Top 10 Smart Ways to Earn Money Online from Bangladesh

The trend of adopting home based business ideas are growing rapidly. Thanks to internet and technology. One can start Internet business online from anywhere. Complete freedom, greater work life balance and flexible timing are few advantages of home based business. In addition to that, you will get added advantage of saving a rental cost.
If you have decided to start your own home based Internet business and searching for business ideas, here are 10 home based Internet business Ideas with low Investment.

Earn Money Online – 10 Ways to Make Money Online in Bangladesh

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best home based business with low investment. People from all over world are making lot of money via Blogging. Blogging is about sharing your own knowledge to targeted audience online. In order to start blogging you need domain name and hosting space. You need to write articles on specific niche and attract traffic. Once your blog attract traffic you can use various advertisement medium to earn money. You can even sell your own product via blog.

2. Freelance Content Writer

A second home based business idea is content writing. If you are creative writer and have time at your disposal this idea is for you. Content writing is internet business where you need to write content on specific topic and you will be paid money for every unique piece of content. There are many sites which offers content writing jobs such as,, and

3. Youtube Channel

Youtube Channel is next online internet business idea. You can earn lot of money from youtube channel. In order to start this business first you need to create your own youtube channel and upload unique videos on different topics. Once your channel get popularity you can apply for youtube channel partner program and earn lot of money.

4. SEO Service

SEO service is in demand nowadays. If you have skill and knowledge about SEO you can start your own SEO service business. In this business you have to bid project and use your expertise to do SEO analysis. Post analysis you need to improve SEO ranking of website.

5. Sell eBooks

One of the best way to make money online is by selling e-books. There are multiple subjects on which you can write about. You can continue to generate income from e-book as long as information contains in eBook is valid and useful. You can sell eBooks on your website or take service from other websites.

6. Stock Market Trader

Next Home based business idea is stock market trading. However, it is difficult to become stock market trader. You need lot of knowledge and capital for this business. Your income as stock market trader is highly depended on market condition. This idea is not recommended for the beginner.

7. Online Social Media Expert

Online Social media marketing is next among big home based business ideas. If you have good grip over social media platforms, you can start this business. In this business you need to manage social media handles of several busy business executives, politicians, government officials, pastors, celebrities and public figures. You can earn lot of money from this business. However, time required to establish yourself in this business is also high.

8. Online Photo Selling

If you are good at taking photographs you can sell them online and earn lot of money. Online photo selling is very good home based business idea. Good photos of nature, place, people, home, things are always in demand. These photos are largely used for making advertisements.

9. Buy and Sell Domain

Buy and sell domain is also known as domain trading business. This business demand investment for buying domains.You have to be expert before starting domain trading business. You have to develop skills to identify domain name with future demand. You have to purchase a domain name with low price and sell it at a higher price. You can use Godaddy Auction tool for this.

10. Online Business Website

Starting online e-commerce site is another best idea. However, it require lot of investment. Apart from e-commerce site you can also think of starting website for offering other services like hotel booking, travel, matrimony, web designing etc.