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Welcome to my top 10 best paying PTC sites list. I’ve been clicking away for 3 months to bring you these results from well known paid to click websites on the internet. I have compared all of them and whittled them down to only the very best you will find online.

I’ve clicked thousands of ads to bring you this list, maybe over 100,000! All of these PTC sites pay into PayPal. Some of them have more than one option to cash-out your earnings. Double check that your payment processor is available when you join them all because things can change online very quickly.

My previous article about the “Paid to Click” method is here > What is the Best Paid to Click Website?

Top Paying PTC Sites List

Making money on the Internet – Best PTC Sites. Most profitable. Online for many years. Carefully selected. Free registration. Easy work – easy income.

1 YSense

Number 1 on my list is ClixSense. Total amount made: $9.04 Alexa Global Ranking 1,121

2 GrandBux

Number 2 on my list is GrandBux. Total amount made: $9.02 Alexa Global Ranking 15,094

3 EpicClix

Number 3 on my list is EpicClix. Total amount made: $8.89 Alexa Global Ranking 17,618

4 EpicBux

Number 4 on my list is EpicBux. Total amount made: $8.74 Alexa Global Ranking 37,497

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Number 5 on my list is NeoBux. Total amount made: $8.12 Alexa Global Ranking 887

BuxVertise (Name Changed to YSense)

Number 6 on my list is BuxVertise. Total amount made: $7.45 Alexa Global Ranking 9,940

7 LegacyClix

Number 7 on my list is LegacyClix. Total amount made: $6.12 Alexa Global Ranking 54,723


Number 8 on my list is ScarletClix. Total amount made: $6.02 Alexa Global Ranking – Not available at time of writing (meaning it’s probably quite new)

9 The Buxer

Number 9 on my list is The Buxer. Total amount made $4.07 Alexa Global Ranking – 272,356

10. Buxenger

This isn’t a PTC site in itself. It’s a way to manage all of your PTC sites in one place. It’s a cool idea if you’ve joined lots of sites and want to keep organised.

Which Ones Should You Join? (I wouldn’t bother with ptc any more.)

If you wanted to maximize your earnings then you should join all of them. You would be spending about 3 to 5 minutes on each site per day if you were just clicking and viewing ads. Some of these sites also have surveys which you can complete for extra cash. (update: PTC is a scam. Save your time and sanity by creating a proper online business)

I didn’t complete any surveys because that would have skewed my test results and I wouldn’t have found the top ten to be in this order. The above list was compiled simply from the amounts I earned from each site over a 3-month period with zero referrals.

Earn Money Online With Best PTC Sites

You can make money via PTC (Paid to click) websites, which pays to just click and view their supported advertisements.

Working in PTC website is very simple.

These kinds of projects are especially for beginners who are searching for earning money online without investment.

Simple way to make money

Best PTC sites or Paid to click are the simplest way to earn money.

These websites let you make money without extra effort and need no skills.

All you have to perform is click a few ads or read a few mails.

These types of sites pay you directly through Payza or Paypal.

When your present balance reaches the lowest payout worth, you can request for a payout.

So you have to make an account in alertpay and PayPal, it is actually free.

Free to sign up

All PTC sites are free to register. Register all under websites and log in with your username, then you have found “browse ads” or “surf ads” like button.

Click on that you will found some advertisements, and then click all advertisements one by one with new tab or window.

These websites has a timer and all you do click on the advertisement, view it until the timer gets to zero then shut it and go for the next one.

As a free associate you also get paid when one of your recruits click the advertisements.

Get a lot of referrals and earn a lot of money it is that simple.

Ads to click on daily basis

Do not open all ads from single PTC site at a time.

Participate with top PTC sites list and begin making money from today through PTC websites. All this programs consists approximately 10-15 ads to clock on daily basis and thus giving a best chance to earn most out of it.

We only need to spend some time approximately one to two hours daily.

You can earn via this program $0.01 to $0.05 for each click.

You can rise your monthly earning by getting referrals, which generally give commissions or bonuses, depending on the PTC websites.

Investments in PTC’s

Forever check for other people having victory from investing at the PTC, if there is any bad ones you might not want to invest at all!

Ensure the website pays in under half a month, anything more is additional time to get your ROI (return on investment).

Only guess half your referrals will be active unless the site statues otherwise, this will support you plan new tips since edit button came back.

The best deal must have a top probability of earning itself back within 50-60 days maximum.

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