10 Best Live TV Streaming Services To Drop Cable For Good

Binge-watching is one of the most loved past-time. There are so wide varieties of content available on streaming services that one can never get tired of binge-watching. Romance, thriller, horror, rom-com, etc., and whatnot? You will get every genre of content on a good streaming website. Hence, investing in streaming services that will offer you services worth your time becomes necessary. When it comes to streaming services, there are a variety of services available that offer different types of content, and hence you need to do your research properly and invest in services that suit you best.

1. Xtreme HD

Xtreme HD is one of the best Live streaming services that one can invest in, not because it allows its users to choose the quality of their display but because of the wide variety of channels it gives access to. 

  • XtremeHD is located in almost 200 countries of the World, and hence it provides its user access to not just national but international content too.
  • The plans are also reasonable and flexible, starting from $15 per month and expanding to $500 as a single-time fee. 

2. Voodoo Streams IPTV

It is among the best streaming service for live TV. It allows its users to enjoy unlimited HD services from a wide range of content ranging from drama to comedy, sports, and a lot more. Voodoo streams allow its users to enjoy uninterrupted streaming of their favorite show or movie that too with an HD display.

  • Voodoo provides its user with flexible and comfortable customer services.
  • Not only does Voodoo offers a variety of content to binge-watch, but it also has reasonable packages for users.

3. Hulu Plus Live TV

This streaming platform is the best suitable one for streaming TV shows. People all over the world love Hulu Plus because of the quality and speed it offers for streaming TV shows. There are already as many as 40 million subscribers of Hulu Plus. The platform is popular among a wide range of people as it offers a variety of content to its users. 

  • Not just drama and entertainment but Hulu Live has channels that provide the latest news and sports information to its audience.
  • The packages that are available on Hulu Live are majorly in the high price range, but the quality of content offered is worth the price.

4. Sling TV Blue

If you are looking for services for one-time streaming, then Sling TV Blue is the best option for you. Sling TV Blue is yet another popular streaming platform that is loved by its users because of the high-quality content that allows the users to spend their time well from the comfort of their homes. 

  • Sling TV Blue can be the best option for users who like to spend most of their weekends sitting at home and enjoying quality time with family, as it has a variety of offers that includes content that can be enjoyed with the family.
  • The subscriptions for Sling TV Blue are quite reasonable. 

5. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the most preferred streaming channels, and it has one of the widest ranges of subscribers. The quality of content offered on YouTube TV is so diversified that it has subscribers from all across the world. 

  • YouTube TV is best recommended for the audience who loves listening to songs as well as binge-watch movies.
  • The subscription to YouTube TV starts from $64.99/month, but this has login access to as many as 6 devices.

6. PrimeVideo

We all have heard about Prime Video, and all of us love it. Prime Video is popular among the audience because of the quality content it offers. Prime Video is one of the best platforms for almost every genre of audience, and the time you spend binge-watching Prime Video is never time wasted.

  • The platform is not just suitable for online streaming, but it provides offers to download your favorite episodes that you can binge-watch even without an internet connection.
  • Apart from the other content that Prime Video offers, there is also unique content that is only available on Prime originals.

7. Disney+

Another best Live streaming TV service. Out of all the types of services it offers, Disney+ tops the list when it comes to sports streaming. You can stream any type of sport from almost all parts of the world through Disney+. You can surf Disney+ on almost all ranges of devices, be it a mobile phone, iPad, laptop screen, or TV screen. 

  • There is a wide range of content available from almost all parts of the world. You can also choose the language as per your preferences. 
  • There is a list of packages with different price ranges; you can choose anyone according to your needs.

8. HBOmax

Even though HBOmax is not as popular as other live-streaming platforms, still the quality of the content it offers is top-notch. Several contents are available on HBOmax, and you can never get bored of streaming the platform. You will end up finding something or the other as per your interest.

  • HBOmax is an updated and revised version of the original HBO app.
  • HBOmax is mainly famous for the Blockbuster movies it offers.
  • HBOmax does not offer any free trials, but the content it offers is worth the price you pay.

9. Apple TV+

There is no competitor of Apple TV+ when it comes to Live streaming services. It offers a wide range of quality content that is only available on Apple TV+ that too with the best display. The audience loves the original content of Apple TV+. moreover, if you possess any of the apple devices where you can stream Apple TV+, the platform offers a free trial for as long as one year.

10. FuboTV

The best platform for Live streaming sports is FuboTV. FuboTV has a wide range of audience that love binge-watching sports. FuboTV offers extra services with premium charges.

  • FuboTV offers a trial package that lasts for a month.
  • FuboTV does not leave behind any country when it comes to streaming sports events.


1. What streaming service is best for live TV?

Here are some of the best live streaming services for live TV-

  • Hulu
  • HBO max
  • Disney+
  • ESPN, and more.

2. What live-streaming services can I get without cable?

  • Hulu + Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • Youtube TV
  • DirecTV

3. What is the least expensive way to stream live TV?

If you want to cut down your expenses, it is best to go for Frndly TV as it costs only around $7 per month. 

4. Is live streaming better than cable?

Live streaming is definitely something that people will consume more than cable because of its convenience and affordability. 

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