20 of the Best PPC Tools to Increase Your Ad Presence

Every marketing company is trying to make its supplies to make their company evolve and gain profits. PPC is one of the marketing techniques. Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is the marketing method that people use the most. But the issue arises because not everyone is applying this technique properly. Marketing needs a lot of effort to progress. You have to apply methods from different aspects to take good care of the marketing process.

Advertising or marketing requires many procedures, from designing to selecting and copying to ending up with the right selection of audience, which means choosing the people who want the product. Technology can help in marketing procedures in many ways. The PPC tools are a big relief for the company owners. The tools assist you with all the features of Pay-per-click marketing and assist you in leading victorious campaigns. The equitable tools are the best to help you lessen the marketing budget and evaluate the number of sales. The main part of this work is that we must know about the best PPC tools to advertise without any loss and mistakes.

The most trustworthy PPC you can trust to boost your campaign ROI

There are thousands of PPC utensils that you can easily find, but all of them are not worth trusting, so before you download them, you must search them before you start downloading them. Here is a compilation of a list of the best Pay-per-click tools on the internet to make your search a little easier.

You can check them out and choose what you think is suitable for the marketing you have to do.

  1. SEMrush

This marketing tool is an all-in-one that has specializations in PPC and SEO. The marketing tool assists you with all the features of the strategies and campaigns you are investing in, and it will provide you with the best one. It has many amazing things to help you design your campaign, and some of them are it can find good keywords and assist in improving the creativity plans by looking for victorious ads by the challengers. Do not doubt its amazing features, especially the basic ones. You can find cheaper and adequate facilities for your campaigns through this tool. Here are its pros and cons, price, and features:


  • Pro: $83.28 per month, debit annually
  • Guru: $166.62 per month, debit annually
  • Business: $333.28 per month, debit annually


  • It can find extensive and accurate suggestions and keywords for your marketing
  • This tool has the sophistication that is right for SEO professionals and businesses
  • A tool that is multi-functional to fulfil all your advertising and SEO requirements.


It has more than 40 tools, so it will take your time to go through all of them and search for the right one


  • PPC price basis
  • Challenger finding
  • Keyword exploration, involving local keywords
  • Challenger scanning of creativity and budgets
  • Google shopping advertising scanning
  1. PPC Entourage

This app tool has a specialization for developing your Amazon commercials. It assists you in generating and execute Amazon product advertisements to grow conversions. This tool is suitable for you if you are an active Amazon Seller. The PPC Entourage tool can provide your business with the best features. Here are its pros and cons, features, and price.


The payment plan begins at $47 per month for 5 SKUs


  • The tool is amazing in saving your time and efforts by organizing the Amazon Ad campaigns
  • Instant and effortless setup
  • Free trial for 14 days


It is the assistant that only works for Amazon and do not support other platforms of advertising


  • Provide proportions of advertisement optimizations
  • Analytics tools that are built in the tool
  • The tool has artificial intelligence options for the optimization of removing and adding keywords, bids, and much more
  • Optimization of negative keywords
  • Recognizes sectors for enhancement
  • This tool can research and suggest relevant keywords and also the keywords you do not tap
  1. Ad Badger

It is an exclusive tool that you can utilize to organize your Amazon PPC advertisements, and it is not like the other tools, which means it does not serve the other program like Google Ad Words.

This tool is unique because it does not offer a software answer, but it also offers training for your company’s employees. In this tool, you can also join their online group to interact about the issues and other topics.

Here are its pros and cons, price, and features of this tool:


  • Ad spend <5K – $87 per month, debit quarterly
  • Ad spend 5K-25K – $143 per month, debit quarterly
  • Ad spend >25K – $450 per month, debit quarterly


  • This tool has money-back guarantee options
  • It provides training to improve and make your team ready
  • It reduces costs and optimizes the bids


It only supports the Amazon Ads


  • It offers more than 4 hours of Amazon Ads training
  • Offers management for keyword and campaign
  • It has a smart bid algorithm to improve your bids
  1. SpyFu

This tool has an entire suite of PPC tools that you can utilize to improve the campaigns in which you invest. It has keyword providing facilities, and this tool can also spy in your challenger’s campaign activities so that you can have all these facilities through these tools. Here are its pros and cons, prices, and features:


  • Basic: $33 per month, billed annually
  • Professional: $58 per month, billed annually
  • Team: $199 per month, billed annually


  • It provides accurate and extensive tools for keywords
  • It has an option of the 30-day money-back guarantee
  • It has the simple coherence that anyone can use


There is no individual strategy just for the PPC


  • It provides brilliant keyword suggestions
  • Gives smart bidding advice
  • Offers ready to import templates of AdWords
  • It can recognize the bids of others on your keywords
  • It can search for challenger’s ad investment and keywords history that is paid
  • Have functions to arrange the keyword in ad communities automatically
  • It also can motivate you with the successful historical ad replicas
  1. Google Ads Editor

The Google Ads Editor is an editing and creation tool that is free for its users. It helps you work effectively on various ad campaigns over the accounts in Google AdWords, and it is available both offline and online. You can organize the ad campaigns and create changes to the keyword bids with the editor’s assistance. You can work effortlessly on your campaigns and make them the best ones.

  1. Bing Ads Editor

This tool is very useful to streamline your Pay-per-click ad campaign organization. You can easily import the data directly into the editor with the assistance of Google. You can easily generate the edit, tackle the keywords, design campaigns, copy, budgets, and much more.

  1. Optmyzr

This tool is an award-winning PPC tool. It can automate the improvement of your advertisements with the assistance of its capabilities of machine learning. You can easily tackle the AdWords and Bing ads both through this amazing tool.

  1. WordStream AdWords Performance

It is an adequate and authentic tool to help you in progress in your Google AdWords workings. It can scan the accounts and offer you information on the rates of click-throughs, impressions shares, long-tail keywords, and much more.

  1. AdEspresso

It is a tool that assists you in managing and enhancing Instagram, google, and Facebook advertisements campaigns.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

This PPC tool assists you in targeting adequate clients with the perfect keyword. The keywords are available at amazing prices, and it can help you in various ways to create your campaigns.

  1. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the ideal tools, as many people are already using its amazing features. It is trustworthy to many marketers.

  1. PPC Protect

This tool works amazingly to protect you from any fraud clicks in seconds. It keeps your campaigns and AdWords budgets safe and secure. Also, It will allow you various users per account safely. It can monitor the traffic also.

  1. Optimizely

It is an effective conversion tool for marketers. It helps you check your web page’s variations that attract the customers the most and optimize your website.

  1. Ten scores

This tool is great in providing recommendations for enhancing your Google AdWords quality score. It alerts you if you waste your money and gives you a perfect analysis of your quality score.

  1. ispionage

It is an ambitious intelligence tool that offers useful SEO data of the challengers. It grows the conversion rates and makes more of the leads.

  1. Yandex Direct

This tool assists you in placing your ad campaigns and in displaying the banners on mobiles and desktops. It will assist you in targeting your audience by searching for the right customer for you.

  1. Opteo

It is the most accurate PPC tool for marketers as it simplifies Google Ads. It will help in telling you about the improvements. Making improvements is now easier through this tool.

  1. Analysis

The recommendation engine can help the marketers optimize the campaigns, and it automates the ad checking procedures as well. It helps you in checking negative keywords, conflicts, broken links, n-gram analysis, and more.

  1. Keyword Spy

It is a PPC and SEO keyword exploration tool that helps in spying the challengers. It will tell you how much profit the competitors are making and also inform you about their keywords.

  1. CHEQ

It is a safety tool to save you from the click-fraud. It will block the invalid clicks that can harm your campaigns. The pricing for this tool is here:

  • Starter: Free
  • Business: $19/month
  • Agency: $49/month

So here is a long list of brilliant PPC for the campaigns that a marketer uses to optimize the design and everything you need to include in an advertisement. These PPCs makes your work effortless and perfect. Check them out and enhance your campaign process.

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