50+ Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing

I see many aspiring affiliates struggle with what audience or marketplace they should promote in. In this article I will simplify it and give you my most profitable affiliate marketing niches that anyone can build a scalable digital business around.Now, I’m well aware that a few of these may be obvious, but when you dig down deeper into these niches, you will uncover sub-niches that are right there ready for the taking.

Let Us Start With the Big “3” Evergreen Niches

  1. Health and Fitness
  2. Wealth and Make Money Online
  3. Relationships

These are considered “evergreen” because no matter if the economy tanks, where you may live in the world, demographic and background may be, everyone will always want to improve their Health, create more Wealth and better their Relationships.
Lets go ahead and dig deeper into these 3 and I will round this off with 4 more very profitable niches you may or may not of considered.

Health and Fitness

The Health niche as a whole is a multi-billion dollar industry. This is for obvious reasons as I stated above. However, did you know that there are literally 100sof sub-niches inside of this marketplace that generate millions upon millions of dollars a year?
Here are just a few of profitable sub-niches:

  • Weight Loss for Women
  • Weight Loss for Men
  • Gain Muscle
  • Six Pack Abs
  • Dieting
  • Dieting Recipes
  • Diabetes Remedies
  • Health Supplements

These are a small sample size of the possible audiences you could target inside this niche with your affiliate marketing.
Another great thing with the Health and Fitness niche is there are tons of products you can promote and earn high commissions.
If you are wanting to promote digital or instantly downloadable products, Clickbank.com is a perfect place to find potential offers.
For those that are wanting to sell physical or tangible products, like vitamins/supplements etc.., then you can never go wrong with Amazon’s Affiliate Program.
Also, you can do a simple Google search and find hot products and offers:

Wealth and Make Money Online

This is where I would guess the vast majority reading this would start. For good reason. It’s absolutely huge and there are so many digital products you can sign up to become an affiliate for. Like the Health niche, the Wealth niche has many profitable sub-niches…

  • Paid Surveys
  • MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)
  • Network Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • List Building
  • Software and Services
  • Email Marketing
  • Crypto Currency
  • Blogging

The list really does go on and on.
This is definitely my favorite out of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches I cover here.
There are a lot of digital marketplaces you can use to find high converting offers and products to promote in this niche. JVZoo.com is a huge marketplace for affiliate marketer’s looking for quality MMO (Make Money Online) and Internet Marketing offers to earn commissions on:


This rounds out our top 3 “evergreen” niches and it’s one that admittedly, I haven’t promoted too much in.
This isn’t because it isn’t profitable, but because I’ve been more focused on other markets.
Inside of this niche you find very profitable sub-niches like:

  • Win Your Ex Back
  • Dating Advice/Tips
  • Save My Marriage
  • Coping With Breakups

The Online Marketers that I know who are having a lot of success in this niche, use Clickbank to find tailored products for their audience.
So now that we’ve gone through the 3 more obvious niches, how about we look at a few lesser known but extremely profitable niches.


You could easily put this under the Health niche, but I keep this separate because it is so big on its own. Again, there are many smaller niches you could go into inside the audience.

  • Paleo Diet Recipes
  • Southern Cooking Recipes
  • Diabets Diet Recipes
  • Wine and Liquor

Another positive that I’ve found after researching this niche, is that the competition as a whole is surprisingly low.
This is of course compared to the others mentioned above, but still this is a Billion Dollar marketplace that anyone can jump into and generate nice commissions around.


The Gaming niche is on fire right now. There are countless guides, strategy manuals, cheat codes and gear this audience loves to buy and why not get your own piece of that as an affiliate marketer.
The one definite drawback with selling in this niche is that it is definitely geared towards the younger crowd.
This means that usually the potential customer doesn’t have the money to spend or buy products him or herself, but there parents definitely do. I speak from experience as one of these parents of kids that love these offers.
I have dabbled a little in this arena promoting physical products and the Amazon Associates Program is definitely a great place to begin if physical products are the way you want to go.


The Hobby Niche is probably my second favorite niche to work in. This is a broad audience but many different categories inside of it that are definitely profitable:

  • Animals and Pets
  • Woodworking
  • Gardening
  • How To:
  • Play Better Golf

These are 5 that I have actually made money in over the last 10 years or so.
The reason this marketplace is one of the most profitable affiliate marketing niches is because we love to spend money on our passions. Plus, it is also just a fun niche to research and make money in.
Again, if selling digital products is your game, then head over to Clickbank Marketplace and have a look in the “Home and Garden” tab to find very high converting offers in this industry.

Transformation/Self Improvement

The final of these most profitable affiliate marketing niches is Self Improvement and Transformational.
As a whole, this audience is a Multi-Billion dollar marketplace and only getting stronger and stronger. Like the other’s there are many highly profitable and scalable sub-niches:

  • Stress Management
  • Personal Finances
  • Self-Defense
  • Self-Esteem
  • Public Speaking
  • Time Management

My wife started her affiliate marketing in this arena and made her first dollar online years ago in the Public Speaking niche.
I currently promote in the Survival and Self Esteem niches and have done quite well using only the offers I’ve found inside of the Clickbank Marketplace.

Profitable Niche Business Ideas For House Appliances

1. Types of Fridges (e.g. manufacturers, sizes, prices, & features)
2. Crockpots
3. Stoves and Ovens (e.g. How to replace your new stove? What kinds of stoves are out there..?)
4. Barbeques  (e.g. talk about grills, how to throw a barbeque, how to barbeque, safety..)
5. Blenders (e.g. both handheld and countertop types)
6. Breadmakers (e.g. How they’re used, what they’re used for, reviews of the best & worst kinds)
7. Electric Kettles (e.g. Why a person needs one these days!)
8. Waffle Irons (e.g. Do they make better waffles, or not? Which ones you recommend? Which ones you don’t?)
9. Countertop Grills
10. Various Water Coolers and Filtration Systems (e.g. How they work? Which one’s work effectively and which don’t?)

Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Car Electronics

1. Various Car Stereos (e.g. how to install manually, bose vs. cambridge soundworks)
2. Automobile Subwoofers (e.g. price ranges and models, where to buy them)
3. Amplifiers (e.g. talk about quality)
4. LCD Monitors (e.g. the many features and benefits involved)
5. Keyless Entry (e.g. statistics on how it’s benefited people)
6. Car Alarms (e.g. statistics on how much its prevented theft)
7. Phone Chargers For The Car (e.g. and maybe a story on how it saved you when your car died in the middle of nowhere)
8. GPS Systems (e.g. and why everyone must have one)
9. Car DVD Players (e.g. and its benefit for children)
10. Demobolizers

Profitable Niche Business Ideas For Clothing & Apparel

1. Bathing Suits For Women (e.g. which look best, which are fashionable, comfort vs. looks)
2. Men’s Swimwear And Bathing Suits
3. Plus Sized Clothing (e.g. great retail stores to visit and online shopping as well)
4. Consignment/Used Clothing (e.g. the amount of money in yearly savings, and how much it adds up over-time, talk about what the best items are to buy, and be on the lookout for)
5. Men’s Suits (e.g. casual vs professional, bowties vs. ties, types of suits to wear on many different occasions, how to properly dress from head to toe)
6. Custom T-Shirts (e.g. ideas of how and where they can be made, what their uses are, why customizable t-shirts can make for a heart-warming present)
7. Outdoor Wear (e.g. hiking boots and their effectiveness, your favorite outdoor wear stores, outdoor wear savings, and what/when to buy items through out the various seasons)
8. Organic clothing
9. Yoga Clothing (e.g. and maybe certain accessories, or clothing preparations for a hot yoga session vs. a regular yoga session, where to buy the best most comfortable yoga clothing outfits)
10. Golf Attire (e.g. mention the importance of shoes and possible affects on performance, why dressing appropriately is honorable to the game of golf, and how it can help you fit in to different types of golf clubs and events)

Profitable Niche Ideas For Home Gardening

1. Tools For Gardening (e.g. the most effective, different types of gardening tools for various gardening activities, tools that have proved useless/useful in your own experience)
2. Manual Lawnmowers (e.g. the advantages of purchasing a lawnmower from the internet, the importance of going to a Home Depot or Lowes to look and inspect the lawnmower upon making a purchase, the significance of reviews, checking to see if the lawnmower has a a warranty on it or not, maybe talking about durability as well and the importance of looking at the purchase as an investment)
3. Growing Vegetables (e.g. fruits, carrots, and vegetables! talk about now only how healthy it is to grow your own vegetables for eating, but even the psychological affects it has on a person who’s interested in growing a garden, talk about the essentials necessary in growing a garden, and the required patience)
4. Fertilizers and Soil (e.g. the bad vs. the good kind)
5. Landscape Design (e.g. how it can and/or will improve the beauty of your entire house)
6. Ponds (e.g. benefits of living near a pond, pond activities)
7. Automated Sprinkler Systems (e.g. how much of a time-saver it can be than doing so manually, how to get them installed, best types of companies to use)
8. Hydroponics (e.g. explain how it works)
9. Perrenials
10. Do it Yourself Books (e.g. write your own reviews of the best and worst ones, talk about the places to buy them)

Profitable Niche Ideas For Tobacco

1. Cigarettes (e.g., a story of how you, your sister, friend, or relative quit, maybe try to keep it optimistic, depending on how you want to approach this topic and what you’re aiming for, but also talk about alternatives for quitting such as the new, and fast-growing e-cig industry, compare the health issues and benefits of switching)
2. Cigars (e.g. the best cuban cigars, why some are illegal and facts of as to how that came about, and the history behind it, discuss its historical use, and how it’s been enjoyed by many figures in our past, also talk about potential health hazards and possible cigar addiction)
3. Smoke shops (e.g. how to open one, benefits of having a retail vs. online store, or maybe even both, explain the investment costs, and how to best profit out of opening a smoke shop)
4. Humidors (e.g. explain what they are, why they are important for cigars, and how better humidors lead to a longer-lasting iventory, and savings in overall costs. Talk about the numerous benefits of investing wisely from the start, as well as how to about properly maintaining them)
5. Lighters (e.g. you could talk about bicks versus generic lighters, you can open your own online e-commerce shop selling lighters with various logo’s on them, which could be very profitable by the way)
6. Electronic Cigarettes (e.g. this is a very big niche overall, and very rapid growing, in order to stand out among the crowds, you shold think about affiliating yourself with the many various E-cig programs out there, and reviewing each and every one of them. That way when people go to purchase, you’re able to make commission off each sale. Hence, a somewhat sort of alternative to the lighter niche example mentioned above)
7. Cigar Cutters (e.g. you can become an affiliate for this niche actually, and show and talk about the thousands of various cigar cutters out there, that literally range from pennies, to a thousand dollars, for a simple cutter! Now if that can’t get your audience’s attention, something’s wrong)
8. Ash Trays (e.g. from glass to metal, various styles, and designs, maybe discuss and compare vintage and antique ashtrays, while simultaneously incorporating them into a lighter/cigar/cigar cutter online type commerce shop! I’m sure there’s not too many of those out there)
9. Stop Smoking Products (e.g. the different kinds, patches versus pills, and the costs.. use ecigarretes as a “alternate method”)
10. Stop Smoking Services (e.g. employ a forum, discussion, or community, open up your own service where people can go from the luxury of their computer to talk about issues and get help for them as well)

Final Take

While all of these are great to build an online business around, starting out I would recommend staying with 1 of the big 3 “evergreen” niches.
This is due to the sheer volume of products available to promote and the affiliate marketing training you can find online on how to properly promote these offers.
Another thing I suggest, is to begin with selling digital products rather than physical.
This is because of 2 reasons…

  1. The Commissions are Usually Higher with Digital Products
  2. Digital Products are in My Opinion Easier to Sell as Affiliates

As you begin to build and have success with your Affiliate Marketing, then you could perhaps venture into the physical products world.
That is all and I hope you enjoyed this post.
The main thing to do is pick a niche and get to work. Affiliate Marketing is a terrific industry and there is a lot of money to be made.

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