Top 20 UX Design Blogs and Resources You Should Follow

With the web industry moving at a great pace, the demand for great UI/UX is also increasing at the present time. It’s no hidden secret that if you are looking to build a website or a mobile or software, you cannot do it without UX design. Be it designing a mobile app or website or creating its digital marketing campaign, user experience, and the user interface is everywhere. But being someone who has no background in UX, it often becomes a task to know about what would go best for your product. Not just for business owners, but also for aspiring designers, it is indeed a tussle to know where to start the learning process about UX. So, in this, we will help you know all those blogs and resources through which you can gain some significant knowledge and information about UX and its latest advancements and trends. So, let’s begin!

Design Shack 

Design Shack is one of the pioneers when it comes to providing information about UX design. Along with providing resources and articles about everything related to the design industry, they also showcase some awesome examples of design. They have a huge reader base that not only includes aspiring and experienced designers but web agencies and organizations as well. 


Medium is one of the most popular platforms amongst avid readers. It covers almost every niche, be it travel, healthcare, lifestyle, technology, or even design. With such a huge readership, it is reckoned amongst the top UX design blog platforms. They have some renowned publications who write for informative articles for them. The Journal Blog, UX Planet, and UX Collective are some of those many publications that write for Medium. We really recommend them as they provide useful information to budding designers through their UX blogs. 

UX Planet

UX Planet is a USA based popular blogging platform in the space of web design. They call themselves the “one-stop resource for everything related to user experience”. The best thing about them is that they are solely working for the UX industry. This means that you can refer them for any latest news or any information as they have covered plenty of blogs on the same. They started in 2014 and since then, they have been serving the UX industry. Not just this, they have a great frequency of posting 9 posts a day. 

UX Movement

Another renowned platform that is solely dedicated to the industry is the UX movement. It is an independent publication that focuses on teaching its readers how to create intuitive user experiences through best practices, effective tips, and techniques. They started in 2010 and since then, they are providing widely cited and informative articles to their readers. In user experience, they cover different categories such as navigation, wireframes, buttons, content, thinking, website, and more. 

UX Booth

As they say, UX Booth is a leading publication by and for the user experience community. They have a strong reader base that includes aspiring designers as well as intermediate ones. But that doesn’t mean that anyone who is interested in web space couldn’t refer to this platform. They have a number of sub-categories. In total, they have around 120 experienced writers with vast knowledge and experience in the design industry. The UX Booth has been serving the industry since 2008. The popularity of this platform can be ascertained by the fact that it has a community of more than 37k people on Facebook and 103k on Twitter. 

Nielsen Norman Group

Nielsen Norman Group is a UX research and consulting firm that is not just trusted by the designer community but leading organizations as well. They aim to deliver reliable guidance to the people on the user experience. They follow a strict research-based approach to provide useful information through their posts. Before starting working on any post, they first do in-depth research about the different types of designs that will work best. And in order to find that, they study real users across the world as they interact with applications or websites. You can completely rely on their posts as they are in this business for around 20 years, and hence, established trust and credibility on their provided information. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

When it comes to UX blogs and resources, Adobe Creative Cloud is considered as one of the leaders in the industry. They are known to create useful information on UX/UI Design for readers through their posts. Since 2008, they have been serving in the web design industry. Adobe as a whole is a brand that is known to provide the world’s best creative apps and services. But they also have a separate blog section that aims to provide insightful information about UI/UX design. 

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is another independent publication that writes for various categories including UX design. They have a good domain authority and provide quality articles to readers on different topics related to UX such as interaction design, usability, information architecture, and more. As a leading publication, they provide useful guidelines, tips, best practices, and ideas to create a great user experience design. 


Just like Smashing Magazine, Awwwards is another renowned platform for all web designers to find great ideas and inspiration. Awwwards serves as a platform for debate. You can share knowledge and experience with other readers. Along with that, it also serves as a platform for critiques as you can share constructive feedback here. Apart from that, they also have a blog section that includes a category of UI/UX along with graphic design and web development. 

 Creative Blog

Another dedicated blog platform that publishes high volume posts for creative minds is Creative Bloq. They cover a wide range of categories such as illustration, web design, 3d, digital art, graphic design, and more. They are known to provide insightful posts to their audience in order to help them keep updated with the latest trends and technologies in the design space. 


Established in 2007, SpeckyBoy is another publication website that serves as the one-stop to gather information and ideas for designers. On their website, you can find a wide collection of articles that are written by professional UX designers. Being one of the leading publications in the design industry, they cover every aspect of UX design. Initially, this platform was created to be an inspirational hub for designers. But over time, when the design industry expanded they evolved themselves into a design magazine. 

UX Magazine

UX Magazine is one of the best free community resources that cover all aspects of design. They focus on imparting knowledge in the minds of designers and web design agencies about the latest trends and technologies. Not just this, they also have an active community for talks, conferences, classes, informal meetups, and workshops. 

Usability Geek

Usability Geek is another dedicated blog site working for the design industry. They are known to provide useful and practical information to readers. They cover almost every aspect of UX design. And apart from the User Experience, they also write for Information Architecture, Human-Computer Interaction, and Usability. 

Design Modo

Primarily Design Modo is known to create email and website builders not just for developers but non-tech users as well. Apart from that, there are articles writing and publishing to impart to readers about the latest happening in the design industry as well as the latest trends and techniques. It has a huge readership that includes small to large size organizations as well as designers. 


uSwitch is probably the most different platform that others mentioned on this list. They write for all the budding designers who want to seek a career in UX design. They are known to provide career blogs in Visual Design, User Experience, User Research, Interaction Design, and more. 

UX Mastery

UX Mastery is a famous UX Design resource. They aim to teach people how to create interfaces with personality. As they claim, they really cover everything in UX design including user interaction design, interface design, usability, visual thinking, and more. They aim to impart through their e-books, online courses, design templates, and audiobooks. 

UX Myths

UX Myths is an interesting blogging platform that aims to provide the right information to readers. They follow a research-based approach where they talk about the frequent misconceptions about user experience. They focus on providing information to readers why a particular misconception doesn’t hold true. 

Boxes and Journals

It is a journal that is dedicated to innovation, practice, and discussion of design. This includes interaction design, graphic design, design of the business, and information architecture. They aim to promote and improve the design community through their articles. 


A design magazine to work towards imparting designers, creative entrepreneurs, and freelancers through their posts. They cover a wide range of topics including fashion, digital art, architecture, photography as well as UI/UX design. In the UI/UX space, they talk about tricks, tips, techniques, case studies, and best practices. 

Six Revisions

Six Revisions by WebFX is another popular web publication for designers and developers. They deal in a wide range of informational content ranging from articles, news, tutorials, guides, to other forms of content. They have a separate category for Creative & UX. But apart from that SEO & Revenue Generation, and Content & Analytics. 

So, this is all about the top 20 UX design blogs and resources that are quite famous in the community. If you think we have missed any other important UX blog or resource, do let us know in the comment section. 

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