How To Manage Time, Energy And Concentration

You can do effective work if you know how to manage time, energy and concentration. All three are absolutely essential. If you want to be productive on a daily basis and succeed in your endeavors.
The number of hours in a day is fixed but not energy and concentration level. In today’s day and age, we can easily become overwhelmed with people, events, and tasks that may tend to get the best of us.
We all are different and have different managing techniques. Some people are great at managing their time and have a lot of energy. But they’re constantly distracted so they procrastinate and don’t get a lot done (I was one of them).
Others have a laser-like focus on the right things at the right time. But they can’t manage their energy. Due to which, they do the right things at the wrong time.

Manage Your Energy

When you work with energy and does not take the time to recharge or refresh yourself. You will feel tired and sleepy. I am sure, we all have been there, feeling sleepy at work.
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Without recharging and rejuvenation throughout the day, your productivity suffers. It is obvious that not just your energy. But also your motivation and will to work will drop as the day progresses. It’s important to plan accordingly. And do your best and important work early in the day when you are fresh.
Therefore, try taking a quick walk, starting a conversation with someone at the office. Or even taking a power nap for 10 to 20 minutes whenever you feel sleepy and distressed. All these will help you in recharging your body. And drink lots of water too.

Manage Your Time

Time is constantly running and we can’t stop it. I have so many times thought about the time stopping the machine. That would be so great if it could exist. But it doesn’t. The fact is you can’t find more time.
There are two types of people. One who is efficient but not effective. The second one is the opposite of first that is they are effective. The two are not the same. Someone who works hard or smart and is well organized. But spends all their time on unimportant tasks may be efficient but not effective.
You need separate your tasks accordingly. To be effective, you need to focus on getting important activities done when you are most active. Make the most of your time every day, you should be able to prioritize your tasks. To be succeful you need to know how to manage time, energy and concentration to achieve your goals.
Don’t squeeze all the tasks in one day. Manage your time to do the important task first. As the important task will need more energy and time. So, you will have little energy for unimportant work, Which is fine.
It’s about simplifying how you work, doing things better and faster, and knowing when to take a break and refresh. Split your time according to urgency and importance. Therefore, identify areas of your life where you are wasting time and try to reduce these.
Try to record yourself for a week. Write all the details of how you spent your time. And by the end of the week, your record will speak for itself. And from that, you can manage your time. Record your activities to know how to manage time, energy and concentration to achieve your goals.

Manage Your Concentration

Concentration is more than just focusing on completing a task. We use our concentration to shape and frame life’s big picture as well. The focus is indeed powerful. Sustained concentration produces consistent results on a task over time.
Drink more water. Somehow, water is important to maintain concentration level. Concentration is the key to success.
We believe that we only require concentration while studying or working. But not really. Every time you sit down to plan out your day. You’re essentially deciding what you’re going to pay concentration to that day.
Knowing your core values. And having a blueprint for your goals creates focusing lenses. That helps in directing your attention to what matters most.
Distractions have always been a part of life. There is never a time when new distraction will not show up. We’re subjected to thousands of distractions throughout the day. We all have been there when we even get distracted by a white plain wall.
Try to get rid of all the distractions around you. Especially all the technology. Try putting your phone out of sight (and touch) while you are working or studying. You have to fight those distractions. Be mindful of how you spend your time.
Constantly check and reflect on how you spend your time, energy and concentration throughout the day. I hope this blog will help you in how to manage time, energy and concentration to achieve your goals.

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