10 Best Local Search Engines In India

A search engine is an online place where a user with query searches and in return, they get responses accordingly. The search engine finds the result on the bases of data on the internet, sorts them and lists the result in a proper manner according to the search algorithm. There are various types of search engines worldwide, but searching and data presentation is almost the same.

If we look at the data of last year, more than 10- 14 Indian local search engines were launched. This place is full of crowds lately, and passing judgment about which is good or bad will be a little too extra. It is essential for businesses to present their things online in an attractive manner because recently, customers first use the internet to learn about the companies and their products only after that they think about buying or not. After the pandemic, most people rely on online sites for every little or big thing.

Top 10 best local search engines in India

Let’s look at the list of top local search engines found in India


Sulekha is a site that helps to connect customers with local services and different categories of businesses like technology, medical, house services, education and etc. They set up an account and publish your ad only if you have a local business. Features like Free and Paid or premium advertisements for your company is also available in app.

In the past four years, the revenue of Sulekha has doubled and increased its local service app growth by which local users can post their ads simply.


Ask.com was established in 1996, and earlier ask.com was known by the name Ask Jeeves which permits the customer to ask a question in their local languages. Over the period of time, Ask swapped its focus from being an all-rounder search engine to a platform with Q&A searches. Rather than finding each search, they focus mainly at answering the questions asked by customers. 

Users generally search for details about videos, news, websites, images, etc. 


TradeIndia links manufacturers, buyers and traders together, and it generally serves as mediator. Vendors are allowed to update their products and business data for free.

Users look for products, post the requirements and then waits for the provider to supply it. They dispense made-in-India products. 

Magic Bricks 

Magic Bricks provides information about the properties which is ready to sell and do not charge any money for that. They simply connect you with the advertiser or seller, basically, it is common platform for both seller and buyer.

After the property listing, all the information is provided to the customer according to their location, property type, and money preferences. 


Practo is a computerized or digital medical care platform where patients connect with hospitals, clinics, or, more precisely, doctors. Customers can find healthcare providers according to their requirements, like specialties, locations, etc. 

It offers services like virtual consultations, booking online appointments, managing the health record of the patient and medicine delivery. Practo makes it simple to access medical healthcare services. 

Yellow Pages India 

Yellow Pages India is a website for local startups and businesses, you can search nearby businesses with just keywords and location, it provides all the information in one go. Whether it is beauty, wellness, educational, health, food, beverages businesses or wedding and events, it helps in all local businesses. 


Rediff offers a large amount of content online, such as information of stock market, news articles, entertainment, shopping services, etc.

New features like “Rediff real-time news search” has launched recently which provides the latest news of India and whole world. High quality of pictures post on news site and it provide some real feed of bollywood, sports, political events.


It is a free portal that provides proper details about businesses, companies, products, etc all across the India. BharatPages is easy and informative site where users can find relevant and useful details about their needs. A registered customer can review and submit the content and can comment upon the threads to communicate with other customers. 


Infoisinfo is a digital search engine that connects companies to customers. It provides various information about services, businesses in numerous locations. Promotes your business and helps in connecting with users who are finding products and services related to your work. It is an easy to use website with additional information provided relevant to your needs.


Is any introduction needed? Standing at the first place to search in, Google is the top search engine in India or worldwide. Google is dominating globally whether it is any electronic gadget or any devices Google is the foremost choice of everyone to search in. Google provides searches with relevant results, quality content and precise answers. With over 84% share in the search market, Google covers a wide range of areas and provides a broad array of search results. 


In search engines, more features are added lately, like their ability to welcome local Indian languages, search by keywords and locations, providing list of all the user-friendly information without any overburdened advertisements. Choosing right search engines can help you build a brand, can attract more amount of visitors to your business, and improve your trustworthiness. 

An essential characteristic updated by search engines is when a person types in a search term, various keywords appear because of that, searching becomes easy and less time taking. Search engines work in phones, laptops, computers, etc.


Elexweb is from which country?

It’s a local search engine in India. The founder of this website is Upendra Gupta. In 2014 he founded Elexweb. 

What are the world’s most popular search engines? 

Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo and etc., are some of the most popular search engines across the world.

Which search engine is most famous in China? 

Baidu- Baidu is the most famous search engine in China, it holds 76% of the market share in the search engine market of China. 

Which are the best search engines in India?

Google, Duck Duck Go, Yahoo, Sulekha, and Ask.com are some of the popular search engines in India.

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