Top 10 Platforms That Pay You To Write Sponsored Posts 

Blogging is one of the most advanced sources of making money and you can enjoy the perks of a blogger by writing paid reviews. But to write sponsored reviews, your blogs must have a sufficient amount of engaged audience so that the reviews reach a certain minimum public. Moreover, sponsored posts have proven to be an advanced way of promoting your content and recently, they have been gaining popularity. 

And if you are wondering what is a sponsored post, sponsored posts are promotional posts where influencers are paid to post about certain products. While writing sponsored reviews, keep in mind that your reviews are authentic so that the audience you have earned so far can trust your reviews and you don’t lose your followers.  

Top 10 Websites That Pay You To Write Reviews [Paid/Sponsored Posts]

1. Linqia

Linqia has been working as a marketing company since 2012 and is one of the most trusted platforms for sponsored posts ever since. The company is known for promoting quality content only.

  • Linqia is among the best platforms that help bloggers in building a wide network.
  • Through Linqia you can help your content reach a diversified range of media.

2. Izea 

Yet another well-known website that acts as a source of income for bloggers. Izea has been working successfully since 2006 and has gained a huge audience ever since. Therefore, the platform is reliable and user-friendly. 

  • The platform helps you promote your product by collaborating with famous content creators. 
  • Moreover, the services that Izea offers are user-friendly thus, making it a smooth platform for users.

3. ValuedVoice

ValuedVoice is another great option to earn money through sponsored posts. The platform requires you to be active with your blogs and post quality content. Therefore, if you are good at maintaining your social media then this platform can be of great use. It can help your blogs reach a broader audience.

  • The site also lets you connect with other people which in turn helps you make extra income.
  • The site even rewards you with $5 for helping your friend’s blog get approval. 

4. Real Clever 

This platform came into existence in 2009 and has been working for more than two decades now. Real Clever stands out with its work and it has managed to make many successful collaborations between brands and influencers throughout its career.

  • Real Clever is famous for its creative strategies, targeted content creators, and personalized programs.
  • Moreover, the platform offers a 90% return rate for clients. 

5. Adsy 

Adsy is a wonderful platform that helps unite phenomenal publishers and people looking for product promotions. Therefore, you can create a wide range of networks for your product and help reach your business new heights. 

  • There are many options available for publishers. You can choose the one most suitable for you.
  • Adsy is beneficial for both publishers as well as buyers. 

6. AspireIQ

Another interesting website for sponsored posts that is worth checking is AspireIQ. You will get a variety of opportunities from a number of niches. Moreover, the platform provides a well-structured dashboard that makes it easy for users to browse through various opportunities and make the best selection.

  • AspireIQ offers paid opportunities but often you might come across opportunities where popular brands offer their products to be reviewed on your social media.
  • Moreover, through AspireIQ you allow brands to give you a thumbs up in case they are interested to work with you.   

7. Blog Meets Brand

Blog Meets Brand is a popular platform that helps connect bloggers with famous brands. There are more than 40K content creators registered with the platform. Through this platform, it becomes easier for brands to reach out to influencers and thus promote their products.

  • Blog Meets Brand has clients from diversified niches, therefore almost every blog finds a suitable match for themselves.
  • The platform has great experience working with famous brands like Neutrogena, M&M’s, Hallmark, Motorola, etc.

8. Link-able

Link-able offers a lot more than just sponsored reviews. The platform allows you for digital marketing for more than 20 products. Moreover, Link-able also offers SEO services allowing you to earn money as an author too. 

  • Through the platform, you can promote your work as a content writer, video scripter, social media writer, etc.
  • Linkable is already a widely spread network and hence, you will get what you are looking for as quickly as possible.  

9. Outreachmantra

Yet another great option for sponsored posts is Outreachmantra. The site has a wide network that connects authors and publishers. With Outreachmantra, it becomes very easy to earn money through blogs. All you have to do is accept sponsorships via blog posts.

  • The site is beneficial for both the advertiser and the publisher.
  • You will find the site offering relevant services as per your requirements.

10. SeedingUp

SeedingUp makes it easier for you to monetize your blogs. Moreover, you can even promote Youtube channels and social media accounts through this platform. All you are required to do is update your blogs and channels on the website and then the site will continue sorting out various required criteria.

  • Some of the criteria involved are blog reach, published posts, and daily traffic.
  • The price of your blogs will be set according to these criteria. 


1. What are the best platforms for sponsored posts?

Here are some platforms that offer a decent compensation for sponsored posts-

  • AspireIQ
  • Linquia
  • Outreach mantra, and more. 

2. How can I find high-paying sponsored platforms?

If you are looking for sponsored platforms, keep in mind the following key points:

  • Look for companies that have similar values as you
  • Make sure your proposal is strong and engaging
  • Do not settle for the amount that is less than you deserve. 

3. How to sponsor a post on Instagram?

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating the best-sponsored post-

  • Describe your brand
  • Target audience
  • Be consistent with your posts
  • Use hashtags with every post; they help increase your reach
  • Tag related brands
  • Include information in your bio to let companies connect you. 

4. How do I create sponsored content?

Here is how you can make sponsored content easily-

  • Decide your niche
  • Know your target audience
  • Finalize a content type
  • Finalize a publisher
  • Create content keeping in mind your target audience
  • Analyze results.

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