shared or embedded on any website. Like any other top video sharing sites, Vid Me also uses gamification to make it best community.


Monthly Traffic – 9.80M
Alexa Rank – 4876 | SimilarWeb Rank – 2993
You will find Break an engaging website which majorly known for funny videos and comedy clips. Break supports videos in all major formats. Videos uploaded to Break must be no bigger than 60MB.

10. Veoh

Monthly Traffic – 8.80M
Alexa Rank – 6756 | SimilarWeb Rank – 6702
Veoh is completely free to share and view videos. Once signed in, you can upload videos of any size and length. Like Youtube, you can rate your videos and leave comments. Forum and group are the best part of Veoh which lets you communicate with like-minded people.

11. Metatube

Monthly Traffic – 977.60K
Alexa Rank – 63107 | SimilarWeb Rank – 53545
Feature-wise Metatube is very close to Youtube which gives users the ability to rate, comment, browse, search and watch videos and photos. They recently re-launched Metatube with a cleaner and better-looking webpage.
Before you upload your video on Metatube, make sure it is good enough to go viral, else stats of your videos will remain stable.

12. TeacherTube

Monthly Traffic – 290.50K
Alexa Rank – 61782 | SimilarWeb Rank – 138633
Best for those want to upload videos based on infotainment, educational stuff, and instructions.
TeacherTube is entirely education focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners where users are allowed to share instructional videos. TeacherTube has over One Million+ educational members and over 400,000 educational videos.

13. Funnyordie

Monthly Traffic – 5.50M
Alexa Rank – 6623 | SimilarWeb Rank – 8610
A video site famous amongst comedians and celebrities, that combines user-generated content with original and exclusive content. However Funny or Die doesn’t have any monetization or revenue sharing program, nor you can boost your videos. But website guarantees to show your video to the world if it deserves.

14. Instagram Video

Monthly Traffic – 1.60B
Alexa Rank – 19 | SimilarWeb Rank – 6
Instagram is basically known for photo-sharing and popular amongst photographers, video-sharing is another thing which is supported by Instagram. Earlier, only 15-second videos were allowed, now you have the flexibility to tell your story in up to 60 seconds of video.
A great platform for a viral video to share!

15. Flickr Video

Monthly Traffic – 146.70M
Alexa Rank – 201 | SimilarWeb Rank – 120
Flickr not only allows users to upload photos but videos as well. You can upload 2 videos per month with restrictions of 90 seconds, and 150 MB size each with a free account. But make sure you have a high-quality video.

16. Mefeedia

Monthly Traffic – 259.30K
Alexa Rank – 79320 | SimilarWeb Rank – 160081
Mefeedia doesn’t allow to upload video, but it lets you share your videos from any other Youtube like platforms. They also their own revenue sharing system which lets you generate revenue out of videos you share on Mefeedia.

17. MySpace Videos

Monthly Traffic – 15M
Alexa Rank – 2064 | SimilarWeb Rank – 1909
MySpace is one of the oldest social networking websites, which is now known for showcasing artists and their work. From articles to videos, MySpace lets you share everything.

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