14 Smart Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

There were days when just Google and other search engines helped bloggers to gain the traffic for blogs. But nowadays, things have changed. Social media marketing has become one of the best and easiest way to bring traffic to your blog. Social media marketing is nothing but promoting your blog on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, linkedIn, Google+ etc.
Bloggers spend so much time in searching and writing their content. That’s alright. But a blogger should also spend equal time and efforts on promoting the content. The studies have shown that social media promotions can double your blog’s traffic. But it not that easy too. A blogger has to have a proper way of promoting and marketing. So, it is clear that social media plays a huge role in bringing traffic but only if used in a proper manner. So, let’s go to some of the tactics of promoting a blog on social media :

14. Headlines are precious

Headline plays the most important part in attracting any user. A headline should be such that the user must open the link and come to the blog for reading. Then, its up to your content to keep the user interesting but you got your traffic increased anyways

13. See which topic is trending

Write on a topic that is currently being discussed around the world. This will definitely get user’s attention towards your blog.

12. Share at the right time

Not just write on the trending topic, but also share that on the right time. Share your content when the topic is hot in the market. Don’t hesitate in sharing on all the social media platforms that you know.

11. Involve the users

Involving users is another important thing. Allow your users to give feedback about your content. Allow them to comment and also to ask questions.

10. Prepare a schedule for sharing

It will be much better for you to prepare a schedule and share according to it. You can share daily , weekly or at max monthly. You can have your own schedule as well. But the condition here is you must follow it. Otherwise, your user can feel unrecognized.

9. Don’t hesitate to share more than once

Studies have shown that sharing your post twice or thrice increases your traffic. Actually sharing thrice doubles your traffic. So it is not necessary that sharing once and you are done. But you have to be careful about one thing here that you are not becoming a spammer. Sharing twice or thrice is okay, but overpromoting you blog makes you a spammer and your user will feel irritated.

8. Visuals matter

Actually they matter a lot. The images you use must be attractive and related to content. If you are using the video, then it must keep user’s interest on. In a nutshell, be careful about the media you are using. It must be proper and interesting.

7. Stay gentle when in a conversation with the user

Don’t argue or fight with your customer. Stay humble and calm while you are in a conversation. Allow them to tell their view and ideas to you. Then if you find something wrong, make them understand politely. If you get angry, then it will directly affect your blog and its traffic.

6. Create forums

Some people read blogs to find the answer of something. Forums can bring those people to your blog. Allow the users to discuss on a topic and share their views. This will bring the people on your blog looking for answers and increase the traffic for you.

5. Create a Facebook page

Create a page on facebook about your blog and promote it amongst the users. Invite people to like the page and provide a link to your blog there. This will surely get some more clicks and improve your traffic stats.

4. Don’t avoid users

Do not make the user feel avoided. Acknowledge all the review and feedbacks that the user gives. This will help you build trust and image in user’s mind. These small things also play a crucial role in generating traffic.

3. Keep an eye on competitor’s strategies

Blogging nowadays has tough competition. You have to work very hard to keep your reader engaged to your blog. For this, you will also have to see what your competitors are doing to attract users. Keep an eye on that and then made your move. If you don’t, your users will not take much time in moving to another blog.

2. Don’t copy

Keeping an eye on competitor’s strategy is good but never copy their content or anything. Because one negative comment of the user who knows you have copied and your reputation will be spoiled.

1. Monitor the results

The most important thing is to monitor whether your efforts and strategies are working or not. Most of the social media platforms provide the statistics nowadays about the users and the blog. Be smart in checking the stats and if they are not in your favour, try something new.
So, you must have gotten the idea how useful a social media platform can be in getting traffic for your blog. But it is not just about promoting, it is about promoting smartly. It can spoil your blog’s reputation is well if not used wisely. I will also suggest a few popular sites to promote your content on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest
  • Google+

Thus, social media is the most useful medium for the blogger as well as the user as it connects them very easily. That is ultimately what a blogger needs and a user too. So, use these tricks for your blog and you will definitely get more traffic for your blog. Just keep a simple strategy in mind : Prepare a plan, Observe the surrounding and then promote on social media. If you have any views , feel free to comment below.

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