15 Most Profitable Retail Business Ideas with Low Investment

Starting a retail business means directly dealing with end customers. Retail business ideas are generally suited for small town or village. If you have decided to enter into retail business and looking for profitable retail business ideas with low investment, Here is a list of most popular and promising retail business ideas as per current market trend.
A retailing business means buying a product or services from the manufacturer, dealer, importer or agent and selling it at a higher price to the consumers.  This business can be started in two ways (1) Physical Shop or (2) Online e-commerce store.

15 Retail Business Ideas with Low Investment

  1. Grocery Shop

Grocery Shop is easy to start small retail business idea.  In the grocery store, you need to sell household items, grocery, non-perishable food items etc. If you have small space in the populated area you can think of opening grocery store.

  1. Cloth Store

The Cloth Store is most popular retail business ideas, especially for women. In this business, you need to sell customize clothes and designer wear.

  1. Food Truck

Mobile food truck is easy to start retail business option. In this business, you need to serve tasty and healthy food at various places in a food truck. It is the best business option if you are new in the food service industry.

  1. Flower Shop

Flower shop is next retail business option. This option demand lot of dedication and creativity. Apart from selling flowers, you can think of fulfilling flower needs at a function such as marriage, birthday party etc.

  1. Retail Pharmacy store

Retail Pharmacy store is a best retail business idea for the person who is a chemist or has very good experience as a chemist. It is an evergreen business with a good profit margin.

  1. Mobile Store

Selling mobile and mobile accessories is one of the most profitable retail business ideas. However, this idea demands lot of investment. In addition to that, it is risky business in the sense that mobile market is dynamic every day new models are getting launched. If you are not keeping enough inventory you may not sustain competition.

  1. Organic Food Store

In India, people are becoming health conscious and they are ready to spend money on organic food. This gives birth to a new retail business idea called as an organic food store. In this business, you need to sell organic fruits and vegetable to end customer.

  1. Fruit Mart

The next business option is fruit mart. In this business, you need to open customize fruit store. Investment required in this business is low and this idea is usually prepared by low income group.

  1. Children Toy Shop

Children are fond of new toys. In order to fulfill their need for toys, you can think of starting a toy shop. Investment required in this business is moderate. The success of this business depends upon shop location and type of toys.

  1. Cosmetic Shop

A Cosmetic shop is an evergreen business idea. In this business, you need to sell cosmetics. You can start this business online also. This is a most suitable idea for women.

  1. Coffee Cafe

Coffee Café is a place where people love to spend time along with friends and relatives. In past few years, the culture of opening coffee café is increasing. It is a lucrative business option with moderate investment requirement.

  1. Gift Shop

Next retail business option is opening gift store. You can start this business online as well as offline. It is moderate to high investment business idea. In this business you need to sell gift article, cards, accessories and various other items.

  1. Ice cream shop

Ice cream shop is another lucrative business option. In this business either you can take agency of popular ice cream brand or make and sell your own ice cream. It is an evergreen business idea.

  1. Bakery

People all across love backed products like bread, cake, biscuit etc. If you have art in making good backing product you can start your own bakery. It is very good retail business option for small city.

  1. Electronic Store

The electronic store is moderate to high investment business option. In this business, you need to sell electronic items such as television, washing machine, oven etc. to the customer. This business demand lot of space as you need to manage enough inventory also.

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