How To Make Your Ecommerce Site SEO Friendly

One of the key feature to run a successful ecommerce business is to research and implement a perfect solution which in turn makes your ecommerce site successful.
Ecommerce market is highly competitive so that it is very important for all ecommerce business owners to properly optimize their ecommerce site for search engines which helps you to stay ahead of your competitor on the web.
If at all you plan to sell any product or services through the internet you need to defintely make sure that people can actually find you. Even if you have a good site with good products if people cannot find your website in first page of people then it will be useless to have such a website.

Below are some of the tips which makes your ecommerce site SEO friendly

1 Domain Name

You must carefully choose your domain names you must give preference to your brand domain name rather than choosing keyword based domain name. Keyword based domain actually got ranked well before but after EMD updates by google it is not the same case now so better give preference to brand domain name.

2 Hosting

Domain Hosting is also a vital part to develop a SEO friendly e­commerce site. Do not opt for short term based domain hosting. Whenever you book your hosting you need to opt for long term hosting so that your domain will not expire in short time period.

3 SEO­friendly URL’s

The Ecommerce site you own should always support a keyword rich URLs which have a good impact in search engine rankings. SEO­friendly URLs are really important for attaining a good position in search engine results rankings.

4 Canonical URLs

Canonical URLs are the one which instructs search engines which is your original URL. When your site has multiple pages with same content then you are likely to provide canonical URL so that search engines will not be confused about your original page.

5 301 Redirection

If you own an ecommerce site then it is definetely important to make 301 redirection in your site. Ecommerce site might change and delete the pages frequently. This 301 redirection allows yourcustomers to redirect to new pages.
In other words we can say that 301 redirection is a permanent redirection from one URL to other so that you will never loose visitors who land at your deleted page.

6 XML Sitemap

XML sitemap helps search engines to navigate your webpages easily. Without any hindrances search engines like Google, Yahoo etc., can crawl your website easily with the help of XML sitemap. Search engines will crawl, read and index your pages very fast if you have XML sitemap.

7 Robots.txt

Robots.txt helps you to direct search engines on which directories and webpages you do not like to be crawled by serach engines.

8 W3C Validation

W3C Validation helps you to check out the markup validity of your webpages. This lists all the errors of your site which you need to make sure on clearing those so that it is easy for the search engines to crawl your site.

9 Site Loading Time

You need to make sure that your site loads very fast. If you have a slow loading site then there will be a chance for you to loose your visitors , site ranking etc., If you avoid lot of images, javascripts codes, iframe etc you can definetely speed up your site laoding time.

10 Meta Tags

Meta tags are one of the important and unavoidable factor in making your site SEO friendly. With the help of these Meta Tags you can provide complete information about your products which will be very easy for search engines to understand your site.

11 Header Tags

Header Tags are important as it helps search engines to understand about your page in better manner. You need to input your keywords in Header Tags and this helps you to boost your rankings in SERP.

12 Alt tag

If you use Images in your webpages then it is very important for you to add Alt tag to your Images. If you do not use Alt tag for Images then it will be difficult for search engines to understand your images.

13 Product Page Optimization

It is a vital part to optimize your product page in order to create a SEO friendly ecommerce site. You need to create a proper product page with all necessary details such as price, good content, related products, bold keywords etc.,

14 Navigation Structure

You need to incorporate a search engine friendly navigation structure in order to make your ecommerce site SEO friendly. Searche engines will index all your pages only if it can crawl your navigation structure easily.

15 Google Analytics Code Implementation

You can track your website performance using google analytics. It provides a detail statistics about number of visitors and pageviews of your website. It is completely free and works best for all small to big level of websites.

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