Top 10 Alternatives to TikTok for Video Sharing

Being downloaded more than one billion times over the world, TikTok is all the rage these days. This super popular social media enables users to record short, looping clips mainly about music, comedy, or dance. However, many people experience a pleasant time using the app. It’s maybe because they don’t like the fact that teenagers made up a considerable proportion of TikTok, or they may have information safety concerts, as many social media experts suggested that this Chineses-based app might be dangerous to use. 

If you are one of these people or are just simply looking for an alternative for TikTok, don’t worry; there are many apps to replace TikTok, and you may actually like them more. In this article, we will introduce the best of them to you. So, sit tight and read this article till the end.  

TikTok Alternatives: List Of 10 Incredible Short Video Apps

Here are the top ten apps that you can enjoy using instead of TikTok. Here’s a photo for a glance:

1. Instagram

The first and probably the best alternative for TikTok is Instagram. Many Instagrammers won’t bother installing TikTok on their phone because they believe Instagram can deliver the same things that TikTok offers! You can publish a video on your feed, IGTV, or your Instagram Story. 

Luckily, Instagram offers many features for videos that make them more fun. Apart from the numerous filters, adding GIFs, and using boomerang mode, it’s been a while that the app has introduced AR filters, which can bring unlimited fun and creativity to your videos. Using Instagram Story, users can also add many interactive stickers on their videos. It’s worth to mention that Instagram recently added the ability to trim videos on Story.

Instagram is a perfect choice for those who want to make their short videos viral on the platform. Actually, many well-known influencers on TikTok use Instagram to promote their videos as well. Plus, on Instagram, you can do a wide range of promotional activities to increase your fan base, just be careful not to break any Instagram action limits.

2. Dubsmash

Gold but old! Established in 2014, Dubsmash is the first app of its kind. The popular german-based lip-syncing app is now available in 192 countries and has been downloaded more than 100 million times. 

Using Dubsmash, you’ll access a rich music library, TV and movie quotes, and other viral videos. As Dubsmash hosts a huge community, you’ll never encounter problems finding fresh and entertaining content to watch. 

This app gets updated frequently, and now it allows you to use stickers and text overlays. On Dubsmash feed, there are two parts: one for you to see current viral Dubsmashes, and another to see your friends’ latest videos. 

If you get bored with TikTok, you can try Dubsmash, and don’t forget to share your creative Dubsmash videos on your other social media!

3. Cheez

Cheez is one of the best alternatives for TikTok that hosts a great community. One thing that makes Cheez different from other items in the list is the use of gamification by this app. Using Cheez, you can earn awards for getting likes, comments, shares, and even watching other videos on the platform.

Another great thing about Cheez is that you can enter various challenges, start battles, and try DanceOff, a unique dancing game that will entertain you for hours. But these are not the only options available on Cheez. Unlike TikTok, the Cheez community’s main body consists of vloggers, something that you won’t frequently see on TikTok.

Cheez makes it easy to edit your videos and remove your bloopers by offering trimming tools. Make your videos more fun with thousands of stickers, filters, and effects available on the app. So, better start using this great app and show your creativity to the world! 

4. Lomotif

Available only on iOS at first, Lomotif gained enough popularity that the developers decided to make an Android version. Lomotif is pretty much like TikTok; it allows you to add emojis, stickers, and music to your videos. Also, it offers excellent trimming tools to make your video stunning. Using Lomotif, you can start interacting with other users and make your own friends list on the platform. One of the fun things about Lomotif is that you can use special features for birthdays and New Year, which boosts your profile. 

5. Triller

Tested by celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, and Rita Ora, Triller is definitely a good alternative for TikTok. One of the reasons for its popularity is the easy-to-use editing tools. With a few taps on your phone, Triller’s automatic editing tool turns your recordings to a professional clip. Also, it’s possible to draw doodles and add more than 50 filters to your videos to make them more fun to watch. 

The only drawback of Triller might be that it is not actually a networking platform like what you’ve experienced on TikTok. So, you might not have the sense of being a part of a community. However, it has some collaborating features if you wish to make a video with your friends. 

6. Likee

Available for free on Android and iOS, Likee (formerly known as Like) is filled with funny TV dialogues, special beauty filters, and of course, music for lip-syncing. What is excellent about Likee is that it makes it possible for you to find users with similar tastes in music.

Likee has a fine collection of filters. One of these filters is called “Music Magic,” enabling you to change the music volume to make it more epic.

Some of The Likee features include speed up or slow down videos, merge videos, trim, and cut videos. Discover new friends and watch creative videos in the vast community of Likee.  

7. Funimate

Ready to have some fun time with Funimate? Make video loops with any music style, create slow motions, and easily merge your videos to a single clip using Funimate. You’ll find thousands of music, including popular songs as well as soundtracks and sound effects on the comprehensive library of the app.  

The app allows you to use 12 professional filters to enhance your videos’ quality and even make them go viral. Similar to Thriller, Funimate enables you to record collaborative videos with your friends and loved ones using your favorite songs.  

A tiny drawback of the app is that it contains in-app purchases for accessing more advanced features. And don’t forget that Funimate is relatively new in the market.  

8. VivaVideo

Just like TikTok, VivaVideo is mainly based on recording and editing short videos, and you can download it free of charge for both Android and iOS. VivaVideo has a community that will support your video by liking and leaving comments. It also has a comprehensive set of editing tools such as montage, collages, and make GIFs from your recordings. 

Make your VivaVideo recordings even more famous by sharing your content on favorite social media. VivaVideo is a good alternative for those who got bored with TikTok features. 

9. Vigo

Vigo is a hibernation of VivaVideo and Instagram; maybe that’s why they called it “Flipagram.” Just like Instagram, you can share videos, photos, and GIFs using fantastic music and filters. Vigo can be a serious competitor for TikTok as it also targeted youth audiences.  

More followers on Vigo equals more popularity and a higher chance of becoming a famous figure on the platform. Interacting features on this app are great ways to communicate and increase engagement with your friends. 

Want to know the best part? If you get enough followers, you can even earn some money! So, take your time and try to gain likes, comments, and shares for your videos on Vigo!

10. Kwai

Last but not least! Kwai is another alternative for TikTok that is becoming more and more popular among users. Besides the excellent set of filters, animated effects, 4D motion effects, and stickers, you can record fun lip-sync videos using the fantastic music library of the app that is filled with your favorite TV and movie songs.

Similar to Vigo, if you get a lot of followers, you’ll get a prize. Videos on Kwai are not limited to lip-sync; you can upload cooking videos, educational videos, beauty videos, and so many other categories.   

Moreover, Kwai hosts many events on its platform, which can be an excellent chance for users to show their talent to others. Like Instagram, there is a section similar to Story; you can add content that remains temporarily (for 48 hours) on the platform.  

Conclusion on alternative apps for TikTok

In this article, we’ve tried to introduce the top 10 alternatives for TikTok, the Chinese-based app that recently received much criticism over its unclear security policies. Safety reasons, getting bored with the app, or technical issues; no matter what your intention is to quit the TikTok community, there are always good alternatives. So, feel free to download any of the apps mentioned above to try them. 

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