Top 20 Domain Marketplace to Buy or Sell Websites & Domains

Finding the best domain name for your business could be a complex process. There are times when you have selected a domain that suits your business, but it is sold out. In the world of the internet, domain names are treated as hot goods; they are being purchased and flipped every day. A good and relevant domain name leaves a positive impact on your potential customers and clients. Various investors are making money online by flipping the domain names on several domain marketplaces.

Flipping domain names is a simple process. First, you purchase a good domain with a specific keyword and purchase it at a nominal rate. Then you wait until the price of that domain hikes up, then sell with a profit margin. Let’s get to know the top 20 domain marketplaces where you can sell or buy websites and domains.

Top 20 Best Domain Marketplaces

Buying and selling domain names is an emerging business. On these domain Marketplaces, there are well-established brokers to help you and supervise the overall process that consists of vetting the parties, determining the market value of a domain, and ensuring safe transactions to seal a deal. Here are the top 20 domain marketplaces where you can buy and sell websites and domains.

1. Flippa

Flippa is one of the leading marketplaces on the internet to buy or sell domain names. It has a huge user base of more than 120,000 customers. More than 250,000 businesses have used Flippa to buy or sell their domain names. It offers advanced search options with parameters like age, price, category, apps, domains, digital content, and much more. 

Flippa is known for its extremely good service; if you are a first-time buyer, it will deliver you an in-depth due diligence service along with access to third-party brokers and various financing services.

2. Sedo

Sedo is among the top domain selling platform in the market, with a database of more than two million users. Sedo is a first-class domain market. It is trusted worldwide among users because of the feasibility it delivers. 

It has got the best domains with the best prices, basically everything that you want in a domain marketplace. Sedo levies a ten percent charge on every sale and allows counteroffers, domain parking pages, auctions, etc.

3. NamePros

NamePros can be your choice for selling and buying relevant domains for your business as it delivers various tools for ease of access. It can be called a forum with a user base of more than one million customers from all over the world. It is known to be a busy domain marketplace. 

NamePros has been founded in the year 2003, and since then, it has built a respectful reputation among its users. It also offers a discussion platform where you can discuss your concerns about the domain with other users.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a prominent domain marketplace on the internet. It has earned a great relationship and trust of the users by delivering affordable domain names that suit the different needs of the customer’s businesses. 

Along with a first-time purchase, it has a reselling option that consists of several forms and a 7-day auction. Just like other domain marketplaces, you can avail of various generic services like offer/counter offer, buy now, buy now only, parking pages, and much more.


SnapNames has a wide variety of listed domain names on its platform. It has a library of over thirty million listed domain names. It has a team of domain experts that not only helps you in buying or selling domains but also guides the domain flippers to get the maximum output. The SnapNames platform has everything you need for a better user experience.

6. Igloo

If you are a beginner in the field of domain flipping or don’t know about the functioning of the domain name market, Igloo is here for you. It helps you with every need related to the business of domain names such as buying, listing, selling, etc. 

It has got a set of tools along with a ton of information that will suit your varying business needs. Igloo is among the established domain brokerage platforms of the internet. It is also a diligent consulting group.

7. eBay

eBay is everywhere; it sells everything and anything, including domain names. In fact, it is one of the best places on the internet to find potential prospects for your domains. It has a massive userbase and unlimited opportunities. The user base of eBay hails from all around the world; if you have a perfect domain with a high-ranking keyword, chances are it is going to be sold quickly with a great profit margin.

8. FreeMarket

FreeMarket, as the name suggests, is free to use, which is extremely helpful to the beginners of the domain flipping business. You can still place a relevant bid on the domains available for sale with a free account. 

Users are allowed to buy and sell their domain names and display their benefits to potential prospects. Getting a free account doesn’t mean you can’t bid on premium domains; you can, without any restrictions.

9. NameCheap

In terms of selling and buying domain names, Namecheap can never be missed. It is one of the leading domain registrars in the world that offers special domain name auctions to buy and sell affordable domain names.

 Users can search for a domain name using various search features and bid on the relevant one. NameCheap domain auction charges the seller a commission of flat ten percent on the domain price.

10. is one of the prominent platforms for buying and selling domains. Along with purchases of the domains, you can get your domain also renewed at this popular platform. As the most trusted domain registrar, offers a wide array of services apart from domain registration; users can avail services like web hosting services, SSL certificates, website builders, and much more result-oriented services.

11. is referred to as one of the most trusted domain marketplaces on the internet. This platform is known for its premium domains. was introduced on the internet in the year 1999, and since then, it has been helping businesses and brands in getting the most result-oriented premium domain names to boost their online persona. When it comes to buying premium domains, they are mostly the first choice of various brands and businesses.


12. DomainState

DomainState is another great domain buying and selling marketplace you can use for your search. It delivers a range of tools and domain analysis metrics you may need to purchase used domain names. It also has great domain resources for beginners and new users. DomainState is cleverly categorized by country, TLD, or registrar.

13. WebHostingTalk

WebHostingTalk serves as a community forum for users that are interested in or deal with the web hosting industry. It serves all kinds of people, whether it is a customer, web hosting company, or a web hosting company’s representative. Apart from being a communication channel, it also has a sub-forum for the purpose of domain flipping. It is one of the largest web hosting communities available on the internet.

14. Exchange

Exchange is a Shopify marketplace for buying and selling eCommerce stores/websites. Sellers have the option to create either public or private listings. All they have to do is click on the sell business button to get a rating and create a listing. 

Sellers can either use the suggested price or set their own bid. The revenue and traffic data for each listing is retrieved directly from their Shopify account. Search for business types, including shipping, partner stores, and employee options.


Undeveloped is a domain-name business platform that differs itself from others with an added promise of extra security. They are quick in terms of surveys and data. They claim that more than forty-four percent of the total registered domains all over the world are either in an idle state or not being used. 

Since you have guessed by its name, Undeveloped deals with millions of domains that are either undeveloped or not in use. If you are an individual business or start-up, this platform is for you.

16. Bido

Bido is one of its kind; it delivers domain names that meet the expectations of the customers. The rate of reselling on this platform is much higher as compared to other domain selling and buying platforms. The reselling process relies on functions like auction listings that are often affected by the choice of the customers. The popularity of Bido can be measured in terms of auctioned domain names.

17. AfterNic

AfterNic offers an extremely fast domain transfer process that is considered to be a plus point in the domain market. As a successful domain marketplace, it offers the users various parameters and tools to ease the buying and selling process, such as Counteroffers, Auction, Buy Now, etc. 

It helps you at every stage with its 24×7 customer support. If you choose the incremental revenue system, it offers an incremental revenue system along with the service. In simple terms, you get to earn money even when the domain is still listed.

18. Pool

Investors are finding this new domain marketplace quite intriguing in terms of usability and feasibility. delivers a success rate of more than 95 percent, which is its USP. One of its popular features is back-ordering deleted domains that most users find useful. 

It has a compelling record of reselling domain names and few partnerships with the most popular domain registrars around the world.

19. Dynadot

Dynadot deals in services like domain registration, web hosting, SSL certificate, and several other services related to website builders. Along with these generic services with optimum quality, they also offer to buy and selling of the domain names through an effective marketplace. 

Apart from the website builder services, Dynadot has a dedicated section where users can buy and sell domain names of their choice. It also offers premium domains.

20. Brand Bucket

Brand Bucket offers a unique way of buying and selling the domain names on its marketplace. All the domain listings on this platform are branded with a unique and attractive logo which is a thoughtful concept. 

However, if you ever need to list a domain on this platform for selling, you’ll need a domain name and an alluring logo. Brand Bucket has gained massive popularity with its smart visual strategies and has recorded significant conversions.


The market of domain names is universal; it’s never getting down as more people are starting their online businesses, and they need domain names for the same. Whether you need a fresh domain name or a used one, these marketplaces have got it all. The above-mentioned list of domain marketplaces offers their great services to users with a perfect and relevant domain name for their business. If you are not here for purchasing, you can generate a significant amount of revenue just by flipping domains on these marketplaces.

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