7 Best Plagiarism Detection Tools | 100% Free and Accurate

Are you a blogger or a freelance writer
Are you checking your content before publishing to find out is there any plagiarism issues, if not, and you don’t know what is plagiarism and why we should we check for it, then you should read this complete article till the end.
We know the internet is crowded with so much of content and so many publishers are copying someone else content as it is and some people will change some sentences in the article and publish it in their blogs to get the traffic more than the original content.
Recently I came to know one website is copying my content through my RSS feed and publishing that content with his name through one software called FiveFilters, I tried to contact him through his blog’s contact form, but I am unsuccessful because he don’t have any contact information in his website.
Later I approached FiveFilters support team to convey the issue, they positively considered my request and removed my website’s RSS feed from their software.
Here is the screenshot of my communication information Email with FiveFliters.
So many bloggers are doing these things and, fortunately, I came to know about this RSS feed copy information through pingback, otherwise Google will consider this as duplicate content.
Reading other bloggers articles and taking inspiration to write an article in your own style is different, but copying the same content and making some changes in sentences will deteriorate your reputation as well other bloggers website into trouble.
By looking at above example, you can get an idea how people are copying your content.
Now I will jump into our topic.

What Is Plagiarism?

As per the Wiki, Plagiarism is stealing other people’s content, thoughts, expressions, and ideas without taking permission from the original creator and presenting it as their own original work.
Plagiarism is considered as a breach and dishonest to journalism ethics and does come under copyright violations.

Why should we check our content for Plagiarism?

Sometimes we do write articles which resemble some other authors work because we have read his article recently or we are influenced by his writing work, it happens to everybody.
For Example
I read every article of Mr. Neil Patel and I am very impressed with his writing style, sometimes his writing style can influence me to write content same like him which resemble his content.
One more reason to check our content’s plagiarism is Google because it considers duplicate content as a serious offense and our blog may get a penalty for this reason.
Now I will share some free tools which help us to find duplicate content in our articles.

Free Online Plagiarism Detection Tools

1. Plagiarism Checker

PlagiarismChecker is a popular free online tool used by a lot of publishers, it has a simple interface where we have to copy and paste the content in the search window to find out duplicate content, this tool has an option to check plagiarism text with Google or Yahoo search engines data.
Another best option in this tool is we can create Google alert for our content to know if somebody copy our content in future.
It supports different languages like German, French and Spanish, it detects information based on internet data so it can not detect information which is published on physical books and magazines.
The drawback with this tool is we can not check our complete article text plagiarism detection in one step, it accepts 32 words only.

2. DupliChecker

DupliChecker works same like PlagiarismChecker, but it supports 1000 words which are sufficient for bloggers to detect the duplicate content from our text.
It is absolutely free to use, all we have to do is copying the text our article before publishing and paste it here on the search window to find the plagiarism content.
We can even upload our Docx or Txt file to scan, it complete the scan and gives us report if it finds any duplicate phrases or sentences in our article so that we can change our text before publishing.
I find this tool very useful, and I am recommending you to use this tool for all your future articles before publishing.

3. Plagium

Plagium is another free tool which checks for plagiarism, but they are allowing free users once in a while because of the huge maintenance expenses and asking regular users to register for their service.
Here they are allowing up to 5000 characters to paste on the search box to check plagiarism, so we can use tool occasionally to check duplicate content

4. Article Checker

Article checker is a simple tool to check for plagiarism, the interface looks very simple, we have to copy our text and paste it in the search box to get the report.
We can even use our URL to find out the duplicate content information who have copied our content, one thing I didn’t like about this site is old age look of  the website, anyway we should look at it efficiency, not the look.

5. Plagiarisma.net

Plagiarisma is online detection tool for duplicate content it uses Google and Yahoo’s data to find plagiarism text, by default it uses Yahoo data if we want to use Google data then we have to sign up for their service which is free.
We can upload files to this check plagiarism, this tool supports TXT, HTML, DOC, DOCX, PDF and ODT

6. Viper

Viper (Scan My Essay) is a free software which we have to download from the internet to use it, the interface looks very attractive it checks for plagiarism content against 10 billion sources, Viper claims its reports are 100% accurate.
Having a tool like this in our computer really helps to find out duplicate content without any restrictions for words and characters like other free plagiarism checker tools if you are blogger or freelance writer try this software to know its benefits.

7. PlagTracker

PlagTracker is the last online plagiarism checker tool in my list which is absolutely free to use, they have their own unique checking algorithm and they have a huge database of academic papers, so it even check your article against academic papers available on their database.
We have to copy and paste the text in the search box in order to detect duplicate content like other tools.


I  hope this free online plagiarism detection tools will help you to find duplicate content for your text so that you can make changes to the text before publishing.
I request you to kindly share your opinion and experience with plagiarism tools in the comment section so we can add value to this article.

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