20 Best Anime Characters With Red Hair

Anime characters have occupied a significant part in the life of the youth. Anime Characters with primary hair colors are hard to find as they are mostly seen with hair colors that can not be defined precisely. 

But anime hair color can be linked with their characters, and those with similar hair color are majorly seen with the same characters.

The common characteristics of an anime character with red hair can be listed as violent, full of anger, and also extremely passionate. 

Here is a list of the top 20 anime characters with red hair.

1. Sora

When talking about anime characters with red hair, Sora has to be number one. Sora is confident and highly protective of his sister, Shiro. 

  • Apart from all his other attractive traits, his dedication to providing the best of everything to his sister is the most loved trait.
  • Sora can take control of every situation because of his excellent decision-making quality.

2. Shanks

Shanks is one of the most loved characters in the famous anime- One Piece. Shanks with his red hair is well known for all his notorious traits which also makes him respected and loved.

  • Shanks is the most empathetic and selfless character of all.
  • He is also the main character of the anime. 

3. Sasori

Out of all the anime shows Naruto is one of the most popular and Sasori is one of the strongest characters in Naruto. 

  • Sasori is a master of controlling puppets as he has been practicing the ninjutsu technique.
  • Like all the red-hair characters, Sasori also has a strong character.

4. Eijiro Kirishima

Eijiro Kirishima is a student of class 1A and is mostly seen in the storylines and arcs. Eijiro Kirishima is seen most of the time in the series and shows supportive behavior toward his classmates. 

  • Kirishima is more of a monstrous character with strong capabilities.
  • Being a red-hair guy, Kirishima is a noisy and bold character.

5. Renji Abarai

Renji Abarai is among the most popular characters of ‘Bleach’ and is Rukia’s great friend. Being a red-haired character Renji is arrogant but is also a fun character.

  • Renji is a strong character and a protective friend.
  • Moreover, Renji is a great fighter. 

6. Erza Scarlet

Erza Scarlet is among the most famous and renowned ‘Fairy Tail’ characters. Initially, the character of Erza Scarlet was more sophisticated and reserved but eventually, she gained a place among the guild members. 

  • Erza Scarlet is one of the most powerful characters in the series.
  • She possesses excellent magical skills.

7. Gaara

Gaara was introduced as a psychotic and merciless character in the first season of Naruto. Gaara has an indistinguishable history from Naruto and was born with an unfortunate fate.

  • Over time, the character of Gaara became sensible and he became a better person.
  • Gaara is a very strong character in the show.

8. Sho Hinakawa

Sho Hinakawa is an excellent character of a tween-ager who is a born genius. He has an amazing understanding of technology. 

  • Sho can differentiate between various drugs.

9. Zora

Black Bulls is a great magic group in the show and Zora is among the members of the squad. Zora’s character is not merciful rather he is often seen disrespecting people around him.

  • Zora’s character is not intended to portray a bad anime.
  • Zora feels uneasy around people.

10. Taiga Kagami

Taiga Kagami is another famous red-haired anime character that is loved by audiences. Being a red-haired character Taiga Kagami is bold, strong, and angry yet talented and focussed. 

  • Taiga Kagami is an extremely talented character.

11. Rias Gremory

Rias Gremory gained popularity among the audience because of her hair color, which is a bright shade of red and looks astonishing.

  • Being a red-haired character Rias possesses a destructive character.
  • Rias Gremory portrays the character of a demon who’s both powerful and genius.

12. Yoko Littner

The famous Anime show Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan showcases an interesting character named Yoko Littner. Yoko is a professional Gunman pilot but loves sniper rifles over guns.

  • Yoko Littner is a confident and powerful character. 
  • Along with all her talents, she also possesses a mature understanding of situations.

13. Shoto Todoroki

Shoto Todoroki is a character of a student with red hair. Shoto Todoroki is learning the skills to become a hero and is among the leading characters of famous anime. 

14. Maki Nishikino

The famous anime ‘Love Live’ portrays the popular character of Maki Nishikino. 

  • Maki is childish and believes in the power of Santa. 
  • Maki was more of an introvert in the initial episodes of the show.

15. Chise Hatori

Chise Hatori is another popular red-haired character in the anime world. Chise is more of a quiet character yet courageous in her way. 

  • Chise Hatori is helpful and does everything possible to protect others.
  • Chise gives more importance to the people around her than herself.

16. Kenshin Himura 

Himura is the leading character of the ‘Rurouni Kenshin’. Because of some traumatizing past experiences, Himura decides to live a life without violence.

  • Along with the long red hair, his character is also known for his famous scar.
  • Himura believes in calmness over chaos.  

17. Kallen Kozuki 

Along with her attractive red hair, Kallen also stands out because of her deep blue eyes. Being a red-hair character Kallen is shirt-tempered but focused and trustworthy.

  • Kallen can sometimes act impulsively.
  • But she is kind and gentle.

18. Kyoko Sakura

Kyoko has an attractive personality. She is portrayed as a stubborn character but is a kind and genuine anime character with red hair.

  • You can never tell by Kyoko’s expressions about what she’s feeling.
  • She can hide her feelings like a pro.

19. Shura Kirigakure

Shura and Yukio are twins. Shura pretends to be an imposter in the initial episodes by behaving quietly and being self-centered.

  • Shura performs every task with great determination. 
  • She has a caring nature.

20. Kushina Uzumaki

The famous anime Naruto showcases Naruto’s mother as Kushina, a female anime character with red hair, who is a great mother and can go to any and every extent to protect her child.

  • Kushina, though a mother, is still a young girl’s character.
  • She is impulsive, strong, and powerful.


Is red hair rare in anime?

Yes, red hair is rare in anime because, in Japanese culture, red hair isn’t commonly seen.

Who is the red hair famous anime girl?

The popular red-haired Japanese anime character is called Mikise Kirusu. Another red-haired character is called Rias Gremory.

What anime has a red hair girl with magic?

The anime with the red-haired girl is called Requip Magic. 

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