10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Social Media

How many of you don’t have any social media account? If I asked this question then what will be your reaction? You will surely say that you all are having such accounts. We all people spend most of our time on social platforms. But do you know how you can use this social platforms for your business? Do you know the importance of social platforms for your business? Today there are many people who are making life from this social platforms. Would you like to be part of such people? If your answer is yes then read on. In this post, I have explained the importance of Social media for your online business.

What is Social Media

Social media is a web-based platform and media of communication where people can easily share text, images, audio, video, message and ideas over internet.

Why Should You Use Social Media For Business

Nowadays business become most important part of social media, people can promote their business with the help of social media and  keep in touch with suspect clients. You can create a page of your site and connect to the targeted customers easily and don’t need to bag for attention. There are many platforms of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, meetup, and  Yelp etc.
you  can  use various platform to advertise your business and share some important news related your business. For example, If you need to inform some changes in your product then you  can upload post to your clients which are in very big numbers. Here the biggest advantage is that you don’t need to inform each and every customer. Social media is the best tool to connect with your customers. You will get higher number of customers. Most popular social sites like Facebook has 112 million user in India and it is second largest country after US, 400million user in Instagram, Twitter accounts for only 17% of Indian social network users, 2.2billion google plus profiles.

Here there are some reasons you should use social media for business

1. Feedback: Social media is the best way to get feedback from customers. Customers can send comment and you can get idea about your product is successful or not.
2. Provide Various Language: Social media provide you to connect with different religion  and can post in multiple languages. For example, Facebook launches audience optimization for visitors. So now different customers can see your post according to their convenience.Customer Service:
3. Customer Service: Sometimes customers can’t reach to businessman if they have a query or any difficulties. Social media help to customers to connect with a businessman.
4. Targeted Audience: For smaller business and growing companies, it is very easy to connect with different customers. You can create post according to your customer’s age ,education, location And sometimes Your single link may get  more visitors. You can also download facebook pixel to see how many visits your websites is getting everyday. It is also helpfull to find new customers by creating Lookalike audience.
5. Hashtag : Social media tool allows you to use  hashtag(#) to join larger conversation. Recently  Facebook introduced clickable link using hashtag(#). You can include related topics in your post ,even outside the network. For example  #yourtopicrelatedyourpost  this link you can add in you post.
6.Insights : Many social media site  like facebook, instagram ,Google plus like many more sites provide sights to see how many liked your page, how many share your page, how many comments your page ,how many customers online and which post is better or not it can help you to which product like to your customers.
 7. Reduce Cost : Social media is cost effective way to get your business in front of  customers. It doesn’t cost you anything to post  and  promote sale on social media site. Social media provide you to affordable advertising. You just need to spend time on your page.
8. Social Media is easier and faster: It is very easier and faster to connect to your customers. When you use social media , it is very easy to share about your business content more faster. Newly business marketer can easily promote their business.
9. Social Media Increase Vigilance About Product And Budget:Social media increases awareness about product and budget via feedback. You can build your brand identity easily. If one customer give positive or negative feedback,it will help to other customers. They don’t need to ask any question about product they can analyze easily.
10.Website Traffic: Social media will help you to higher ranker as SEO is very important for your website. Successful media activities always improve traffic on your website, as a result it will improve rank of SEO.
So as of know, you should know why social media is very important for any business. No matter what kind of business you are having, if you know how to get most of out social media then you can do wonders with its help. There are many people who waste time on social media and there are some other people who used social media to make their living from it. So it is your desition what you want.
If you like this post then do share it with your friends and let them know the importance of social platforms in online business. I would like to hear your views on this particular topic. So feel free to comment.

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