Top 30 Motivational Speakers in Australia

Don’t be fooled. Motivational speakers are just human beings like us. They just happen to have some skills and experience that sets them apart from their peers. It’s inspiring to think about what ordinary people can achieve.  

Perhaps the most obvious thing that a motivational speaker has that ordinary folk do not is their advanced communication skills. And maybe the other one is their body language – ever seen a motivational speaker that doesn’t exude confidence? It’s impossible not to feel encouraged and stimulated by their words. They have an innate ability to fill hearts with courage, confidence and hope for the future. 

In absence of a mentor, just listening to an inspirational speaker can motivate you to want to accomplish more in life and reach your full potential. Then there’s that magic that comes with feeling like nothing is impossible as long as you keep your eye on your goals, no matter what.

There are so many motivational speakers who are trying to change the world with their words – brimming with purpose and determination. They shape the lives of millions of people by instilling motivation and encouragement in their audience. 

Read on to discover the top 30 motivational speakers in Australia. Let’s dive in and discover how these motivational speakers have changed the lives of so many people.

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1.      Nick Vujicic : An Australian-American by birth, Nick was born without his legs and arms. After facing years of bleakness and bullying, Nick has emerged as a motivational speaker across the globe. He is an anti-bullying advocate and travels around the world speaking to millions. Nick has changed the lives of many with his inspiring story of courage.

2.    Melissa How: The founder of Marketing Wise, Melissa is known for her unparalleled expertise in Commerce and Entrepreneurship. Her work in digital transformation has helped numerous organisations to accomplish their business goals. One of the most sought-after mentors in Australia, Melissa How, believes in empowering others with her motivational words. She uses her knowledge and confidence to mark an impact on her audience’s minds and what they can achieve in business. 

3.     Sam Cawthorn: Sam is a leading motivational speaker, and author of 11 books. In 2006, Sam met with a horrible tragedy that left him disabled. But Sam overcame his disability and turned out to be an inspirational speaker. With exceptional communication skills, he is one of the most popular professional speakers across the world.

4.     Warren Macdonald: Warren’s inspirational story dates back to April 1997, when he got trapped under a one-ton boulder. Unfortunately, he needed to get his legs amputated at mid-thigh. But his disability did not prevent him from climbing and exploring different mountain peaks. Warren helps people to be resilient. He aims at fostering a mindset shift among his listeners.

5.     Daniel Bull: Daniel is a highly sought-after and engaging motivational speaker who uses his speaking skills to help people build resilience. His words have inspired many. His relatable stories and authentic stage presence keep spectators entertained. His words are inspiring, impactful and optimistic.

6.     Eric Bailey: Former professional basketball player turned motivational speaker, Eric, articulates dedication and purpose. He wants you to settle down for nothing less than your biggest dreams. He has an exceptional understanding of humanity, as well as an ability to stimulate individuals and professionals alike.

7.      Jason McCartney: The former Australian footballer survived the terrible Bali Bombings back in 2002. He suffered dreadful burns and yet returned to AFL football. He speaks about his ordeal and helps people understand that nothing is impossible. His words are powerful and strong and attract the attention of the audience.

8.     Eve Ash: Eve Ash is a leading motivational speaker who finds opportunities in problematic situations as well. An author and creative psychologist by profession, Eve helps her audience to develop a positive mindset. Every individual can learn a lot from her words, be it a marketing expert, a medical professional or a student.

9.     Tom O’Toole: A baker by profession, Tom O’Toole has inspired many with his motivational talks. Tom is passionate about motivating people and helping them accomplish their dreams. His natural and witty words make him extremely popular among the audience. Tom hails from a poor family but is now the owner of Beechworth Bakery, a top-selling bakery in Australia.

10.  Ross Dawson: Dawson believes that we can easily create our future. He helps his audience with enriching, practical insights. Ross teaches how to seize the moments and make the most out of any situation. He has delivered power-packed motivational speeches in over 30 nations.

11.   Janine Shepherd: Janine helps her audience to discover their real potential, the actual purpose of life. She is a Certified Speaking Professional and is globally recognised for her oration skills. She is also known as the “Architect of Change.”

12.   Terry Kennedy: Terry Kennedy has witnessed multiple tragedies in his life, and coming out of those ordeals indeed takes great courage and resilience. He started his journey as a motivational speaker in 2013. He inspires people by telling them about the adversities he has faced in life. He believes that the circumstances which are not under your control should not affect your targets or purpose in life.

13.   Anne Sargeant: A retired netball player and sports commentator by profession, Anne has transformed multiple lives with her motivational speeches. Her public speaking skills garnered her the prestigious Communicator of the Year award (1992).

14.   Nik Halik: Fighting against chronic asthma and allergic reactions through his entire childhood, Nik came out as an ultra rich entrepreneur. His never-ending thirst for adventure turned him into a civilian astronaut. Through his words, Nik motivates people to live a blissful life. He shares his financial knowledge and inspiring life stories with his audience.

15.   Susan Powter: Susan Powter is a fitness enthusiast who helps people with a healthy lifestyle. She is an internationally-known fitness expert and motivates people to opt for a healthy and fit lifestyle. She connects with millions of people globally and shares her proven approach towards accomplishing a healthy body and mind.

16.   Mark Bunn: Mark is an entertaining and high-voltage motivational speaker. He guides his spectators towards delivering better work performance and leads a blissful and satisfying life. His words of wisdom can instil faith even in the weakest of hearts.

17.   Julia Gillard AC: The 27th Prime Minister of Australia believes that bringing reformation and empowering people is the right thing to do. She motivates people to embrace changes that are meant to bring betterment.

18.  John Maclean: John has left his wheelchair long ago and commenced the journey of encouraging others. He accomplished multiple titles as a wheelchair athlete but finally left it behind with sheer determination and willpower. His words are filled with optimism, hope, faith and strong determination.

19.   Lorraine Kember: Kember lost her husband to mesothelioma and now creates awareness about the dangers you get yourself into by exposing yourself too much to asbestos. She has been a leading speaker on George Negus Tonight, Australian Broadcasting Corporation Radio National and so on. She speaks about her experience and enlightens people about the fatalities of mesothelioma.

20.  Pat Farmer: Pat Farmer is dedicated to helping humanity through his passionate words. He ignites the willpower in each of his audience and states that each of us has the ability to accomplish whatever we want to.

21.   Taryn Brumfitt: Taryn uses her professional and personal experience and delivers power-packed speeches in niches like body image, leadership, social change etc. She is one of the most in-demand motivational speakers around the world.

22.  Hannah Mouncey: Hannah specialises in mental health issues and gender diversity. She is a member of the LGBTQI community and speaks about the various struggles faced by transgenders. She supports and encourages transgender people and keep them motivated with her words.

23.  Tammy van Wisse: Her words exude inspiration. She enlightens her audience with her never-say-die attitude. Her words are not just inspiring but entertaining as well. She teaches her audience to overcome their obstacles easily.

24.  Matthew Kelly: Kelly started speaking at the tender age of 19. He has travelled to over 50 countries delivering speeches. He has dedicated his life to helping people to lead their best lives.

25.  Brad Smith: A former motocross rider, Brad Smith, helps people with being persistent. He entertains and guides his audience with his stories of setbacks, failures, and persistence.

26.  Jason T Smith: A dynamic businessman, John pours in his energy and lifetime experience in all his speeches. He inspires his audience with his relatable stories. He has a prolific storytelling capability.

27.  Shelley Taylor Smith: Shelley has a strong mind and willpower, using which she has overcome multiple deadly diseases. She enlightens her audience towards mental strength and spreads optimism with her words.

28.  Allan Pease: Pease teaches his audience to live a vibrant and joyful life devoid of any restrictions and limitations. Allan specialises in human communication, psychology and relationships.

29.  Grace Tame: Grace, a rape victim herself, has dedicated her life towards the prohibition of child sexual abuse. With her passionate and fiery words, she wishes to bring a positive change to the world.

30.  Ita Buttrose: Ita Buttrose sees life’s limitations as something which we put ourselves into. She encourages people to overcome the hurdles in life by maintaining a positive mindset.

At a time where humanity is more challenged than ever, it is safe to say we have never needed inspiration more than now. It is with hope in our hearts that we can all keep moving towards our purpose, whether it is in our business, professional and personal lives. No matter how broken you feel, a few words of motivation can work wonders to ignite passion and enthusiasm again. 

These top 30 motivational speakers in Australia are motivating people around the world to overcome obstacles, and achieve their goals and dreams. Seek them out and take inspiration from their words. Take control amidst the chaos and confusion. With a little guidance and inspiration, you can lead a full and gratifying life regardless of what life throws your way.

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