100+ Social Media Post Content Ideas To Increase Engagement

To run a successful social media campaign, engagement and consistency of content are non-negotiable. 

However, most business owners, marketers, and content creators still find it challenging to fill their content calendars

No matter the social media platform you use in promoting your business, this extensive list of social media post content ideas is sure to help drive engagement and boost your media visibility.

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Without further ado, let’s dive in.

  1. Company’s Blog Post

Blogging is one of the ways brands inform and add value to their audience. If your brand has a blog, be sure to share it on your social media platforms. This will give you more website referral traffic, depending on the size of your social media audience.

Kicksta is an example of a company that regularly shares its blog posts on social media.

  1. Customers Success Story

When others know that someone out there has benefitted from your product or services, they also want to patronize your brand. 

Posting customer success stories will not only drive more sales for your business but will help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Every customer would love to be in the spotlight. Do this, and you might increase your content engagement.

  1. Expressing Company’s Culture Online

Culture posts are contents that show what your business stands for and what you do. By sharing a culture post, your audience gets to know more about your business and how it goes the extra mile to add value.

  1. Industry News

Twitter is particularly great for sharing great news and articles. Most industry bigwigs are there, and they post consistently. The beauty is that you don’t have to create industry content from scratch—just retweet and share. 

  1. Ask Customers’ Perception of Your Brand

Business thrives on feedback and communication. Social media offers an excellent opportunity to know what your customers think about you and your brand. 

Take some time out this week to ask customers’ perceptions of your brand.

  1. Weekly Posts

Keep your audience asking for more by posting unique material simultaneously, same day every week. Don’t forget to ask them to check back next week for more.

  1. Funny Posts

Never miss the opportunity of arousing laughter in your audience. You should not directly link all your posts to making sales. Quotes, videos, photos, and lots of funny media are out there to curate for your use. 

  1. Question Posts

With the right questions, you can drive engagements on social media and get insights into your audience preferences.

  1. Contest or Challenge Posts

Get your audience involved in your social media marketing by inviting them to participate in a fun challenge. Everyone likes to win, so give them a target and a prize for hitting it. 

  1. Announce Contest Winners

And the winner is!!! Your audience is enthusiastic about your challenge, and this is the time to let them know the winner. Hurray! You just won yourself a loyal customer. 

  1. Holiday Posts

Let your audience know you care for them during holidays by posting something relevant and exciting. 

  1. Seasonal Posts

Summer is here! Oh, it’s the winter season! You can use this period to show how your product is vital to the season. 

  1. Posts with A CTA

Who says you can’t sell on social media? You probably aren’t using the suitable CTA. Sign up now, find out more, buy now for less, and get it while stock lasts are some of the phrases you should consider including in your next post. 

  1. Branded Posts with Company’s Logo and Colors

This is a perfect way to build your brand identity. Tell your audience the meaning behind the logo and what the colors represent.  

  1. Photos of Your Company

You can showcase your production process, your employees at work, company selfies, or anything that lets your audience in on what you do and represent. 

  1. Favorite Spot in the Office

Add a personal touch to your content by sharing photos of your most beloved workstation. You can tell your audience why this particular place is your favorite. 

  1. Share an Offer

Your audience should be the first to know about a new offer on your products. Make it enticing, add a discount and a sense of urgency, then watch your sales go up.

  1. Share A Video from Your YouTube Channel

You can reshare youTube videos with engaging and lots of views on other social media platforms. You might even get new subscribers to your channel.  

  1. Question and Answer Session

Open-ended questions offer the right opportunity for engaging your audience on a range of issues about your brand. Create a particular time for this. 

  1. Big Holiday Offers

Do you run an eCommerce store? Are you offering a 50% discount or free shipping this Christmas season? Let your audience be the first to know by sharing it on your social platforms. 

  1. Sign Up Links or Forms

Encourage your audience to attend your next webinar or sign up for your newsletter by promoting the links and forms on social media.

Make use of link tracking software to track the clicks on your links.

  1. Case Studies

If you have a customer with a unique experience using your product, you can get them to participate in a case study and share it on social media. 

  1. Photos from Company Events

Tell your audience how successful your latest event was by displaying colorful photos. Don’t just share; tag those who are captured and those who made the events a success. 

  1. Product Photos

Nothing appeals more to the senses than a strong visual image. You can capture the attention of scrollers by displaying stand-out and high-quality photos of your products.

  1. Image Puzzles/Scrambles

Attach a valuable gift to this and watch your audience fully engaged, trying to solve the puzzle of guessing the scrambled image. 

  1. Host A Twitter Chat

A Twitter chat allows you to create a hashtag that captures your audience’s interest. All you have to do is select appropriate topics and a suitable time to host them.

  1. Motivational Quotes

Quotes from business leaders, philosophers, thinkers, spiritual leaders, and successful entrepreneurs can be a morale booster for you and your audience. Be sure it’s something your audience can relate with. 

  1. Invite Fans for Company Events

This helps keep your customers in the loop and as part of your journey as possible. You can use it as a reward for their loyalty and patronage. 

  1. Ask for Predictions

Who’s going to win the Grammy? The Oscar? The election? The match? Everybody is enthusiastic about something and is willing to stake a bet on it.

  1. Reshare Top Performing Posts

You don’t have to come up with new ideas all the time. Look inward for top-performing posts and create new ones around them or just reshare. 

  1. Promote Your Partners

Your business does not exist in isolation. A post that shows how your business has benefited other brands or how your brand benefited from others can help build a strong business relationship.

  1. Share Your Success Stories

Everyone loves a winning story. Let your success do the talking and invite your community to be part of the celebration. 

  1. Share a Statistic

Stats are essential in communicating essential information. Your audience may find snippets about the latest industry statistics very beneficial. This helps you establish social proof.

  1. Share a Survey

Want to know your audience’s thoughts on a particular subject? Host a survey and ask them to participate. 

  1. Share Free Resources

E-books, white papers, templates, pdf contents, and lots more are some free stuff you can offer to appreciate your customers. 

  1. New Job Offerings

Someone in your audience may be interested in working for you, who knows someone who does. Be sure to let them know when you have an opening.  

  1. Showcase New Team Members

So, your team is growing, and you’re happy about it. Let your audience know why you are excited to have the new member on board and what they should expect as a result. 

  1. Celebrate Your Team

When team members achieve a feat or go beyond in their jobs, tell your audience about it. It boosts your company’s culture, healthy workplace, and happy employees.

  1. User Generated Contents

After asking your audience what they want you to post, don’t discard their ideas. Create content around their suggestions and let them know you’re in business for them. 

  1. World/International Days

There are many days to celebrate or create awareness about different concepts, people, and ideas. Find related ones also to fill your calendar. 

  1. Ask Fans to Share Photos with Your Product

This helps with engaging your old customers and drawing the attention of new ones to your product. By showing that your customers are satisfied with your product, others might want it too. 

  1. An Award You’re Nominated for or Recently Won

Social media is the best place to share your achievement. Showing others approve of what you represent is an excellent way to entice more customers. 

  1. Talk About Your Mistakes and Failures

Show the human side of your business. Just as you share your successes, also share your failures and mistakes. Tell your audience how you have learned from them and used them as inspiration to forge ahead. 

  1. Talk About Major Challenges

By talking about a big challenge you faced and overcoming it, you can motivate your audience and show your positive attitude. 

  1. Offer Advice About Your Product

You are the expert at what you sell. Offer advice on various ways your product can be used, or even a hack on something you can use it for but not necessarily designed for.  

  1. Hold and Share Conversations with Influencers

Customers love it when they know that prominent figures are also into similar brands. So, host a live conversation with celebrities or top guys in your niche and share it with your audience. 

  1. Fan of the Week 

This is a way of celebrating your audience. It can be a reward for their engagement or winning a contest, helping you bond with your customers.

According to an emotional marketing stat, customers that are emotionally bonded with brands buy more from brands.

  1. The employee of the month

Even your team members want to be complimented. Celebrate an employee each month for their unique contribution to your business. 

  1. Promote New Products or Events

Your social media channels should be the go-to place to find out the latest about you. You can preview new products or share updates about events. 

  1. Promote Your Partners

Just as you celebrate yourself, you should also celebrate other brands and partners crucial to your success. 

  1. Promote One Social Media Content on Another

 If a post gathers engagements on one channel, you should feature it on other channels, too (known as multichannel marketing). 

Multichannel marketing is beneficial to all businesses. If you aren’t yet employing a multichannel strategy, then it is time you start. 

  1. Review A Product You Use

Be the customer this time around. Just as you want your customers to share their thoughts on your product, you should also do the same about the products you use. You might even create a new business connection along the way. 

  1. Product Videos

Make quality videos about your product and show your audience various ways to use it. Video production isn’t as expensive as it was again. Besides, there is video animation software like Viddyoze to save the day.

  1. Live Updates of an Event

Posting images and videos of ongoing events help your audience keep up with your brand. 

  1. Share Infographics

Infographics are a creative way to share lots of information at a go. If you have used one in a blog post or YouTube video, you can also share it as stand-alone content.

  1. Share Podcasts 

Sometimes reading gets too dull, and all we want to do is listen. You can share related podcasts or even create one of your own. 

  1. Memes or GIFs

Memes and GIFs can capture your customers’ attention and go viral, especially with young people. You can create one yourself or curate it from the internet. 

  1. How-to Videos

People respond differently to various forms of media. You’ve written a blog post about it. You have a photo library that details it, but you still need to make a video using your products.

  1. Customer Stories

Curate customers’ journey with your brand and share it in the form of a picture or video story. 

  1. Ask for Customers’ Opinion

Your customers can also be a source of inspiration to you. So next time you’re creating a product or planning an event, be sure to ask for their thoughts. 

  1. Pro Tips or Insights

Help your audience learn more about what you do by sharing valuable insights on your products. Take your time and highlight all the ways a customer can get value from what you offer. 

  1. Host Polls

You see this a lot on Twitter, and it’s an excellent way to be heard. You can be creative about it by letting your audience add their option to the poll. 

  1. Freebies or Giveaways 

Offering content or products for free can help build customer loyalty and increase your fan base. 

  1. Recommend Pages or People to Follow

These can be pages related to your brand or people your audience are interested in. It should be something or someone that adds value to your followers. 

  1. Fun Facts

Fun facts help grab your audience’s attention, educate and entertain at the same time. 

  1. Share Social Proofs

Reviews and testimonials are the best way to show that people trust your product. If properly utilized, you can gain the trust of new and skeptical customers by just displaying them. 

  1. This Day in History

Take your audience down memory lane by reminding them of vital days in history. 

  1. Answer to a FAQ

If you keep getting the same question form from your audience, you can use your social media platforms to answer it. 

  1. Live Videos

Let’s say you are having a fantastic day at the office; you can let your audience share in the joy of the moment by sharing a live video. 

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

Does your brand contribute to the development of your local community? Or volunteer for some environmental cause? Let your audience know. 

  1. Thank Your Fans

You can’t do this enough. Seize every opportunity to appreciate your audience. 

  1. Join Popular Trends

By sharing a valued opinion on trending issues, you can get new customers to look into your page and what you offer. 

  1. Target Specific Audience Segments

People relate more to your brand when they know you care about their hobbies. So, create amazing content for dog owners, sports lovers, art enthusiasts, tech geeks, etc. 

  1. Do an AMA: Ask Me Anything

Your audience will get to know more about you, your brand, and what you stand for. You also get a chance to promote your products and answer any queries.

  1. Make Collage

Get creative. You can use a photo collage to display your various products, work environment, and team members in different scenarios. 

  1. Ask Simple A or B Questions

A simple ‘yes or no question makes it easy for your audience to join the conversation. 

  1. Fill in the Blank

If done right, fill-in-the-blank questions are an excellent tool to keep your audience engaged. Try to capture your audience’s attention and don’t make it something too complex. 

  1. Feature/Interview A Customer

When customers are passionate about your product, they can go on and on talking about it. This makes for great content that people can trust and relate to. 

  1. Share Your Values

These can be simple traditional values of hard work, discipline, and creativity. Telling your audience how your brand represents these values may be all the pitch you need to make them lifetime customers. 

  1. Highlight A Product You’re Working On

Give your customers a peek into your new product or a new feature you’re adding to the existing one. This makes them eager for the final unveiling. 

  1. Follow the Generic Daily Hashtags 

Every day of the week comes with a trending hashtag: Monday motivation, Tuesday tips, Wednesday wisdom, Throwback Thursday, and Flashback Friday. Use this to remind your audience of something special.  

  1. Post About Your Local Community

Don’t just be stuck in the office. Go outdoors and appreciate your natural surrounding and its people. You may stumble on something beautiful and exciting. 

  1. Comment on Relevant Posts

Sometimes, all the contents are already out there. All you have to do is like, share or comment. 

  1. Host A Virtual Event

Hosting an event allows you to promote your product and share time with your audience and peers within the industry. 

  1. Explain A Process Step by Step

Your audience may find it hard to use a product or a particular feature in it. A step-by-step image is sure to be of help and also drive engagement. 

  1. Interview Experts

A business guru, a leading scientist, or a tech genius -depending on what you sell- may lend more credence to your brand. 

  1. Play Word Games

Create a relevant topic and invite your audience to play some fun word games with you. 

  1. Challenge Your Fans

Even if you don’t run a weight loss brand, you can still find something to challenge your audience. Use it. 

  1. Promote Your Newsletter

You don’t have to be shy about promoting your newsletter on your social networks. Your audience is in the best position to sign up and convert. 

  1. Like or Share Challenge

You can post 2 of your products and ask your audience to like or share their favorite. 

  1. Ask Fans to Tag A Friend

This simple call to action can go a long way in bringing more new customers to your page. Try it out. 

  1. Take A Selfie

It doesn’t have to be something flashy. Just a cute picture with an appropriate tag your community will resonate with. 

  1. Ask Your Audience to Do the Same

So, your audience liked your selfie, and it went viral. Ask them to do the same and be sure to like it too. 

  1. Show Your Workspace

Your customers will be thrilled when you show them behind-the-scenes images of your workspace. This can help build a connection between your team and your fans. 

  1. List of Products or Services

Your audience should not be limited to only your best product. Show them all you have to offer, their benefits and prices. 

  1. Research or Experiments

Help your audience stay informed by sharing the latest result from industry research and experiments with them. 

  1. Your Brand in The News

It can be as simple as your local newspaper or industry magazine. Just make sure you are in the news for good reasons. 

  1. DIY Contents

People love to do things themselves. If your product helps them achieve some self-sufficiency, share it with them.

  1. Your Opinion on Industry Problems

Show your expertise and authority by sharing a solution to a problem that is plaguing your community. 

  1. Controversial Posts

Well, if you can control it and not go overboard, this may stir some eyebrows in your direction. 

  1. Comment Contests

This can be as simple as asking your audience to comment, and the comment with the highest or no likes after an hour wins. 

  1. A Gift for The Most Active Follower

Let your customers know that there is a reward for their engagement with your brand. 

  1. Debunking a Myth

There is a lot of misleading information on the digital space. Help your audience get the facts straight. 

  1. Share Your Favorite Resource

Your audience may also be interested in materials you find educative and enlightening. 

  1. Share A Daily or Weekly Countdown

If you have got an upcoming event you’re excited about, let the excitement go around by sharing a daily or weekly countdown. 

  1. Share Your Contact Info

Some of your audience might feel better reaching out directly to you. A business line or email should always be there for those who want to. 

  1. Share A Charity You Involved With

You can even invite your audience to be part of a charitable event you are involved with. 

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