Top 20 Professional Photo Editing Services Company

Photography is an inseparable part of our life. We cannot but get indulged in photography; sometimes for personal need or profession. Nonetheless, photos on our special day or special purposes have to be perfect and for this Photo Editing Services play a significant role. 

Now a day’s finding the best professional photo editing service has become a hard nut to crack. People can’t rely on low-quality editing company. Do not fret over it; as within this article, we will introduce some promising professional photo editing company.   

Top 20 Professional photo editing services company:

1. Image Retouching Lab

Since 2012, Image Retouching Lab has been working as a professional photo retouching services provider company. At present, it is handling offices in different countries namely- Bangladesh, Norway, Netherlands, and Malaysia. It is mainly a world-wide service provider.

Why should I choose? 

  • It provides 12 kinds of different services
  • You are finding here Clipping path, Image Retouching, Image Masking, and Imane mannequin.
  • It also assists Image Restoration, Twitch Overlay, Graphic Designs, and Raster to Vector. 
  • Image retouching lab maintains professionalism in the portfolio.
  • A sizable percentage reviews are positive
  • You can easily check examples before making an order.

Pricing: The price is negotiable yet reasonable. If you want to pay cheap then it’s good news for you that it charges as low as $0.29. If your demands are regarding high-quality services then the charges can increase up to $20.99.

It was Hollywood FotoFix which created as a solution for professional photographers. Professionals can save their time by relying on this site that offers high-quality retouching at a cheap price. is specialized at:

  • retouch up services
  • Color correction
  • Photo Restoration
  • Clipping path
  • Digital oil painting
  • Video editing

Pricing: The complete Retouch package- $2.50 per image, Complete plus Retouch-$5.00 per image, Special service Retouch- $10.00 per image, Clipping path- 1.50-2.50 per image, Standard Color Correction-$ 0.25 per image, Photo Restoration- $ 35.00 per image.

Why should you choose

  • The artist here provides full-time services. 
  • It guarantees works. 
  • Quick and accurate; listens to feedback.
  • If you don’t like the work you can reject it.

3. Tucia

This propitious Professional photo editing site gains 100% trust of the customer by delivering marvelous services. Since 2007, it has been working hard to reach customer’s expectations.

All you have to do is to upload the photo and scribble down your ideas of how you want to see your picture, the site will do the rest. 

Tuica is a better option because: 

  • Customer’s style and the idea is appreciated
  • You are getting the unlimited free revision
  • Plus, 100% money-back guarantee
  • Quick deliver, you won’t have to wait more than 24 hours( for regular order of fewer than six photos)
  • It ensures safety issues, your photos won’t be published anywhere without your permission.

Pricing: For Basic Editing, it charges $1 credit per images, and for Extensive Editing, it charges 3 credits per image.

4. Clipping Path Center

Clipping path center is a collective of amazing editors who with full times services will provide you just the thing you are looking for. With the latest Adobe Photoshop, highly skilled people will be making your photo pitch-perfect.

Why should you choose?

  • When it comes to background removal, nothing excels Clipping path center
  • It offers an affordable hand-drawn path
  • Also edits in prepress, model-photography, and product.
  • Cost-effective image services
  • You can request for a re-edit.

Pricing:  The rate mainly depends on the complexity of the image, time of delivery, and the efforts to change your picture. However, the hourly rate is US$ 13.00.

5. Photographer’s Edit

This custom editing site is ordering you a 30% discount on your first order. You will find here editing services like culling, color correction, retouching, custom retouching, and more.

Why should you choose?

Your preferences will be taken to be important

Share your idea and they will refine it. All you have to do is sharing a picture of your preferred style; describe how you want to see it, and then you will get back your custom preset.

Pricing: The culling and color correction package comes for $14-19 per image, Custom Color Correction for $24 per image, Basic Advanced Retouching package for $1.50-3.00 per image, and Custom Retouching for $40 per hour( Quote-Based).

6. Picsera

The team behind this photo editing service company is committed to meet up your requirements for big events and social gathering. Starting from retouching, culling, color correction, and clipping path, you are offered many exquisite services. 

Why should you choose?

It covers fields like Real estate& Architecture, eCommerce, Portrait and events, and Fashion & Advertising. For huge events like Wedding or Corporate Event Bundles this team firs the client’s need.

Pricing: For Wedding Photo Editing Services For Photographers it charges -$169.99-$489.99. For Residential Property Listing it charges $59.99-$149.99 and for Corporate Event Bundles – $169.99-$483.99.

7. Clipping USA 

With quality assurance and dedicated service, Clipping USA creates a new dimension for photographers and customers. The promising team behind it includes 135 Experienced Graphic Designers and 24 hours shifting duty plan all around the year. 

Why should you choose?

  • You are getting services like Shadow creation service, Image manipulations service, Clipping-path, Photoshop masking, Photo retouching, and Logo design service. 
  • Cost-effective services
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Safe FTP system
  • Urgent delivery ( a reserved team works for it)

Pricing: The price is negotiable. New customers are given discounts. The whole pricing system depends on the required time and complexity of the images.

For Color correction it charges- $1.00, Natural Drop Shadow- $1.00, Natural Shadow-$0.99,Croping and Resizing- $0.25, Background Remove-$1.00,Masking Simple-$1.25, Product Retouch-$1.75


FotoValley is a powerful image editing service from India since 2011. It provides services all around the world including the digital studios, photographers, real estate, automotive sectors, and eCommerce.  

It is highly promising and specialized at:

  • Portrait retouching
  • Jewelry retouching
  • Wedding photo editing services
  • Product retouching
  • 3D design services
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Masking and Enhancement

Pricing: The pricing comes with packages offering different services. Here you will get these packages:   Basic-$0.2 per image, Pro- $ 2 per image, Advanced- $5 per image, Extreme- $10 per image. 

Why should you choose FotoVallay?

  • It provides on-time delivery
  • Accuracy in their work, trustworthy for their services. (manages more than 100’S customers around the world)
  • Has a recognized place in the competitive industry.
  • Reliable in terms of quality work.

  9. FotoFigo

FotoFigo excels in the field of digital photo editing services. Having a digital platform for photo editing service companies is nothing new. It is experienced as well as reliable.  The productivity of FotoFig is so impressive that it has delivered around 5 million pictures for individual clients.

Why should you choose?

  • In provides services internationally.
  • The services are Ecommerce Photo Editing, Photo Enhancement, Portrait Retouching, Photo Manipulation, and Real Estate Image Editing.
  • There are an abundance of examples you may check before ordering.

Pricing: It comes with several price plans namely- Figo Ten for $20.29, Figo Saver for $100.29, Figo Plus for $$50.29, Figo Ten for-$20.29, and Figo Max for-$200.29.

10. Invensis Photo Editing Services 

The Veteran Company Invensis Photo Editing Services has been working on the photo editing field for 10 years. Here you will find a collection of well-versed editors working with developed technology.  

It’s features are-

  • Provides wedding Photo editing services, Photo Restoration service, Photo retouching, Image Clipping path services, Real State Photo editing, and Stock Photo Retouching.
  •  Has a renowned portfolio
  • The ordering process is easier
  •  Experts work behind your wonder delivered photos.

Pricing: The price is cost-effective. As the company doesn’t have any price plans, it charges according to the type of work. But it won’t be too pricy no matter how complex the order is.

11. Clipping Beast

Clipping Beast is one of the best editing companies having a bunch of talented graphic designers. It started the journey in 2017 but that doesn’t make it unprofessional. Ithas have been working hard since, hiring over 100 professionals.  


  • Provides Clipping patch Service, Color correction, Image shadow service, Recolor service, Cropping and Resizing Service, Model retouching service, and masking service.
  •  Holds a professional portfolio
  • Ghost Mannequin is also offered

Pricing: Another cost-effective pricing service. The charge starts from $0.50 /image. If you want to hire cheap, then you may knock Clipping Beast. 

12. Pixopal

Pixopal ensures quality work as many CSC engineers, Technophiles, and photographers are working behind to make your photo look best. 

It specializes in: 

  • Services for eCommerce and photographers
  • Product Retouching, Headshot Retouching, and real estate Retouching
  • Image alignment service
  • Shopify Photo editing app

Pricing: it shows transparent price plans. The pricing plan starts from $1.00. also, the price may increase based on works.

13. Retinka

For magazine publishers and eCommerce owners, Retinka is the best one. It is a famous name in the field of photography services. Moreover, it promises to revise work again and again. It comes with an exceptional portfolio. As you click the examples, the gorgeously edited pictures will make you pick the site without giving any second thought.

  • Services are divided into three categories, namely- Basic Fix, Extensive Editing, and Advanced Servicing.

Pricing: If you take one service from basic Fix then you have to pay 1 credit/image. For taking service from Extensive Editing you need to pay 3 credit/ image and if you take one service from Advanced Servicing then you have to pay 5 credit/ image. 

14. Offshore Clipping Path

This photo editing agency started with two siblings who offer services for Photo agencies, eCommerce business, art directions, and studios.

Services are:

  • Clipping path services
  • Drop Shadow Service
  • Neck joint service
  • Multiple clipping path
  • Masking service
  • Color correction and
  • Retouching. 

Pricing: Highly affordable. The price starts at $0.29 per image. Or extensive editing you may require up to $7 per image.

15. Photo Trims

Photo Trims is basically an outsourcing firm that provides outstanding performance (3 thousand images per day). Since 2012, it has been helping different professional photographers.

Photo Trims provides almost all the services which you can relate to photoshop. The firm is essentially determined when it comes to meet the preferences of the customers. It has a portfolio providing previous works. 

Pricing: The firm provides a cause-effective price plan for customers. You just need to spend $0.30 to 2.50 per image.

16. Digi 5 Studios

Having more than 9 years of experience, Digi 5 Studios has proved its productivity by delivering excellent works. The effort put by the experienced workers takes the image to another level.

To put it shortly, it provides 5 types of services namely- Clipping path Services, Photo Retouching, Fashion Photo Retouching, Product Photo retouching, and Automobile photo retouching.

Pricing: It is quite affordable to order from here. It charges only $0.50 for product photo retouching. As for Clipping Path Service, it charges $0.20 per image. 

17. Photza holds experienced editors and a huge number of services and thus it is doing well in the market of photos servicing.  With baby steps of Emma and Noah, in 2012 Photza started its journey. Not only it provides services but also it solves issues related to photos.  

The company mainly focuses on Portrait Retouching, Wedding Photo Editing, and Photo Restoration. It doesn’t come with any portfolio tab but you can look for examples without any trouble on the website.  

Pricing: It charges around $3 to get services for a professional. The service charge may rise to $15 depending on demands.  

18. Phototraces is not only a photo editing blog but also a travel guide. If you are a traveler as well as a photographer then this website is an ideal one for you. 

The services include tutorials of photography basics, lightroom tutorials, HDR photography, Creative Photography, and so on. It also includes a portfolio where you may check beautiful works.  

19. All about

Here you will find all about the photo in a nutshell. Providing services like Equipment Rentals, Photo lab, and Studio Rentals, it simply meets up client’s needs. Also, you can hire photographers from here too. 

The website features Publications, Events, venue, Photographers, Services, and Articles. Click the website and traverse through the mesmerizing photos dealing with different themes. 

20.Clippingpath India

Clippingpath India specializes in providing photo editing services to product photography and eCommerce.

You will be getting high-quality image editing within a short time. The services are mainly- Color Variants and Color changing, Drop shadow services, Image masking services, photo-retouching, Background-removing, clipping path service, Product-photo editing services, and more.

The pricing varies according to the services. No need to worry because the price range is quite affordable. 

Conclusion: Photo editing services reduce stresses for photographers; they can recover the bulk of works within a day. It saves time and ensures expertise.  So, why not seeking any photo editing Service Company?  

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