9 Online Grocery Shopping and Delivery Sites in Singapore

Grocery shopping is something we all do, irrespective of what age group we are of. Every person that holds a house, does the chores knows the importance of staying in the limits of the budget. Well, Singapore online grocery shopping is tricky for that matter. You probably won’t just conclude that this store is the best for grocery, or that store doesn’t fit all the needs. There are many criterions that you would probably see before finalizing on one.
While there are just so many grocery stores offline, how many of your would give a strong stamp for online sites? Online shopping is now easy, provided the hectic schedules that a lot of us have. With so many things to do, getting ready and going to a store seems just so surreal that we would probably only want to order everything online. For people of Singapore, trusting a store seems a bit too much but here we are with- online grocery shopping Singapore. So we have brought to you the best 9 online grocery shopping stores that have proved, time and again, that they rule the list.

  1. Go fresh : If you absolutely love meat food and flash sales, you are on the right tab. This store has all kinds of flash sales and discount coupons on everything and anything. They exclusively sell meat food and seafood. They have a policy of delivering items within 24 hours that is a day. Also, you will have to shop over $60 to get free delivery charges; or would be asked to pay a minimum delivery charge of $15 on all orders below that amount.
  2. Redmart : ‘SALE’ the name itself has almost every person of Singapore go crazy. But this store handles all of that with class as they usually have more than 30,000 items on sale every day. Who knows, the item you want to buy might even be on sale today and that as well on a price range that is just unbelievable? There is no delivery fee acting on orders above $49. And a minimum fee of $7 would be imposed on the orders below that amount.
  3. Giant Online : If you have a large family or a joint family by your side that you got to shop for- this is the best option. The Giant Online is famous for bulky orders and almost every item available here is made available in large quantities. If you love shopping for an entire month or so, then you should go for this option. They also have giant offers and discounts on all the products year long. They have a minimum fee of delivery acting on all the orders below $59. The minimum delivery fee is of $7.
  4. Eamart : Are you someone who absolutely loves rebate offers? Well, this store is just for you then. They have a minimum of 5% rebate on all the orders above $150/month. All you got to do is to have an Eamart account and they get all your orders stored in here, and the rebate amount gets back to this account every fortnight, after you shop. The fun fact with the online store is that they don’t have any delivery fee on any minimum order. The fact that every order accounts for the rebate has almost all the customers go for bulk orders.
  5. Twenty off : This deserves to be on the top 9 lists of the best grocery stores online in Singapore. The main thing that they cater to all the customers’ needs and wishes has every one drool with their offers. They have a minimum 20% off on the overall bill that a customer makes of. Also, as an add-on; people absolutely love their free delivery charges on all orders policy. Like, imagine having so many benefits all jot down under one roof. Note- This is not FLAT 20% off; but maximum of 20% off on overall bill.
  6. Fairprice on – The myth that all the clearance sales have worn out or expired products is proved wrong by this one firm. The Fairprice on has clearance sale going on every day with flash discounts and flat cutoffs on the price tags of all the items that they have. They also encourage wholesale price market so that their customers enjoy the fair price of any given item. They do have a minimum amount over which they give free delivery. The minimum amount is of $59 and also, the fee they charge for delivery is $7.
  7. Cold Storage Online store : This one is all about organic snacks and fruits and everything cold. As the name suggests, they give off good gourmet price ranges and discounts encouraging more customers to come by and shop at their online store. They also have everything at slashed prices. You probably won’t find the cold storage items that they have here, anywhere else in the super markets offline. They have a minimum shopping policy to avail free delivery. The minimum charge is of $59 and they charge over $7 for all the delivery of the items.
  8. All for you by Sheng Siong : They host everything right from fruits, dry fruits, daily needs, and cold storage items to even electrical appliances. Everything you would need to run a proper kitchen- you will find them all under one roof. Here, at All for you, is everything that is ever needed in the kitchen even for the sake of the appliances. So if you run from one store to another in search of everything for the kitchen (in case you have just moved in), you don’t have to worry at all. All you can do is shop at this online store and avail heavy discounts as well.
  9. Fresh by Honest Bee : They have 70 stores available in Singapore alone. All they encourage is for customer to come along with many partners and merchants as well. They do have a minimum charge policy for free delivery. But they also have heavy discounts going about every alternate day. So if you love having ready-to-eat items for your everyday course of life and to ease out on so many time consuming recipes- This is the best store. They have everything ready to eat items of about more than 500 varieties.

Grocery shopping can be time consuming and also very hectic for the daily course of life. IF you want to save up on time and your savings, both, then online shopping is the best possible option for you. These online grocery shopping sites available in Singapore deliver fast, cheap and best quality items at your doorstep hence saving so much of everything for you.

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