10 Best Free Websites To Extract Text From Image Online

We are living in the world of fastest growing technologies and we have solutions to every problem that exists. With the aid of modern websites and tools, it has become possible to work efficiently and thus save time and make our work less tiring. When talking about long and tedious processes, copying texts from pictures has to be mentioned. Don’t worry, there are websites that will make your work easier by helping you easily extract text from images. Moreover, you can also transform these texts into editable files. 

1. i2OCR

Beginning with one of the most popular text-extracting websites, i2OCR helps you extract text from files in not just a few languages but over 50 languages. All you have to do is upload the required image, and the website will soon display the extracted texts. Furthermore, there are various ways in which you can copy the extracted texts, jot them down, or even download the text in various formats. 

  • There are a plethora of different formats that the website supports, like DOC, TXT, PDF, and many more. 
  • With i2OCR you can also convert the text into various other languages.

2. Online-convert

Online Convert is next on the list of popular websites that help in extracting texts from images. This website supports more than 70 languages, which means with Online Convert, it is possible to extract texts from images in more than 70 languages. The website treats the uploaded image as input and thus extracts text from the uploaded image.

  • The extracted text is stored in TXT format.
  • You can extract text from up to three images at a time.

3. PrePostSeo

PrePostSeo is one of the best options that help you extract text from images. The website requires you to upload the image either or you can also extract text by uploading the URL for the image. As soon as the website recognizes the required language in which the text has to be extracted, it does its job. 

  • Following the extraction, the user has multiple options, you can either download, remember, or copy the text.
  • The website supports a variety of formats in which you can download the text like TXT, DOC, etc.

4. OCR2Edit

The website is well-known for its free services of extracting texts from images. The text thus extracted can be downloaded in over 70 different languages. All you have to do is upload the required image. Moreover, with OCR2Edit it is possible to add as many as three images at a time. 

  • OCR2Edit has a limitation of nine files each day that can be uploaded or imported.
  • As soon as the text is extracted, the file will be moved to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • You can also share the extracted files through QR Code.

5. OnlineOCR

Yet another free-of-cost option for extracting text from images is OnlineOCR. The website supports as many as 45 languages and all you have to do is upload the image and choose a source language. OnlineOCR will present you with extracted texts. 

  • The website allows you to choose the format of the files extracted.
  • You can save the file in any of the available formats, like XLSX, TXT, or DOC.
  • OnlineOCR does not support batch extraction, you can only extract a single file at a time. 
  • But the website supports as many as 15 files to be extracted per hour.

6. DupliChecker

Another website that makes it easy to extract texts from images is DupliChecker. The website relies on the OCR method to operate. DupliChecker supports over 15 languages, and thus you have the flexibility to choose any language from the available options. 

  • You can extract text from images one by one.
  • Though the extraction process is easy, the website supports no file format.
  • Thus, you will be required to copy the extracted results.
  • Also, DupliChecker does not offer any data privacy.

7. SmallSeoTools

Another free website on the list is SmallSeoTools, which operates most fluently in the English language. There are different options available in which you can upload the image. You can simply add the image to the website, import the file from Dropbox or Google Drive, or even upload the URL. the website supports one image at a time. 

  • As soon as the text is extracted, you can download it either in TXT format or you can choose to copy it simply.
  • SmallSeoTools provides a user-friendly interface that makes it one of the top 10 on our list. 

8. EasyPDF

EasyPDF also relies on the OCR method and works most efficiently in English. The website extracts a single file at a time. You are required to upload the image on the website through Dropbox or Google Drive. The process of extraction is a quick and easy one. As soon as the file is extracted, it can be saved in various formats including TXT, XLS, and DOC.

  • The website does not support multiple images at a time. You can only select a single image at a time.
  • The users are not allowed to select the base language. 

9. Investintech.com

Another great option that is most suitable for extracting PDF files. The file thus extracted can be easily uploaded and a DOCX file with an editable version will be sent to you via email. You will be required to upload the PDF file through your email address. After you have uploaded the file, all you need to do is press the start button.

  • You will receive an email with the extracted file within an hour.
  • Moreover, the process is fast and the quality of the text is great.

10. Totext.net

Totext.net is one of the most accessible tools that helps extract text from images. The website supports almost every type of file that contains the text document. Moreover, the website does not require any extra registrations. Totext.net supports more than 40 different languages.

  • The moment you select the image file, you will be asked to select the language too.
  • The process is quick and easy. You can also download the extracted file to TXT format.


The article covers a list of the top 10 websites that help you extract text from images. All the mentioned websites are trustworthy and offer user-friendly services. Thus, making their names in the list of the best text-extracting websites. You can rely on any of the websites as per your choices and, therefore, extract texts from images quickly. 


1.  How can I extract text from an image online for free?

You can rely on the following websites:

  • Duplichecker
  • OnlineOCR
  • i2OCR
  • Online Convert

2. How can I convert JPG to text online for free?

You will be required to follow the following simple steps:

  • Upload the file containing the image
  • Press “scan image”
  • The OCR process will begin
  • Get the results

3. How can I copy text from a PDF image online for free?

  • Choose any of the above-mentioned websites as per your preferences
  • Follow the simple steps of uploading and starting the process
  • Get the result displayed
  • Download or copy the extracted text.

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