Top 20 Nigerian Bloggers That Are Worth To Follow

Over the last decade blogging as been one of the most popular and profitable online business for Nigerians especially students.

Currently hundreds or millions of Nigerians are professional blogger and they are doing well for themselves and their family financially.

Blogging has help numerous Nigerians to start online home business ideas, it give millions of people to express their mind and also show their talent in the process likewise empower them financially.

There are numerous blogging niche that in Nigeria, currently the most popular blogging niche in Nigeria is music, entertainment news, and fashion other blogging niche including, travel, lifestyle, insurance, real estate, food, and others. 

Now let go straight to the main purpose of this informative article Top 50 Nigerian bloggers that are worth to follow.

1. Linda Ikeji Founder of  Linda Ikeji Blog

Linda Ikeji is the most richest Nigerian blogger currently, she is a former model, writer, and founder of Linda Ikeji Blog, her blog fall into entertainment and news blogging niche. 

Linda Ikeji started her blog in a cyber cafe because she wouldn’t buy a laptop and internet connection fee in 2006, according to her.

Currently her blog is one the most popular in Nigeria.

2. Uche Eze Founder of  BellaNaija

Uche Eze is the founder of BellaNaija, and also an entrepreneur, with Bachelor’s degree in Honours Business Administration (HBA), from the prestigious Ivey School of Business, University of Western Ontario.

BellaNaija is a fashion, and entertainment blog that publish amazing content on wedding style, music, relationship, event, and others.

She founded her blog BellaNaija in 2006.

3. Ademola Ogundele Founder of NotJustOk

Ademola Ogundele is also one of the top 50 Nigerian blogger that are worth to follow.

He is a blogger, writer, and the founder of NotJustOk, a music and entertainment blog, he publish Nigerian and international music, video, lyrics and others, Ademola created NotJustOk in 2006 and currently one of the most visited blog in Nigeria.

4. Omoyele Sowore Founder Of SaharaReporters

Omoyele Sowore is the founder of Sahara Reporters, political activist, SaharaReporters is a news blog they publish politics, education, agriculture, local and international news.

SaharaReporters is a news blog what give accurate information and conspiracy reports about government especially the Nigerian government without fear.

5. Noble Igwe Founder of 360nobs

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Noble Igwe is a blogger, writer and the founder of, 360nobs is an entertainment, and news blog, he publish entertainment, local, international, news and also publish Nigerian and international music and lyrics and video.

6. Makinde Azeez Founder Of Naijaloaded

Makinde Azeez is a blogger, writer and the founder of Naijaloaded, his blog is one of the most popular and visited music blog in Nigeria, Makinde create this blog in 2009.

Naijaloaded is a music blog, he publish both Nigeria and international music, lyrics, video, entertainment news and gossip.

7. Onibalusi Bamidele Founder Of

Onibalusi Bamidele is one of the richest blogger in Nigeria, he is the founder of before he changed it to in 2013.

Bamidele educate Nigerians and  young writer how to start their own blog, search engine optimization SEO, and how to monetize their blog If you want to learn how to become a professional writer then you need to visit Onibalusi Bamidele’s blog.

8. Jide Ogunsanya Founder Of

Jide Ogunsanya is a writer, biologist turned blogger and founder of

Jide Ogunsanya’s blog is all about tech review, make money online, affiliate marketing, business ideas, and others. is one of the most popular blog in Nigeria, especially among youths who want to make money online.

9. Kemi Filani Founder Of

Kemi Filani is one of the most popular blogger in Nigeria over the years, she is a passionate writer and founder of is a news blog, she cover entertainment, lifestyle, politics, local and international news.

10. Adaobi Okonkwo Founder Of

Adaobi Okonkwo is a writer, blogger, YouTuber, and founder of, where she share her food experience, she always teach how to cook various Nigerian meals.

If you want to learn more about cooking especially Nigerian meals then you need to be visit Adaobi’s blog.

11. Chude Jideonwo Founder OF Y!Naija

Chude Jideonwo is an entrepreneur, journalist, and blogger, he is the founder of Y!Naija. 

Y!Naija is an entertainment and news blog, he publish the latest entertainment, politics, education, economy, local and international news daily on Y!Naija.

12. Stella Dimoko Korkus Founder Of

Stella Dimoko Korkus is a Nigerian writer and blogger, she is the founder of, where she always post the latest celebrity, entertainment, politics, education, international and local news.

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13. Loy Okieze Founder Of

Loy Okieze is the founder of Techloy, a tech blog that focus on review different gadget, and also give the latest information latest technology development across the world.

If you want to know the latest technology device and information in the world, then you need to start by visiting this blog frequently.

14. Don Caprio Founder Of

Don Caprio is a Nigerian blogger, website designer and the founder of

Don Caprio create helpful content on coding, tech, blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, and other related content, is currently one of the most popular blog in Nigeria with over 10,000 newsletter subscribers and counting.

15. Sisi Yemmie Founder Of SisiYemmie.Com

Sisi Yemmie is a writer, blogger and founder of SisiYemmie.Com, she published beauty, style, relationship, food and other related content on her blog.

Yemmie has won numerous awards over the years, she is one of the best popular beauty blogger in Nigeria, if you need the latest information about fashion and beauty then you need to check our her blog.

16. Arinze Obikili Founder Of

Arinze Obikili is a writer, blogger, social media expert, and softwares engineer, Who was born in Jos. Arinze Obikili is the founder of is one of the best and most popular music blog in Nigeria over the years and still one of the best after Naijaloaded, is a music and entertainment blog, if you need the latest music, lyrics, music video, both local and international, celebrity gossips and other news then you must visit

17. Duncan Sotubo Founder Of

Duncan Sotubo is a writer blogger, entrepreneur, and founder of is one of the best and most popular music blog in Nigeria over the years and still one of the best after Naijaloaded. is a music and entertainment blog, if you need the latest music, lyrics, music video, both local and international, celebrity gossips, travel, economy, and other news then you must visit

18. Japheth Joshua Omojuwa Founder Of

Japheth Joshua Omojuwa is a Nigerian writer, activist, political commentator. blogger and founder of, he started his blog in 2009.

He publish politics news on his blog and other related issues in Nigeria, is currently one of the best Nigerian politics news blog currently.

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If you want to more about the Nigerian government and other issues in Nigeria then you need to check out

19. Laila Ijeoma Founder Of

Laila Ijeoma is a Nigerian writer, blogger and founder of, Lailas love to share the latest news about fashion, beauty, politician, lifestyle, local and international news. is one of the most popular blog in currently and other countries of the world including United States, Canada and United Kingdom.

20. Ayeni Adekunle Samuel Founder Of

Ayeni Adekunle Samuel is a Nigerian writer, passionate blogger and founder of, and he is the last on my list for Nigerian blogger that are worth to follow.

He publish the latest news on fashion, beauty, education, lifestyle, politics,  international, local and other news for Nigerians and also for people who live in another countries.

21. Valentine Okoronkwo From Passive Secrets

Valentine Okoronkwo is a full time digital marketer, blogger, SEO and founder of Passive Secrets.

Passive Secrets is where he shares his latest insights on his best online marketing tools and resources.

Valentine launched his blog in 2018. If you are interested to learn about the best tools and resources that help create and grow passive income systems online, then you should check out his blog.


These are the list for Nigerian blogger that are worth of follow, all the bloggers that are included in this article, has made huge impact for themselves and for Nigeria as a whole before they put 

NOTE: All the monthly traffic are organic traffic only not included referral, social media and others source of web traffic

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