How to Make Money Online Doing Surveys – 10 Online Surveys for Cash

If you are a virtual animal, you are simply at the right place. A computer and a data connection are well enough to make some extra cash sitting at home. There are hundreds of platforms that have come up with online surveys which an individual can fill in and earn bucks. Of course, with all the efforts, you just cannot expect fast money & earn a huge salary. Patience is what one ought to have to make the whole set up functional. Anyway, there is no denial that you can earn 50-150 $ a month or maybe lucky enough to earn freebies with out much efforts.
Appended are some tips that make you get set going through this whole journey of making money with online surveys.

How can you earn money from surveys?

Now how can you get paid for online surveys. Well , lots of scam surveys are out there. But there are also many clean legitimate sites through which you can get paid to take surveys. The key game is to do it properly, here are 10 success tips that can help you to making money from surveys

  1. Get qualified for completing online surveys: The surveyors basically hunt for people who may not necessarily be people in the age group of 20-30.They might also want people from the 40+ group. For instance, there are fields like “Employment Status” & “Annual Household Income” which are quite tricky and should be filled up smartly.
  2. Complete your basic details in an apt manner: While you do all this some surveyors may flash in screener questions which we tend to ignore. On the contrary, this should be answered without any hesitation, since there is a reason. This is owing to the fact that the surveyor would want to check the maximum information that you have given him so that they can assign you more and more surveys. The demographic slab enables you to be eligible to get more and more surveys.
  3. Be Cautious: Always keep a check on your e-mail & site for survey prospects. Some companies do offer surveys at a large. Researching and finding our multiple sites will give you hands on & fetch a greater load to work upon. In this way you earn more. Rather than just sticking on to one particular site opening up other options is a great idea. Getting volume is one thing, but managing it is equally important. Changing your current mail settings, getting a notification tone which is loud enough to signal the incoming survey or to set up a priority inbox will work wonders and make you spontaneous enough to work upon the surveys.
  4. Make the Right choice: Once you deal with a pretty good volume of surveys, be choosier. Choose the surveys which pay you more as well as which make the best use of your time. Then you can proceed with the rest after completing this.
  5. Pre-Paid is not the word: Some companies do ask a small registration fee upright. Paying that won’t actually makes a difference, the amount is kept so low that people do fall in the trap of paying up. And yes, there are huge chances of companies like these being fraud and offering no work at all. It is hence suggested to go through the terms & conditions, company payment policies & FAQ’s. If you feel something is fishy do check the web for the company information and just keep away from these phishing & scamming sites.
  6. Create a specific account: This will make you concentrate totally on the online survey stuff. Creating a new E-mail account dedicated for this work can keep the junk and phishing mails out of your inbox and thus help you to receive only the viable E-mails. This will save a lot if your time rather than unnecessary keep sorting the spam and non-spam mails.
  7. Check the ratings: Go for creditable sites which have good ratings. Like for instance, BigSpot or GetPaidSurvey, which enable members to rank and rate the companies that they have worked for. It is not advisable to trust the testimonials or reviews since they are some marketing techniques undertaken by the site owners who themselves post the reviews.
  8. Register with accredited companies: Registering with the right company is also important. The site will ask the basic information like your name, address, gender, occupation. Then you will be redirected to PayPal account where you receive your money which is associated with the e-mail address. Review the terms and conditions carefully to be secure.
  9. Check the age criteria: Some sites offer the surveys under parental guidance. So just go through the terms and conditions to get a hang of it. Scrutinize the policies carefully just to be sure of your eligibility.
  10. Review the minimum payout amount: People do get attracted to online work. But, with all this excitement they miss checking out this point. Of course, every site claims to offer a huge amount, but what is more important is that one needs to go through every nook and corner of the information available. Go through the minimum amount criteria to check the withdrawal terms. This becomes very important for you to analyze the volume of surveys you can take up and earn as per your personal target. If the minimum payout is high value, then it makes no sense working hard for getting money. A shorter payout both in terms of value & time is advisable.

 10 best paid survey sites to make money doing surveys

Ok, we’ve read how we can do surveys for money. Now what all are the best paid survey sites? Let’s have a look. There are some top rated programs which assist in money making with the online surveys. These are as under:
1. Inbox Dollars: It is a site which offers free registration & joining. It offers cash for taking up surveys. You just have to sign up and register yourself. Taking up surveys can fit into your time, lifestyle & schedule. A sign up bonus immediately gets credited to your account as soon as you join.
2. SwagBucks: This is one of the most popular sites which pay PayPal cash, SwagBuck& retail gift cards on your online survey completion. The SwagBuck can then be redeemed for gift cards which one can utilize to shop across various platforms.  SwagBucks application is now available on I phone & android phones in the U.S. to make it easily and widely accessible to users.
Rewards offered: Vouchers, Prize draws, cash
Per survey Payout Slab: 40p
3. MySurvey: It is a great website to earn money from surveys way better than vexatious sites. Some of the salient features of MySurvey are:

  1. It provides rewards through PayPal transfer, Amazon retail cards, direct cash & several other gifting cards.
  2. A turnaround time of 4-8 weeks to process the payment based on the reward method.
  3. Point based framework enables the conversion of points into other prizes or even cash.
  4. There is a perfect mix of surveys short and long, short surveys take just 5 minutes. The average survey has been dedicated 1000 points.
  5. Surveys are quite interesting and innovative.

4. Toluna Is one of the most amusing sites. It is an open site wherein a customer can voice their opinion and give feedback, advice to the leading brands and earn rewards. You can let the world know what you think and share common thoughts. Rewards are offered when you take up the surveys. Rewards are in the form of points which can be then redeemed for cool stuff like gadgets, vouchers, getaways etc. There is one more feature of Toluna i.e. Gifties. It is a cool scratch game which allows the exchange of points for these contests. Every Gifties does have a gift; it is just that you need to check if you are the winner. A random lucky draw may make you eligible & make you the winner! One interesting thing is that you can play this with your followers and friends.
Rewards offered: Prize draws, Amazon vouchers, Freebies
Per survey Payout Slab: 3,000 – 6,000 points (For 80,000 points you get £15 voucher)
5. Pinecone research: It is among the newest super jock in this quick saturating online survey market. It has not taken much time to offer a cut throat competition to the opponents. It is extremely beneficial for both the companies which are doing business as well as the participants of various surveys. To make it more concentrated Pinecone research focuses on customer input and consumption research as compared to the other websites. Additionally the site adheres to strict privacy policies wherein the member’s data is kept absolutely confidential. So you may not worry about your personal information getting leaked. This is because the third party gets access to the results of the submitted surveys. Also the panel assures that the site members will not be obligated to make any purchases from the companies. Also the membership is through invitation only (the database is either from the referrals or through the current members) which is quite a unique way of the membership database. Payment is done via cash, PayPal or prepaid credit card. Currently members are credited with points which can be converted into rewards and cash based on the member’s preference. Payment processing timeframe is usually the next day of taking the survey which is very fast.
Rewards offered: Free Samples
Per survey Payout Slab: £3
6. Survey Bods: The surveys generally take 10 minutes to complete on an average & it is quite simple.”Honesty is the best Policy” is the basic idea here. They have a strike system incorporated wherein you are out of the run if you give 3 bad surveys so you have to be serious and accept the challenge. It is site worth joining since it is trustworthy and chic as compared to the other boring sites.
Per survey Payout Slab: 50p – £3
Signing up Bonus: £3
7. Onepoll: These are famous for short and quick surveys. The surveys are then submitted to major brands & media. A single survey can take an average of 3 minutes to get completed which may yield anything closer to 20p, so to calculate earnings of £40 you will have to invest 10 hrs. You need to keep an eye on your mails and account for the surveys since there are reviews from the other users. You need to check your account daily for surveys and some users report you get stuck just under the £40
threshold. If this happens you can refer a friend for £4 and then withdraw your earnings.
Per survey Payout Slab: 10p – £1
Signing up Bonus: £3
8. Ipsos Panel: Ipsos is one of the best paying online survey company. It has a very strong clientele around the globe with the most trusted brands in its booty. Plus, with a trustworthy panel, surveys are sent regularly.
Rewards offered: Cash, Amazon & high street vouchers, Prize draws.
Per survey Payout Slab: £1
9. Opinion Outpost: One of the main things that hit the members for online surveys is the layout of survey and payout cycle. Opinion outpost satisfies both since the surveys are fun to do and payouts are quite fast as compared to the other sites. For a payout to be due, you just need to complete 5 surveys which is merely of 10-15 minutes each.
Rewards offered: Cash, Amazon vouchers.
Per survey Payout Slab: 50p
10. Harris Poll Online: For the online surveys, Harris poll facilitates the members an opportunity to receive gift cards in exchange of their participation. A limit of 1250 points is the limit where one is entitled to request and receive a gift voucher from Starbucks, Amazon iTunes and many more. Like other survey panels, Harris Poll also offers innovative online surveys. Not only this they offer opportunity to its members to become a part of focus groups, telephone surveys or even direct mail projects.
Rewards offered: Gift Vouchers
Per survey Payout Slab: 50p – £3
With all these sites, it is based on your preference & research which site to register with. Every site has a different style of working, paying out, volume of work etc. All these factors together contribute in making the site foolproof in terms of positive results. Spywares and virus should be taken care of when surfing through these sites. Some companies may start spamming you once you leak out your personal information, so just need to be extra careful. Always remember everything that glitters in not gold.

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