Top 10 Motivational Speakers in Pakistan

The need for motivational speakers can never be underestimated, and sometimes their sessions can be life-changing. Motivational speakers help us connect with ourselves; they help us change our perspective towards things for the better, re-do our habits, and much more. Moreover, they even help us reshape our understanding of life. They help us see things with more clarity. Therefore, motivational speakers guide us toward a fulfilling and happier life. In this article, we have talked about some of the best motivational speakers in Pakistan that can help you find what you are looking for in life.

1. Qasim Ali Shah

Qasim Ali Shah has to be the first one to be talked about whenever it comes to the best motivational speakers. He is well known for his incredible sessions with the public that has changed the lives of many. Qasim Ali Shah is not just a motivational speaker but also has gained popularity for his excellent work in public speaking, writing, and even teaching.

  • He is well-known among the audience of all ages for delivering the best possible lectures.
  • Qasim Ali belongs to a small town in Gujrat, Punjab.
  • Some of his amazing books are Apni Talash, Zara Num Ho, and Bari Manzil Ka Musafir.

2. Qaiser Abbas

Next to the list of famous motivational speakers in Pakistanis Qaiser Abbas. He is well-known among the people of Pakistan for his commendable skills as a motivational speaker as well as a successful life coach. Moreover, his work has gained appreciation from gurus across the World, like Tony Buzan, Marshal Gold Smith, and Dave Ulrich. Qaiser’s work in “ Tick Tick Dollar” has gained massive love from the audience.

  • He has written many amazing books and his life’s motto is to help people live a fulfilling life.
  • Some of his masterpieces involve Sir Utha Kay Jiyo, Outclass Team, Shabash Tum Kar Sakty Ho, etc.

3. Umair Jaliawala

Umair Jaliawala is not just a motivational speaker but also a trainer and an entrepreneur. He has been serving as a motivational speaker ever since he was 17 years old. Umair has worked with a number of students, helping them change their lives. He has also worked with social workers, entrepreneurs, and a large number of the public, belonging to diversified professions. Therefore, he acknowledges the strength that lies in human connections and praises it.

  • Umair Jaliawala has his areas of specialization.
  • Some of them include Business Transformation, Integration, Growth Strategy, and Restriction and Turnaround.

4. Hammad Safi

Another great name in the list of motivational speakers in Pakistan is Hammad Safi. The most surprising thing about Hammad is his age. He has achieved great fame at the age of only 11. Therefore, he is the youngest on the list of motivational speakers and not just in Pakistan but all across the World.

  • Hammad is often regarded as the Nanha professor.
  • He regards himself as an inspirational speaker rather than a motivational speaker.
  • He has been inspiring people through his writings and blogs.

5. Shaykh Atif Ahmed

Shaykh Atuf is handling many responsibilities along with being the top motivational speaker. He is serving as the CEO at AL-MIDRAR Institute and is successfully delivering lectures on the management of science. Moreover, he is also helping people who need motivation in life.

  • Shaykh Atif Ahmed has completed his studies at Huston University.
  • He is an amazing guide toward spirituality as well.

6. Fahad Khan

Along with being a renowned name among motivational speakers, Fahad is also an entrepreneur, a life coach, the CEO of a Canadian Company, and a consultant. Fahad has delivered some of the best TED talks that are famous all across the world. He mainly focuses on the youth and delivers great lectures to motivate them to be better at life.

  • Fahad Khan is working towards his goal to reshape and re-design young minds and thus help them to build better lives for themselves and their families.
  • Khan helps people recognize their inner potential and use it to live a better life.

7. Javed Chaudhary

Javed is well-known for his hosting in “Kal Tak”, but apart from being a host, he is also an amazing Youtuber, writer, and journalist. Javed has been motivating the people of Pakistan for more than 2 decades now. Therefore, his experience says a lot about the efforts he puts into his work.

  • Javed Chaudhary helps people in their respective journeys toward self-discovery.
  •  Hence, he is a great guide that has been delivering great services.

8. Dr. Javed Iqbal

Dr. Javed gained popularity ever since his motivating videos went viral on TikTok. Moreover, his work in the famous book Operative Surgery has received immense love from the audience. Therefore, Dr. Iqbal has a massive amount of people following him on social media platforms.

  • He has helped many people seek what they have been looking for and hence, people love him for his work.
  • Dr. Javed is also known for his massive contributions toward the improvement of medical conditions in the country.

9. Salman Asif Siddiqui

Salman Asif has been serving the audience with his motivational sessions for as long as two decades now. Moreover, along with being a motivational speaker, he is also a counselor and a trainer. Salman Asif has written as many as 40 books and he also shows his presence in international seminars and organizations.

  • Asif Siddiqui is highly experienced and qualified in his field of expertise.
  • He is also a famous trainer and thus guides many teachers from all across the world.

10. Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari is not just famous in Pakistan but she is known all across the world. She is famous for her inspirational TED talks and her journey throughout her life. No matter how hard her life got, she has always managed to stand back up and show the world that you are enough for yourself.

  • Along with being a great motivational speaker, Muniba is also an amazing singer, YouTuber, musician, and anchor.
  • Muniba Mazari has a massive list of followers from all over the world.
  • She is among thebest female motivational speakers in Pakistan.


1. Who is the best motivational speaker in Pakistan?

  • Qasir Abbas
  • Qasim Ali Shah
  • Dr. Javed Iqbal
  • Umai Jaliawala

2. Who is World’s Top motivational speaker from Pakistan?

  • Les Brown.
  • Qasir Abbas
  • Dr. Javed Iqbal

3. What is the Income of a motivational speaker in Pakistan?

  • Fresh speakers with at least up to three years of experience earn a salary of Rs. 50,000 -60,000, per session, on average.
  • An experienced speaker can earn up to Rs. 90,000-1,000,00 per session.

4. Who is the world’s best motivational speaker in Asia?

  • Alisa Camplin
  • David Lim
  • John Wood
  • Li Cunxin

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