11 Tips for Writing Engaging Blog Posts

Often there is a flood of ideas about post topics that pop up at the craziest times. Inspiration lives everywhere doesn’t it! Sometimes the very best, raw, emotional and heart stabbing posts can be written in these moments, at other times they can just appear messy and rushed to those reading them.

It all depends greatly on the topic and niche of your blog. Some blogs suits a more unstructured free approach and the audience appreciates this and keeps returning for more. On the flip side, many blogs cater to a certain niche and readers will come to visit time and time again to be taken on a journey, get answers to their questions or be inspired by something that really resonates with them.
A well crafted blog post that ticks all these boxes for a reader will hopefully keep them returning for more and a few extra nudges along the way won’t hurt.
1 Create content worth reading. Know who your audience are, the questions they have and the content they want and craft your blog post around meeting these needs.
2 Define the post topic and the main points you want to make. Have a clear idea of what you want to write about a achieve with the post so that you don’t get too sidetracked.
3 Choose a title. Don’t get too hung up on this at the beginning as you will probably play around with it a little after you have finished the post. This is a very crucial part of your post as it is what most readers will see first. If they are not captivated by the title they may very well not click through to read it.
4 Your opening line matters. Readers will skim through the first few lines and either be drawn in further or you will loose them. Something interesting, anecdotal, questioning or quirky can draw a reader in.
5 Get to the point. Make sure your post has a point and if you have promised something in the beginning of the post make sure that you go on to answer it. A flaky post can loose traction with readers and they will get bored reading through it.
6 A visual feast. Make your post easy on the eyes and engage readers with high quality images, helpful graphics and specifically placed images to break up the written content. Create something worth sharing, Pinterest is a haven of amazing visual inspirational and if your image is pinned by readers this can snowball into great traffic flow to your blog.
7 Call to action. Think about how you can get your readers involved in your post topic. Can they link up in some way, share their ideas in the comments, or simply be challenged to apply what you have written about. Think of ways to engage readers by getting them to do something upon finishing reading your post. Here are some great resourcesfor you to check out.
8 Pretty things up. No one wants to stumble their way through a poorly written post. Check your spelling and grammar and preview your post before hitting publish. Make sure it looks good and flows well.
9 Don’t just hit publish, timing matters. Specific times can reach more readers and lead to more engagement with your post. It’s always exciting having a post polished and ready to go but it may be best to wait until the following day to engage the maximum number of people that you can. (Check out the great graphic below).
10 Hit publish and then promote. Don’t just publish your post and leave it at that. If you are looking to engage readers, get active on social media and promote your post in creative ways across your social media channels.
11 Engage with your readers. If people leave comments on your blog, respond and visit them. Audience is built through relationship which comes from engagement and people trusting what you say, enjoying it and wanting more.
* There are so many social media channels out there. Don’t try and do them all, just choose a few most relevant to your audience and do them well.
* Ask questions on social media and craft blog posts around what your readers want to hear or need answers to.
* You can learn how to do pretty much everything online. If you are willing to invest the time and know how to do a google search you are pretty much set. Otherwise hire in a professional but at least do a search. It may just be easier than you think and there are tutorials galore out there on the internet.
*Don’t compare yourself to others. There are so many blogs out there and there will be a ton that look better, post more often, and may have better content but there is no one who can write as you do and create like you do. Craft our something unique and your own and over time it will grow organically.

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