Top 10 Social Media Marketing Scholarships for Students

Scholarships are dream projects for all students before beginning admission to colleges and universities. Social media marketing scholarship for students is a scholarship to suit your social media skills!

If you are socially viable on the various networking sites, you will likely make it to one of the scholarships. And despite the changes in the pattern in studies in the quarantine period, there are many scholarships currently available. Somewhere you may have lost the dates this time, but nevertheless, give it a try next year. Some of the close achievable are right here for you. 

Below is a list of top 10 social media marketing scholarships for students. The easiest way to go about these scholarships is to look up on their details and requirements. They may range from writing simple and short essays to creating quality videos and photos and sharing them on your social profiles.   

Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

On an average the millennials’ spending hours on the media platform have crossed the last year’s average of 7.5 hours a day, and this is after school studies online. Technology is now on the fingertips of each individual, and unplugging from it is a task. The scholarship helps monetarily and explains how to take a break from it for the overall goodness and well being of the individual. 

Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarships, as the name states, have a purpose. They help you comprehend the drawbacks of too much time spent on computer screens and for more information on online addiction.

Available for High School graduate students, the award amount for the scholarship is $1,000 available for five years. And to avail one, you need to be a citizen or resident of the U.S., and the award can be yours if the authorities are happy with the 140-word message that you write on the form format attached here.

Courageous Persuaders Video Contest

The award is primarily available only for High school Freshmen. It offers a relatively decent amount of scholarship of $3,000. To participate in the award, you are requested to submit an advertisement with a message that warns students of the dangers associated with drinking alcohol and driving. This commercial has to be at least 30 seconds.

HireInfluence Digital Marketing Scholarship

The scholarship, HireInfluence Digital Marketing Scholarships, is related to content marketing strategies. It helps the brands advertising on social content marketing reach their target through authentic social media endorsement. 

Their selfless drive towards promoting the brands has managed to make them bag some of the world’s largest accounts, such as Warner Bros, Gatorade, Microsoft, eBay, and more. ‘Work hard’ is the only motto that has driven them to make a comfortable place for themselves with a constant digital space evolution. 

The young entrepreneurs’ potential and their attempt to select future technical leaders remain fulfilled with the scholarship that the offer of $500 towards tuition fees that are open as of now till May 30. The only qualifications required are enrollment in an accredited High school of the U.S. and Canada. For a better understanding of the scholarship login here: 

10X Digital’s Digital Marketing Scholarship

10x Digital, as the name itself states, offers its Digital Marketing Scholarship to students that are presently majoring in digital marketing or related fields. The scholarship is open to students who wish to apply for the $2,000 award. The criteria for qualifying for it are at least ten credit hours in the fall semester. Students are also requested to submit a 500-word essay answering 10x Digital’s prompt as well as why they deserve the scholarship. Hurry as you still have time on your side; the offer is dated June 1, 2020. And for a better reach, seek help online here.

OuterBox Scholarship for Digital Marketing Excellence

In case you have a flair for digital marketing, and for further studies in it this year, you are keen on seeking a scholarship whose last date has not been lost on you, OuterBox scholarship for digital marketing excellence is just the right choice. 

A scholarship for $1000 selects only the promising students that have completed a full year in the U.S. High schools or colleges. Open until October 31 each year; the students still have the chance to avail of the scholarship by submitting an online application accompanied by a brief self-description, and a 500-word essay about their SEO industry plans. The awards are available based on the student’s comprehension of passion and creativity judged by the digital marketing gurus of which the founder member is one. 

Promote Digital Marketing Scholarship

And if you are right, competent and not butter fingered, here’s one quick attempt on not losing the scholarship, Based in Los Angeles, Wpromote Digital Marketing Scholarship is a digital firm. Some dream offers on scholarships for scholars pursuing digital marketing are $3,000 and a Macbook Pro yearly and the Digital Marketing Scholarship program. The Macbook Pro has made the learning much more attractive for all students aspiring for the sponsored gift. 

The criteria for its eligibility also remain simple. It is open to U.S. residents studying marketing majors full-time at accredited 2-4-year institutions with an undergraduate or graduate GPA above 3. 

Generally, applications are accepted from March 5 to April 28 with a certified transcript. This year’s deadline is May 31, so get started as early as possible!

Achievers merely need to draft an essay, not more than 500 words, as a blog post discussing the digital marketing strategies they’d use to advertise their school. And for more details, check the link below.  

POET Media Digital Marketing Scholarship

In case you happen to be something more than a digital marketing person and write prolifically, the POET media digital marketing scholarship is a perfect base for applying for a scholarship. The POET Media is a boutique creative house. And has a scholarship program of $1,000 as a digital marketing scholarship available in each Spring for SEO enthusiasts. 

The way to go about the scholarship is an essay between 2,500 -3,500 words with no GPA scores. Judging is done concerning the candidates’ essays. The articles’ pet topics are interfaces like mobile phones, smartwatches, and tablets that affect search engines.

Socius Digital Marketing Scholarship

Socius in Latin means partner, and Socius, 2006, is a repeated SEO company — that partners Google in Tampa,  Florida — for Digital Marketing Scholarship. It offers its U.S. based scholars a comfortable amount of $1000 to become future SEO leaders. For applying, a student just needs to be an undergraduate in an accredited U.S. college who is majoring in marketing, advertising, digital media, or in a related media and communications field. The keen enthusiasts for this scholar have to simply submit an essay. 

However, there are guidelines and a last date mentioned for it that needs to be adhered. The core area for writing the essay is always defined. It is mostly around digital marketing that has a defined word length between 1000-1500 explaining the new innovative approaches in marketing for businesses. The aim of the essay is to showcase the student’s creativity and critical thinking in writing about innovative approaches in marketing. This is a standard format that has to be accompanied with students’ full name and signature. 

The last date for application submission here remains 30 April each year with the results being promptly announced in June. The results of your accomplishments are sent on your email, if you qualify. Another important thing that needs to be kept in mind besides the submission deadline of April 30th, is the attachment of the file that reflects your 3.5 cumulative GPA or more. Entrants make it with just a brief attempt at writing  1,500 original words detailing only about what new digital marketing approaches could be on the horizon. And for more exact details, please log in here:

Summing Up

Marketing is an extremely popular choice among students and there are plenty of scholarships available for them to avail. Digital marketing has always been in demand for those web-savvy technicians and specialists who can weave optimized SEO content to further business. The profession is an enormous demand — it is likely to grow more during the social distancing that needs to be maintained during COVID-19 protection since all marketing purposes are now going online, leave alone education and scholarships. There are many of them out there that will suit your social profile skills. You only do good research!  

Offering scholarships is the fastest and best way to generate brand loyalty. Other marketing methods are welcome, but scholarships remain the top choice for many. They make a high return on investments on account of creating brand loyalty. Regardless of what your industry is, scholarships get new customers and spread awareness about the brand. And why not avail them when the best managers in digital marketing expertise carry a handsome average salary varying between $94,895 – $133,740. 

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