The Significance of High-Quality Content for SEO

Bloggers and blogs are increasing daily in the blogosphere and thousands of contents are written everyday but not every one of them hava quality contents. Quality is the root and foundation of a successful blog and without it, you’re doing nothing but digging a grave for your blog. Having quality content is not just sitting down and writing lengthy blog posts, there’s a difference between quality and quantity. Do you know how these quality contents can help your blog? I will be sharing them with you.

Significance of Quality content

1. Contents get shared

I won’t visit a blog and share it to my followers if I find out that its nothing but craps and you wouldn’t do the same either. When your readers or visitors loved the article because it helped them in one way or the other, they’ll find out that their readers are mission something big and they’ll definitely share it to their followers on social media and if their followers read it and finds it helpful too, they’ll also do the same by sharing the content. Think of the sharing cycle, it does nothing but makes your blog go viral.

2. Bloggers will link to you

Bloggers will always link to you if you have a quality and mind blowing content. They’ll share your content to their readers, either to elaborate their point, to recommend you to their readers or a way of saying thank you. It’s a two way thing, you’ll get 50 percent of traffic while the blogger that mentioned you will also get 50 percent of traffic. You get a link to your blog and the blogger will get a trackback or pingback to his blog, it’s just like sharing and exchanging readers, win-win.

3. You’ll get returning visitors

Visitors that have read your content and found it interesting will surely come back to read more quality content, all you have to do is to keep it coming, engage with your visitors by replying to comments and questions send to your mail from your connect form or on social media. With this done, they’ll know that there’s someone there for them.

4. You’ll become an Authority

Have you ever had this feeling that anytime you write and publish an article, you’ll be surprised and might ask yourself questions like; am I the one that wrote this quality content?
I’ve had this type of felling before and there’s no crime in being proud or boasting about your blog contents. It’s rightfully yours and nobody can do anything about it. Splashing guest post around the blogosphere is also a good way of showing the world your writing skills and at the same time becoming an authority blogger, you can check out my post on how to become an addicted guest blogger.

5. You’ll buy your readers trust

When your readers finds out that you consistently write genuine quality content and you’re engaging with them by replying to comments or any other means of communication, they will be willing to buy any product that you recommend or your personal products because of the trust they have for you thereby making you and your blog successful.
The Question you’ll asking yourself now is; How do i achieve these points mentioned above? I’ll give you a summary on how to do this. If you also want to have a good success in affiliate marketing then you need to earn some trusts from your readers.

6. Create attractive blog titles

An attractive blog title is the foundation of you content, its a way of grabbing the attentions of passers by to your blog to  read your quality content, to get more tips on how to create an attractive blog title then go have a cup of coffee at: How to create an attractive blog title. An example of an attractive title I created was my post on I’m tired of blogging which got an awesome interaction.

7. Engage with your visitors

Be ready to answer their question in any aspect that they need help and reply their comments too. This is the number one key to getting your quality content shared. Replying to comments is my hobby and it’s one of my strategies of getting more readers and returning visitors. I do it a lot and it has really made a difference on my blog. Get more strategies on how to engage with your visitor and generate traffic to your blog through blog comment: Step by step guide on how to generate traffic commenting on blog. You can also join blogging communities and build relationships with other bloggers.

8. Quantity vs Quality

Writing a quality content is not about writing an epic blog post of about 1000 words or more, like i said above, its quality and not quantity. You can write a short blog post of about 500 words, that doesn’t mean that it won’t go viral. It’ll surely go viral. All you need to work on is the quality.

9. Image Optimization

Images makes a content attractive, shiny and bright but without it, a content might be boring. A content might have a good quality but there might be a reduction of quality if there’s no image present in your blog post.

Over to you

It doesn’t all stop at writing quality contents, you content might be invisible unless you promote it, you can check out my social media strategies to promote your blog
What do you think of the importance of quality contents and how have they affected your blog. I would love to hear your views.

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