How to Optimize Your Product Pages for Higher Conversion Rates

The motive of any person who is into ecommerce business is to make profit. The growth potential of ecommerce site is very large and it is grabbing market share rapidly. One of the strongest element for increasing your conversion rate is the product page. You need to optimize your product page in such a way to increase your conversion rate. Your product page is very important to increase your conversion rate because this is the page where you show the product details and your customer act accordingly by clicking “Add to cart” button or “buy now” button.
Actually, there are many factors involved in optimizing product pages and this blog post gives you all the necessary tip in optimizing your product pages to increase your conversion rate.

How to optimize your product pages to increase your conversion

Just look at the above product detail page and will discuss on the factors to keep it more optimized and user friendly to help you in increasing your conversions

1) Picture Worth A Thousand Words

A known fact is that online shopping is a vision-driven experience as the customers cannot hold the product physically, so creating a great visual impact is very important to increase your sales conversion.
You should definetely make use of high quality and professional-looking images for your product pages. Even Forbes magazine says that 67% of online consumers says that product images are must for online purchase.
When you build your product pages always put yourself in  customer’s shoes and build the page from your customer’s  perspective.
The product images you post should be of high resolution with zoom effects offering multiple views and angles of an item. You can hire a good designer to get this job done.

2) ‘Call To Actions’ in forefront

Always make sure that you have included the ‘call To Actions’ in the right order. Show the price and “buy now” button corresponding to your image.

3)Product Descriptions

Include good and unique product descriptions with bullet points as they are better to read. Make sure that you have made the product descriptions as simple as possible because user will not like to read boaring paragraphs.

4)Image Optimization

Image optimization plays a vital role in SEO perception. Just add “ALT” tag and title tag and you can also inlcude the keyword(i.e) the name of the image in the file where you save the Image.

5)Adding Videos to product pages

Videos are also one of the main factor in the product conversions. Also video helps your customer to stay longer in your site. We know that online shopping is more of visual experience and we should always feed the customer eyes with amazing visual appeal so why not increase your revenue with your product by further enhancing with product videos for your site.
Whenever you upload a product in your Ecommerce site make sure that you make aneffective product video.
Upload your product videos in your product page and also in different video hosting sites posting your main link. If
you follow video marketing strategies effectively you will definitely drive good conversions for your product.
Over To You
The above were some of the important tips to optimize the product page for better conversions. Feel free to share your thoughts on the same.

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