100+ Real Estate Blog Post Ideas, Topics To Dominate Local Search

It is extremely important to get a target audience when it comes to real estate blog post ideas. Then the posts can be made, keeping the focus on the target audience. It will help you reach a huge number of people and also have a personal impact on them. Well, marketing through digital marketing and social marketing is also of utmost importance. It will gain excellent traffic and driving management with attracting leads. 

So, Here are some of the Real Estate blog post ideas

1. The future of real estate can be imagined, and discussion of the evolving trending issues. 

2. Research on the most expensively sold homes in a month. 

3. List of the most attractive and beautiful properties. 

4. List 10+ applications that are used by people to sell buy or rent properties. 

5. Explanation on the use of professionals to handle the procedures of real estate. 

6. List of famous people who are involved with you buying and selling properties. 

7. Online resources are used by people to relocate. 

8. List of the expensive homes in your area. 

9. Pictures and map links of the most visited places and parks in the area. 

10. List of the best websites for your market; the websites can be on anything. 

11.  Make a print, digital, or video interview about the fantastic aspects of the area of the city of city counselors. 

12.  List of the myths of real estate and discrediting them. 

13.  Comparison of your market and the national market. 

14.  Advantages of the current market scenario. 

15.  List of public and private schools in the area. 

16.  List of the restaurants and hangout places in the area with pictures. 

17.  Make a list and connect with the neighboring area’s best brokers and agents and let them know that you included them in your list. And, both of you can gain profit from each other while working together. 

18.  Visit the conference of your favorite speakers, take videos or pictures of the speech and the conference, and share the things you learned from them. 

19.  Write-ups about your love for the city and the people of the city. 

20.  Show your disagreement on matters with the strongest personalities of the city or the area and prove that your perspective or ideas are right while theirs are wrong. 

21.  Transformation of the industry with the write-up of the buying and selling experiences. 

22.  Never expose your most valuable clients and their reason for moving into the area which you handle. 

23.  Make donations to the local charities and create a write-up about it why you believe in the charity and your reason to help them. 

24.  Make connections with the bloggers of your area. Try to be in their videos or posts. 

25.  Make a list about the growth of the business sector in your area, its advantages, and how individuals can get jobs in the business sector of your area. 

26.  A comparison list of old ways and new ways of doing the real estate business. 

27.  List Ten favorite customers of yours, thank them, and prepare the list of things which you learned from them. 

28.  Create blogs and short videos on your viewpoint about the neighborhood, area, and city. 

29.  List of your favorite local authors and journalists. 

30.  Connect with other businesses, give your reason to collaborate with them, and your experience of their services. 

31.  Sell free E-Books for buyers. 

32.  Sell free E-Books for sellers. 

33.  List of the best dry cleaners in the area or neighborhood. 

34.  Make connections and join the business trade group of the area of the city and give your reasons for joining them. 

35.  List the ten largest and most expensive houses of your area with pictures or videos. 

36.  Write up about the role of technology in the modern scenario of buying and selling real estate and about your values in this process. 

37.  Write up about the modern homes or properties in your town, area, or neighborhood with images, map links, and videos. 

38.  Write up about the gyms, fitness studios, yoga studios in your area. 

39.  List of top interior designers and residential painters. 

40.  Insight on the process of getting the best deal of mortgage. 

41.  Keep healthy connections with your customers. Listen to what they have to say and answer or help them. 

42.  Write-up about the homes of rich and famous people of your city. 

43.  Shape the closing process from the buyer’s perspective. 

44.  Shape the closing process from the seller’s perspective. 

45.  Post about the must-see places of your area like art theatre, museums, etc. 

46.  List of the most expensive homes sold in your area. 

47.  List of the best shops in the area. 

48.  List of the best swimming pools and clubs in the area. 

49.  List of the best restaurants and pubs in the area. 

50.  List of the top 10 blogs which will be loved by your audience. 

51.  Comparison of cost of living. 

52.  Your area’s involvement in the environmental issues and positive steps taken by the people of the area. 

53.  The current scenario of the job market in the area and the growth of the industries or businesses. 

54.  Programs for first-time home or property buyers. 

55.  List of the upcoming shows, concerts, sports events, etc., in your area. 

56.  List of the all-time shows, concerts, sports events, etc., of your area. 

57.  Write-ups about property taxes. 

58.  Write-ups about real estate laws. 

59.  Information and a brief overview of the selling process of properties. 

60.  Information and a brief overview of the buying process of properties. 

61.  List of the things which can go wrong in the field of real estate. 

62.  Information Write-ups about the types of mortgages. 

63.  Tips on Energy Saving, Fire safety, and Pest Control. 

64.  Information about the homeowner’s insurance. 

65.  Write-ups about gardening and landscaping, furniture, and home maintenance.  

66.  Home Designing Trends 

67.  Video of your favorite and most scenic places in your area. 

68.  Comparison of moving companies into your area or in the local market. 

69.  Kitchen renovation and designing write-up with the cost and materials information. 

70.  Articles about the interior decorators in the market or in your area. 

71.  A seller write-up about the best things in the neighborhood. 

72.  A buyer’s write-up about the best things in the neighborhood. 

73.  Guide for the festivals and the important events of the city. 

74.  Create reports of the current market situation. 

75.  Weekly list of open houses in your area or in the whole market. 

76.  List of top pizza places in the area. 

77.  List of top burger places in the area. 

78.  List of the escape room games in the area. 

79.  List of emergency contacts for the homeowners in the area or in the whole city. 

80.  Open up about your team in front of the people. Talk about their positive sides and their contribution to real estate. 

81.  A guide for seller’s home inspections. 

82.  A guide to buyer’s home inspections. 

83.  Guide about staging the home. 

84.  List of the golf clubs, football clubs, and other sports clubs in the area. 

85.  Use Marketing strategies like digital marketing, social media marketing, etc., to reach a huge amount of audience. 

86.  Make a list of the ice-cream shops in the area. 

87.  Know the reach of your posts, pictures, videos, etc., and try to write or shoot similar topics which have the most views. 

88.  List the moving-related quarries like bad neighbors, good neighbors, home safety, how to prepare and what to do while moving, etc. 

89.  Guide to moving resources, moving with children, and moving with pets. 

90.  A guide to construction plans in the area and open houses. 

91.  List of Do’s and Don’ts’s while buying investment properties. 

92.  Research about the home prices in the local market. 

93.  List of pet-friendly housing. 

94.  Online resources of people locating or re-locating in your area. 

95.  List of top politics involved people in the town—their contacts, social media, emails, etc. 

96.  We are analyzing the current climatic situation of your area. 

97.  List of powerful women in the city or in your area. 

98.  List of top medical facilities in your area and in the whole city. 

99.  Write-ups about the living experience and working experience in your city. 

100. List of the properties with the best views in the market. 

101. List of the famous spots of the area. 

102. Images and videos of the famous spots. 

While writing about real estate blog posts, minor things also create a lot of impacts, such as the major things. Listing and talking about the minor things with the major ones will gain you more audience, and they will be attracted to your blogs at some point, as through this, they will be able to connect with your blogs on a personal level. Also, valuing old techniques with the new modern techniques will gain you more profits and success.

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