7 Best Premium SEO Tools To Get #1 Rank in Google

Search engine optimization tools are very useful to evaluate our website and to spy on our competitors but as a new entrant to the blogging atmosphere we can not invest our hard earned money on all premium SEO tools we come across from the internet.
Even after buying some of the affordable SEO tools we may not use it regularly like SEO consultant does.
If you have a single website without any clients and you want to use SEO tools occasionally to optimize your website search engine friendly, then there so many Paid SEO tools are available which offers either free account with limited  and basic functions or free trial for a limited period of time to use.
Today I am going to share 7 premium SEO tools which I am using occasionally to evaluate my website and to spy on competitors information like backlinks, rank position, domain authority, keywords and search volume.

Premium SEO Tools To Try For Free for Ranking Better

1. Ahrefs

My day starts with ahrefs SEO tool to find out backlinks I gained or lost, organic keywords I am ranking in US and UK, to check the improvements in URL rating and domain rating.
I am using their free service from last six months and I am addicted to it, this service allows us to know backlinks information, keyword rank positions, top pages which are driving traffic to our blog, ahrefs rank, referring domains details, close competitor domains which are competing with our ranked keywords.
Sometimes I do use this service to find out competitors information to know their domain rating and top ranking keywords which are driving traffic to their blog.
AHREFS allows free registration to get limited information per day which is sufficient to the bloggers, I recommend you to use it regularly to get all the information related SEO.

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is the most popular competitor keyword research analysis tool which allows us to register for free to get 10 reports per day with basic functionality.
I am using this service from so many days initially I used this tool to find out keywords search volume, trend and Adwords CPC(cost per click), but now I am using this service exclusively for competitor analysis.
SEMrush has its own database which updates frequently to monitor keyword rank positions in Google search engine results page and it takes the screenshot of top 20 positions of every keyword, they have their own data servers at different locations situated around the world.
I wrote complete SEMrush review which gives complete features and benefits of this tool for bloggers, I recommend you to read this article to know more about this tool.

3. Long Tail Pro

This is the must have tool every blogger should have because it gives you a lot of information about keywords where we won’t find these long tail keywords in Google Keyword planner.
Using this tool we can find long tail keywords, search volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, we can even check our keyword rank position in Google.
This tool uses our own Google Adwords ID to retrieve the information from Google search engines, every professional blogger is using this tool to find less competitive keywords to quickly rank in search engines
If you have started your career recently and you are not affordable to invest 97$ then no problem, Long Tail Pro offers 14 day trial period to use their services, utilize this opportunity to gather all keywords information for next 6 months and copy those keywords in excel sheet.
Long Tail Pro frequently announces huge discounts for their tool, sometimes they offer 27$ wait for the right time and buy it when you comfortable.

4. SEO Powersuite

Another great SEO premium tool which offers free download of their bundle software which consists of four tools

  • RankTracker
  • WebsiteAuditor
  • LinkAssist
  • SEO SpyGlass

RankTracker is useful to track our keyword positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing, it analyses our keyword position comparing with the other websites which are already ranking in top 10 positions, using this tool we can find out domain authority, keyword optimisation score, domain age and keyword difficulty score of our competitors so that we can update our articles and links to rank better than them.
Website auditor is useful to find out technical aspects of our website, it shows the HTML, H tags, image alt tag, meta description, robot.txt errors information which will enable us to rectify these problems to make our website more search engine friendly.
LinkAssist is an advanced software which allows to find the link opportunities to build the backlinks by email outreach, this tool gives all the website owner’s email addresses to us.
SEO SpyGlass is used to do competitor analysis to find out their top ranking keywords, rank positions, backlinks, referring domains, domain authority and page authority.
I am using this software since one month and wrote SEO Powersuite review on my blog, check out this article to know more details about this software.

5. MOZ

MOZ tools are very popular among SEO community they have different tools like Open Site Explorer, FollowerWonk, FreshWebExplorer and so on, MOZ offers a 30-day free trial for their tools and also offers free registration to get limited reports per day.
I am using OpenSiteExplorer since so many days to find out competitors backlink information and anchor text, first I will check competitor backlink data to know how they build the backlink if it is feasible to me I will replicate the same strategy to build backlink.

6. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a link research tool which gives us details about backlink breakdown, anchor text, referring domains, and backlink history, I am not using this frequently, but my friends find this tool very useful to know anchor phrases percentage.
Majestic SEO allows free registration to get limited reports for their single website with limited function, do use this tool to find our more information.

7. Raven Tools

Raven tools is another popular link management tool which offers a 30-day free trial to get the reports, they cover all the elements which are required for SEO.
Here is the list

  • Link building opportunities
  • Competitor analysis
  • Campaign Management
  • Social Media signals monitoring
  • Content Analysis
  • On Page SEO
  • Technical SEO reports

If you are an individual blogger having SEO issues with your blog with huge data then it is the best tool to try and find out the problems.


Here I shared 7 best SEO premium SEO tools which are offering free services with limited functionality to use for making our website more SEO friendly.
I am requesting you to kindly share your thoughts and opinions about these tools in the comments sections which allow other readers to get the fair idea about these tools.

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