Best 30+ Work At Home Jobs That Pay Over $12 Per Hour

One of my most loved posts on this blog is the one on work at home occupations paying $10 or more hourly. Since after I wrote that post, I’ve had a couple of individuals tell me they believe that nowadays, even $10 an hour isn’t much cash. While that is still more than the minimum wage in many states, I would concur that it’s not as much reasonable money now as it was ten years ago.
So the post of today is more like a continuation of that post. I’ve made a rundown of those organizations that pay $12 or more hourly. You’ll see a few organizations that might be recognizable from the other post. However, I’ve additionally endeavored to incorporate a few other organizations that are not on the rundown so it won’t be the same list.
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What’s more, in spite of the fact that I’ve done research here making use of Glassdoor and different work at home forums to discover for sure what exactly these companies pay, I can’t promise them. Don’t hesitate to inform me in the comments box if I’ve gotten any of these rates off-base.
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List of Companies Who Offer Work From Home Jobs $12 Per Hour

1. Apple

Work at home chat agent jobs is regularly available for people inside the US at Apple. The pay rate varies consistent with the employee, however, is typically over $12 an hour.

2. Appen Butler Hill

Appen Butler Hill on occasion hires work from home internet seek evaluators. those positions pay a bit over $13 an hour.

3. Blooms Today

This famous floral organization hires seasonal customer support dealers throughout the busy flower-ordering seasons. Pay is typically listed at around $15 an hour.

4. Blue Zebra Appointment Setting

This is B2B calling (cold calling). They pay extraordinarily nicely, typically $15 an hour or more. They do fancy to touch people who’ve involvement in cold calling and appointment putting.


Another company that contracts work from home cold callers. pays amongst $12 and $18 per hour.

6. Carlson Wagonlit Travel

They hardly ever hire faraway tour teachers. The position pays about $15 per 60 mins.

7. Doctors on Demand

Contracts people without a less than two years of involvement in healthcare for consumer aid positions paying among $16 and $18 hourly. This position now not open constantly.

8. eModeration

This company regularly contracts work from home network/social media moderators. They do not list the compensation on their website. However, any person provided a moderator profits for this company on Glassdoor that suggests it is between $15 and $sixteen an hour. This could change whenever.

9. Elevate K12

Continuously has openings for virtual instructors. They pay their online instructors approximately $12 an hour.

10. Executive Scheduling Association

The corporation contracts work at home schedules to plan arrangements for monetary wholesalers. Pay starts at $12 an hour.

11. Extended Presence

This company contracts skilled work at home telemarketers/appointment setters. The fee of remuneration isn’t always recorded. But from the explorations I have done, it is possibly over $12 an hour.


This corporation contracts individuals with experience in counseling and therapy to be “listeners/therapists” for human beings calling looking to speak. Notice it isn’t an emergency or suicide hotline. Pay is $15 per one hour.

13. Hilton Worldwide

Work from home doing phone work for this famous accommodations community. Your pay ought to average among $12 and $15 hourly after education. Most of the time, this organization is most effective hiring mainly US states.

14. Intermedia

This organization has average openings for far-flung technical help internal distinct states inside the US. They pay approximately $18 to their work from home technical assist operators.


That is work from home net index assessment (search engine evaluation). And the organization additionally offers unique styles of work from home positions occasionally too. They pay rate is about $12 per hour.

16. Leapforce

Another faraway internet index evaluation employer (search engine evaluation). The repayment right here is appropriate around $13 hourly.

17. Lionbridge

That is some other truthful search engine assessment agency. They have numerous tasks that pay over $13 an hour.

18. Panda Tree

Work from home mentoring college students in Spanish or Mandarin. The pay rate is about $12+ an hour.


Political outreach calling, project-based work. They pay rate is around $12 an hour.


That is likewise political outreach calling. Whilst they do not make their rate of pay open, I’ve visible some old task postings publicizing it to be around $12 hourly.

21. Paragon Planners

That is cellphone work in which you intend preparations for financial wholesalers. Procure inside $12 and $14 consistent with an hour.

22. PrepNow

That is a company that contracts people to work from home training college students at the SAT, ACT, and Math. Must have been educated in addition to a four-year college degree. The pay rate is about $15 per hour.

23. Red Butler

This corporation has reliable openings for work from home digital collaborators. They pay rate is amongst $12 and $15 hourly.

24. Rosetta Stone

Work from home as a dialect mentor, purchasing about $17 hourly. This is area primarily based paintings with a flexible schedule.

25. SmartBrief

This is a freelance writing position for brief information articles. It’s day-off work based that can pay around $14 hourly.

26. StitchFix

You could work from home as a far-off fashion stylist for StitchFix in wonderful zones. They pay rate is around $15 hourly.


Support has some works at domestic technical assistant positions open. Consistent with Glassdoor, the private innovation expert faraway job will pay on common $13.96 each hour.

28. The ACT

Work from home scoring ACT expositions. At the same time as the reimbursement is performance-primarily based, you can earn $12 an hour or greater.

29. VIPKid

Work from home training primary school age Chinese youngsters in English. The pay rate is about $7 to $9 a lesson with each lesson taking 25 mins.

30. Worldwide 101

This corporation leases work at virtual home aides all over the world. The pay rate ranges from $15 and $20 hourly.

31. The Yeomen

This company robotically employs e-mail bolster reps to work from home (non-telephone). The pay in line with the rumor is among $13 and $18 hourly. This fact originates from Glassdoor anonymous salary reports.

32. Zirtual

This is work from home digital assistance. The corporation as of late near down, but I heard they’re returned and running. I don’t know whether or not they have got backpedaled to enlisting VA’s, but before, the digital colleagues for Zirtual had been supposed you bought among $12 and $13 60 mins.
I will add to this rundown if I can find some more, and as I always urge you to put your comment below if you know of a few organizations paying $12 an hour or more that I could include.

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