Top 10 Office Furniture Manufacturers and Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

When it comes to modern & luxury office furniture, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is widely recognized for its thriving business climate; there are many excellent suppliers and manufacturers. These companies are dedicated to meeting the diverse demands of businesses in the area by providing high-quality, fashionable, and ergonomic furniture solutions.

The top 10 manufacturers and suppliers of office furniture in Dubai are leaders in their fields with unblemished reputations for excellence. Modular workstations, ergonomic chairs, executive desks, storage options, and conference tables are just a few of their many products. These companies, which are committed to sustainability, innovation, and customer happiness, are the go-to options for companies looking for high-end office furniture to create motivating and useful workspaces in Dubai’s vibrant metropolis.

1. Home Centre

Home Centre is the one-stop shopping destination for consumers aiming to furnish or redecorate their dwellings. They offer various styles and tastes, varying from contemporary, modern to rustic and traditional. Home Centre concentrates on delivering top-notch products at reasonable prices. Thus, the company is available to an expansive range of consumers.

  • The Home Centre usually provides themed collections as well as seasonal designs to attract customers. Thus, helping them build the required ambiance,
  • The Company is available through physical stores along with an online website.  

2. PAN Emirates

PAN Emirates was developed in the year 1992 and has been growing ever since. Today it is among the leading furniture companies in Dubai, UAE. It is currently running multiple showrooms in the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras AI Khaimah, and Al Ain. The showrooms of PAN Emirates are famous for their diverse products and spacious layouts, satisfying various preferences.

  • Customers can get various designs and styles for different interior themes, like contemporary, modern, rustic, and traditional.
  • In a nutshell, PAN Emirates is famous for its product variety, reasonable pricing, along with their dedication to customer satisfaction.

3. Danube

Danube is another famous office furniture manufacturer and supplier in Dubai, serving a variety of home and office furnishing products. What was once a small trade company has grown into the most known building materials company in the UAE with innumerable branches dispersed across its large canopy with the utmost commitment and love. 

  • The group has increased its presence in the area with a broad portfolio as it grows from stronger to more prominence.
  • Danube has always been taking the tiniest steps and an unwavering belief in providing excellent building supplies for their prized clientele.

4. Marina Home

Marina Home provides a variety of furniture, decor items, and accessories for offices, homes, and other spaces. The company was founded in the year 1997 and has been growing ever since to become a renowned name in Dubai. Marina Home aims to create stylish as well as contemporary designs for a variety of different preferences. One of the strengths of Marina Home is that it focuses on top-quality craftsmanship, and emphasizes the details. 

  • The company works with professional artisans and chooses top-notch quality products. Thus, delivering only durable products.
  • You will find a blend of traditional along with modern elements in the products of the company. Therefore, they offer unique and stylish products.

5. Homes R Us

Homes R Us, established in 2003 is one of the most widely chosen companies for office furniture. The company has thus grown and become the leading retailer in the furniture market in Dubai. Homes R Us provides a vast selection of furniture styles, ranging from modern and contemporary designs to classic and traditional styles. The company is best suited for products like coffee tables, sofas, beds, storage solutions, TV units, lighting fixtures, etc. 

  • Home R Us aims to offer its customers high-quality products at reasonable prices.
  • In addition, you can purchase their goods from their online websites in addition to the many stores they have located throughout Dubai. 

6. Home Box

Home Box is another well-known home decor and office furniture manufacturer in Dubai. The company offers a diverse range of kitchenware, furniture, bedding, home accessories, and other furnishing items. Home Box’s stores are available all across the country. Moreover, they operate through their online websites too. 

  • Home Box wants to provide customers with chic and reasonably priced home solutions in order to satisfy a variety of tastes and budgets. 
  • To give clients who want to furnish or decorate their homes a variety of options, they frequently launch new collections and promotions.


Highmoon is a business with headquarters in Dubai that focuses on producing and distributing premium office furniture, ergonomic items, and interior fit-out solutions. Office workstations, meeting tables, executive desks, seats, especially-made furniture, and storage solutions are just a few of the many things that the company provides.

  • To help clients maximize their workflow and create effective surroundings, Highmoon also offers interior architecture and space planning solutions alongside to their range of goods. 
  • The products of Highmoon are renowned for their dependability, up-to-date design, and meticulousness.

8. Office4U

Office4U is a renowned modern & luxury office furniture supplier in Dubai that focuses on giving customers high-quality products and services. They are renowned for having a large inventory of furniture that is continuously available and can be delivered. Since it might be challenging to choose the ideal office furniture, they provide you with a range of possibilities. 

  • They have couches, chairs, desks, tables, and other furniture. You can locate the ideal office furniture and even personalize it with a selection of materials and colors. 
  • To select the ideal furnishings for your office, visit their store or website.

9. Mr Furniture

The arrangement and style of MR Furniture are specifically made to encourage comfort, creativity, and teamwork. To suit your needs for end-to-end customization, they adhere to a detailed approach. The exceptionally talented, imaginative, and competent team of the firm makes sure to offer excellent results with outstanding quality within the specified time period, facilitating successful teamwork.

  • Create a work environment where people actually thrive by having your office space customized right away.
  • Use MR FURNITURE’s interior design expertise to plan and construct your workplace space effectively.

10. Office Shop 

Office Shop is a leading provider of modern office furniture in Dubai. It is also a top-notch internet furniture retailer. In Dubai, AI Ain, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Um Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah, and throughout the UAE, they manufacture, deliver, & establish. They have two goals in mind. First, to provide their customers the finest quality office furniture while offering the most contemporary designs possible. Second, and perhaps most significant, the planning, choice, and delivery processes should be made easier and more professional. 

  • Office Shop provides a wide range of options available for businesses, organizations, dining establishments, educational institutions, or individuals. 
  • They provide high-quality goods in a variety of styles and color schemes.


1. Which company is best for furniture in Dubai?

Some well-known and renowned furniture companies in Dubai are:

  • Marina Home
  • I design
  • Home Centre
  • PAN Emirates

2. How to choose furniture manufacturers & suppliers?

Some steps to keep in mind are:

  • Profitability
  • Easily acessable
  • Customer Service & After-Sales services
  • Selection of items
  • Marketing

3. What type of chair is best for office work?

Some of the things you must consider prior to buying an office chair are:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Flexible seat heights
  • Lumbar comfort and support
  • Armrests
  • Comfortable seat
  • Mobilty

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