10 Apps To Turn Your Phone Into A Pulse Oximeter/SpO2 Tracker

Since the 2020 pandemic, everyone across the globe has started to become more concerned about their health cause, ultimately it’s both mental and physical fitness that comprises a happy and fulfilling life.  Moreover, an oximeter is something that has made a permanent place in our lifestyles ever since the pandemic. Initially, we were all carrying a physical oximeter but eventually, due to great technological advancement, some apps make it possible to check our oxygen rate with our phones. 

Here is a list of the top 10 oximeter apps for your phone

1. Blood Oxygen App

Indicated by the name of the app. Blood Oxygen App helps to monitor the oxygen rate along with the heart rate. Blood Oxygen App is designed keeping in mind its necessity in the lives of every individual, and hence it is so easy to operate. It runs smoothly even on the first use. The app has gained popularity among users over time, and it is one of the top-rated apps.

  • You do not need to purchase the app, it is free of cost.
  • The app runs on almost every device.

2. CarePlix Vitals

The app has been launched recently but has gained popularity among audiences. The app is useful for monitoring oxygen rates, respiration rates, as well as the heart-rate. Overall, it is a great pulse oximeter app. Since the app has been designed recently and hence it has all the latest technology installed already, which makes the detection more accurate. 

  • The app requires no login subscription, but you still have to create an account and register with the account.
  • The app is easy to operate and runs smoothly on all basic devices. 
  • CarePlix Vitals has become a necessity lately.

3. Pulse Monitor- Beat and Oxygen

Pulse Monitor is yet another famous app that makes monitoring the pulse rate easier. The app is more reliable because of its ability to record the data automatically, and hence you can keep a check on how well you are performing and which areas of your health need more attention. The only limitation of this app is that it does not run on all devices. There is only a limited number of devices that support Pulse Monitor. 

  • The app is not even supported in iOS. It only runs on Androids that too on a limited version.
  • Because of the few devices that it supports, it gives more accurate results. 

4. Apple Health app

An inbuilt feature in the Apple device is an Apple Health app. The app helps in keeping a track of the blood oxygen rate. Moreover, the app is so simple to operate; you just have to browse and tap on the options it gives you according to your preferences. You will eventually have detailed health data as per your choices. 

  • The app also lets you see the results in the form of a graph that is easier to understand. 
  • Since the Apple Health app is an inbuilt feature of the brand and hence it runs smoothly on your devices.

5. Pulse Oximeter Tracker

The Pulse Oximeter Tracker app runs on Android devices only and is the best oximeter app for Samsung. The app is suitable to keep a track of your oxygen and heart rate. Despite its limitation to only run on Android devices, the app is quite smooth to run. Also, it requires the user to have no additional knowledge regarding the app. The captions provided on the display make it obvious for the users to be able to run the app. 

  • Pulse Oximeter Tracker is a user-friendly app.
  • Moreover, the app has a smooth interface.

6. MFine

MFine is another great oximeter app that not only allows you to track your oxygen rate but also lets you get in touch with a doctor too. Moreover, the app is also suitable for getting your bookings for in-person medical checkups. Hence, MFine is a great option that not just lets you keep a track of your oxygen and heart rates but also lets you maintain your overall health. You can also use the app to order your medicines and they will get you delivered all your orders. 

  • MFine is a free app that is also easy to operate.
  • MFine is popular for the accurate results it offers. 

7. LPOW Pulse Oximeter

Another great app for iOS users that allows you to check your oxygen and respiration rates. LPOW Pulse Oximeter is a free and reliable app. It has a feature that helps you display your health status with high quality. Moreover, the app also lets you keep a record of the data, and hence you can keep a track of your fitness journey.

  • LPOW Pulse Oximeter is a great option that is handy and gives reliable results.
  • The app is easy to operate.

8. A-Oximeter

A-Oximeter app is yet another great choice that allows its users to keep a track of their oxygen levels. A-Oximeter lets its users check on their health with a few easy steps, and above all, the results are reliable and accurate. Over the years, the app has gained popularity among a wide majority of the population,

9. OxyCare

OxyCare is a great option that helps you maintain your fitness by keeping a record of your oxygen levels. No matter how fit you believe you are, you still need to keep checking on your health, and OxyCare allows you to do so. It is a handy app that will give you accurate results. Moreover, it is s easy to use, and anyone can operate it by following a few simple steps.

  • OxyCare is a free and user-friendly app.
  • The app is useful for keeping a reliable record of your fitness journey. 

10. Pulse Plus

Last but one of the most reliable oximeter apps on the list is the Pulse Plus app. Apart from all the features that a regular oximeter app offers, Pulse Plus is famous for its delivery to the outskirts too. The app has some of the most impressive reviews, and hence it is one of the most loved oximeter apps.

  • The app is easy to operate and user-friendly app. 


1. Which phones have SpO2 sensors?

Samsung phones in the model S9 and S10 have SpO2 sensors. This is beneficial for Covid-19 patients as they can easily check their blood oxygen levels without spending any money.

2. Is there a blood oxygen app?

Yes, there is an app called the blood oxygen app and it allows users to measure their SpO2 levels. 

3. How can I check my SpO2 on mobile?

There are various phones and apps that let you measure your SpO2 levels.

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