10 Best Sites to Play Geography Games Online

Playing online games is one of the best ways to kill time and enhance your problem-solving ability simultaneously. If you are interested in both geography and online games, then you can explore geography games online. 

In this article, you will learn about 10 awesome websites to play geography games online. This will not only boost your knowledge of Geography but also make you smarter than your friends. 

Therefore, what are you waiting for? Play these top 10 Geography games and use your time wisely. 

1. Globle

Goble is a very interesting game that challenges you by giving you a mystery country every day. You have to guess it right in order to win. Guess what? you won’t get any clues either. You have to use the power of your knowledge and trial and error to get to the right answer. 

There’s one way to know you’re doing the right thing– the darker the color, the closer you are to the right country.  

2. Geotastic

Geotastic is somewhat similar to GeoGuesser but it is free. All you need to do is register and you can play various modes, for example, daily challenges, high score hunts, online ranked, etc. 

You can see real-time street view and you have to solve questions based on that. It is free, however, you have to watch ads for 15 seconds or so to play the game. 

3. Worldle

Don’t confuse it with the popular word game ‘Wordle.’ Worldle is a popular game among geography nerds and is somewhat inspired by Wordle. 

You will get six attempts to guess the country by its shape. If you are unable to guess, it will give you a hint of how far the right country is from your answer.  

This way, you can chisel your geography facts. 

4. Hide and Seek World

Hide and Seek World is an interesting take on geography games. It is one of the best online geography games out there.

It is possible to create your own game or play with Wolly, the mascot. You have to find Wolly who hides in a random location. This is an interesting yet fun game if you think about it. 

5. Citydle 

Citydle is a daily guessing game that is somewhat like Wordle. You have to guess country based on the number of blocks on the screen. If you get it right, it will turn green, if wrong, it will turn red. 

6. Geography Game

As the name suggests, you have to identify the countries on a 3-D map of the world. This is an interesting way of testing you or your young ones knowledge. 

However, there a catch; you ave only there attempts before the algorithm will show you the right answer. You can change it in the advance settings though. 

7. GeoGuesser

Geoguesser has more than 30 million players across the world. It gies you a real time explorer feeling. 

You can take a walk, explore the locality. Based on your guesses and inferences, you can guess the city you are in. Spoiler alert- you can be anywhere from Micronesia to the Greenland. Only the experts will know!

Geoguesser is available on laptops as well as mobile phones (both iOS and Andriod). 

8. Sporcle

Sporcle is a platform for geography trivia lovers who want to to improve or challenge their geography knowledge. 

There are tons of quizzes to choose from. Here, you can locate maps of countries and match countries with their old and new flag. 

This is US centric though. If you want to improve knowledge of various states and their flags, this is the right place to start with. 

9. Maphio 

Maphio is the brainchild of entrepreneur Siimon Sander who came up with Maphio after playing Wordle. 

Here, instead of finding the right name, you have to find the right location. You will get hints in the form of distance and images, and you will find the right answer. 

10. RubyCave

RubyCave is a slightly different game that might you real time anxiety. You have to guess the flag of the country from a list and you will only get 30 seconds for that.

You can create and account and keep a track of your scores and progress as well. 


All the games mentioned above are interactive and interesting. You can play them in your free time to improve your knowledge and brag your friends about it.

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