101+ Blog Post Title Ideas for Travel Bloggers

One of my least favorite things about blogging is figuring out what I’m going to write my next post about. I feel as if I’m always struggling to come up with something to write about. Today, I’ve decided that I’m going to make a master list of travel blog post ideas for both you and me to get our next inspiration from. I hope you find inspiration from some of these!

Travel Blog Ideas For Bloggers

Travel Planning

I always turn to Google or Pinterest when I’m looking for advice on planning my next getaway. From flight searching, to packing, to places to stay, I turn to other bloggers to help me out while I’m planning a trip. Think of things that you’ve asked for advice on in the past and write a post about what worked and what didn’t work!

  1. How to Book the Cheapest Flight
  2. When to Book Flights
  3. How to Plan a Trip with a Big Group
  4. How to Plan a Solo Trip
  5. What to Wear on Travel Days
  6. How to Pack a Suitcase
  7. How to Travel with Only a Carry-on
  8. Hotel vs Airbnb
  9. Best Travel Resources
  10. How to Prepare for ____ Time Abroad

Beauty and Fashion

You might say, well I’m not a beauty guru. Still, you think about these kinds of things when your planning a trip. Gather a list of your favorite beauty essentials or think about what you do in order to prepare what you’re going to wear on a trip! Beauty and Fashion is such a popular topic that even though you might not think twice about it when you’re packing, I bet some of your readers will!

  1. How to Pack for a Winter Destination
  2. How to Pack for a Summer Destination
  3. What to Always Pack and Why
  4. What NOT to Pack and Why
  5. Mix and Match Clothing
  6. Beauty Essentials
  7. What to Pack to Fit in Abroad
  8. How to Dress Like a Local
  9. What’s In My Bag
  10. Best photo spots


One of my favorite things to read about from other travel bloggers is their travel experiences. Think about places you’ve gone in the past, or places around your hometown. It’s just your hometown to you; however, it could be a whole trip for someone else!

  1. My First Time Abroad
  2. What I Love About ____
  3. What I Hate About ____
  4. My Scariest Travel Experience
  5. My Most Memorable Travel Experience
  6. Volunteering Abroad
  7. Top 10 Things to Do In _____
  8. Best Restaurants In _____
  9. My First Time Traveling Solo
  10. Destination Travel Guide


Inspiration is another category of travel blog posts that I love to read. Get your creative juices flowing by creating some of your own inspiration lists to inspire yourself and your readers! I’m sure they will be a great hit with your readers.

  1. Your Bucket List
  2. Favorite Travel Quotes
  3. Top 10 Best Beaches
  4. Favorite Travel Books
  5. Top 10 Overrated Destinations
  6. Top 10 Underrated Destinations
  7. Favorite Travel Bloggers
  8. Best Places to Road Trip
  9. How to Get Sponsored Travel Opportunities
  10. How to Start a Successful Travel Blog

Money and Finances

“I don’t have money to travel” is the most common phrase I hear when I ask people why they don’t travel more. Share with your readers how you save and earn money both in your preparations for travel but also while you’re traveling. No one ever likes to waste money. Money is a point that everyone can understand!

  1. Best Budget Destinations
  2. Best Luxury Destinations
  3. How to Save Money While Traveling
  4. Creative Ways to Save Money
  5. Best Travel Credit Cards

Medical and Health

No one wants to get sick while they’re traveling. Readers will want to plan ahead to avoid getting sick while they’re traveling. From simple tips and tricks to vaccinations, readers will love to hear your thoughts about these things.

  1. How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
  2. What Vaccinations to get Before Traveling
  3. How to Stay Fit While Traveling
  4. What Medications to Bring
  5. What to Do if you get Sick While Traveling

I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of things to write some travel blog posts about! Let me know if you’ve already written about some of these? Tell me your favorite one on this list!

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