Top 22 FREE Movie Streaming Apps for Android & iOS Users

Are you a hardcore movie fan and searching for a way to stream movies online for free? You’ve come to the right place – given below is a comprehensive list of the best free movie apps for Android and every one of them is full of unique features.
Some of those Android apps to watch free movies present you with a massive collection of films and TV seasons whereas other ones offer the option of storing them locally for offline usage.

What’s a Movie App

Before going to the list of Top Ten Android apps to watch free movies online, you may need to clear out your concept about “what’s a movie app” and “how does it work”?
A movie app is an application that works on a streaming script for receiving and sending of the digital media to a device online or offline. As it is generally light-weight – a user can enjoy videos with even a slow internet connection; download for watching later or save them for offline mode.

Top 10 Android Apps to Watch Free Movies (Android & iOS)

In order to help you enjoy the recreational content, there are few apps that are proved to be useful. So, without any further thing to talk about, let’s check out the list of ten of the best free movie streaming applications for Android.
Most of the apps that are listed here are available on the Google Play Store and those which you can’t find there can be quickly downloaded from the links given with each of them.

1- Showbox – unlimited movies and TV series

It is right to say that Showbox is the most popular movie streaming app that comes totally free of cost. Apart from movies, the app also offers reality shows, TV series and what not! All the latest films and TV seasons can be found here and again – it provides full HD content to the high-end devices.
Key features of Showbox include:
– No need to create any kind of account or logging in
– An elegant UI design and a user-friendly navigation system
– Option to store movies for offline use
– Selection for fast forwarding, rewinding and so on
– Subtitles for the available content
– Ability to filter the search with so many options like genre, year, etc.
Overall, the app makes a great alternative to subscription-based streaming platforms such as Netflix.
Showbox is not available to download at the Play Store – but you can simply download and install the apk file of this best free movie app from the link below and enjoy the experience.

2- Crackle – Free TV & Movies

This is a widely used free application which covers an extended range of films and TV shows. Crackle displays videos in high-definition that can be played smoothly without any complications.
Crackle runs smoothly on both Android and iOS devices and doesn’t need any subscription or money to watch its content.
Key features in Crackle include:
– Beautiful user interface and quick navigation controls
– A section called “What’s On Now” through which you can search the Spotlight Channel on the app
– “Watch later” list to save videos for offline play
– Quik to load captions for all the movies and TV shows
– A great library of Original Content which is free to watch
Crackle can be easily downloaded both from the Play Store and the free APK link here.

3- Tubi TV – Thousands of TV & Movies

Tubi TV is yet another app to stream your favorite recreational content for free. The app allows for free streaming of movies and TV shows from an extensive library without ever paying a single penny.
Tubi TV doesn’t require any credit card details and it provides you access to various movies of varying genres like action, comedy, romance, adventure and so on.
Key features in Tubi TV include:
– Latest collection of films and series
– HD streaming as well as other resolutions
– Support for Xbox and smart TVs
– A vast library of Korean movies and other documentaries.
Overall, the app is completely legal and it can be found in the Play Store and from the link here.

4- MegaBox HD – Stream or Download HD Movies

MegaBox HD is obviously one of the best free movie apps for Android. It presents a huge stock of free TV shows and films for its users. The app runs smoothly on any system as it uses the very limited amount of resources of a device.
Key features in MegaBox HD include:
– Sophisticated user-interface and simple navigation system
– Option to choose from 360p, 720p, and even 1080p formats
– Ability to “favorite” a movie to watch it later
– No annoying ads during play
– Subtitles for movies that are of great use
– Opportunity to download a movie in the mobile-storage.
MegaBox HD is among the best free movie streaming apps, but due to Google’s Policies, it cannot be included in the Google Play Store. However, you can simply download the apk file from the “link” below and get into this free content streaming app.

5- Terrarium TV – Movies & TV Shows

Terrarium TV is by far the most loved non-legal free movie application for Android with a surprisingly large number of users. The app is full of HD shows and movies to stream without any cost.
Key features of Terrarium TV include:
– Clean and easy-to-understand interface
– Option for bookmarking your favorite movies
– Subtitles of various languages
– Support for Chromecast and Fire TV
– Cloud-based service
As you guess, this app is not available in the Play Store. You can download the apk file from the “link” below and enjoy this great free movie streaming app.

6- Popcorn Time – Movies & TV Shows

Popcorn Time is an all-time appealing free movie app for Android and it is totally free. The way this app streams movie is a bit different from the rest of the streaming apps. What it does is it takes the torrent file and begins streaming the content right away.
Key features of Popcorn Time include:
– Graceful material design and user-friendly controls
– An enormous library of fun content
– Ability to download files while streaming directly from the magnet links
– Subtitles of different styles
– A “favorite” feature that lets you create a list of favorite content to watch it later
– Bookmarking to bookmark the desired shows and movies
– Compatibility with Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS and Linux platforms.
Popcorn Time isn’t available in the Google Play Store, but you can download the apk file from “link” button here.

7- Movie Box – New Way of Watching Movies

Another of the top ten Android apps to watch free movies – Movie Box is highly similar to Showbox but still contains some upsides like it keeps up with the updates in a rather fast manner.
Key features of Movie Box include:
– Updates in a rather fast manner
– Large files of movies and TV seasons that are totally free to watch
– Simple and quickly understandable interface
Overall, Movie Box functions properly and serves its purpose of delivering uninterrupted streaming of your favorite films and TV shows beautifully. It can be downloaded as an apk file from the “link” below.

8- TeaTV – Free TV shows & Movies

TeaTV is another free movie streaming app for Android, and guess what? It’s a full-featured application that has a massive collection of popular as well as the latest films and television shows.
TeaTV runs smoothly on Android 4.4 and above. Its developers are never lethargic to make new updates and improvements to give you the most fun experience.
Key features of TeaTV include:
– Material design with a fast navigation system
– Option to play videos in 1080p format
– Subtitles for over 50 languages
– Cam version of movies as soon as they get out
TeaTV in apk file is available to download via “link” here.

9- CinemaBox – HD Movies & TV Shows

CinemaBox is another worldwide popular free movie app for Android. The app is very much identical to Showbox, and it is very flexible to use and contains a range of useful properties.
Key features of CinemaBox include:
– A rich amount of HD contents
– A wide range of subtitles files
– User-friendly and bug-free interface
– Options for parental control
– Freedom to download and store files for later watch
– Regular updates for the latest pieces of movie & drama
CinemaBox can’t locate in the Google Play Store – but you can get and install the apk file from here.

10- PopcornFlix – Free TV & Movies

PopcornFlix is another highly popular app to watch free recreational content. The app is a production of Screen Media Films that offers full-length free films, television seasons and even original shows. One can watch all these without spending a single cent.
Key features of PopcornFlix include:
– A huge repository full of popular fun content
– No account creation
– Different movie genres such as Drama, Horror, Action, Adventure, Romance, Sci-Fi and so on
– An elegant UI design with easily understandable options
– Constant updates to its feed to present you with all the latest shows and films.
PopcornFlix is completely legal and is available on both the Play Store and the iTunes store. The apk file of this free content streaming app is available via the “link” button below.

11- 123Movies – Free Movies Stream

Much like other top apps in the list of top ten movie streaming, 123Movies is also set to allow you access to full-fledged movies at the luxury of your fingertips. By using it, you can enjoy watching the following things:
– Different genres of movies, with numerous download options under a single platform
– It avoids you from clicking any malicious links while you’re searching for your favorite movies. Instead, it automatically gets to you to the genuine link
– Serves as a boon for the people living in remote areas, and can’t pay for the paid version of different movies downloading apps.

Top 10 Android apps to watch & download free movies
1. Showbox  – unlimited movies and TV shows
2. Crackle – free TV & movies
3. Tubi TV – thousands of movies & tv shows
4. MegaBox HD – stream download HD movies
5. Terrarium TV – films & TV shows
6. Popcorn Time – movies & TV shows
7. Movie Box – New way of wathching movies
8. TeaTV – free TV shows & movies
9. CinemaBox – HD films & TV shows
10. PopcornFlix – Free TV & movies

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