11 Ways to Use LinkedIn as a Business Marketing Tool

LinkedIn is one of the most popular as well as the most professional social networking website since 2003, which at present has the overall user base of 562 million users’ worldwide! Gradually it has become the most effective online webbing network, which helps you to engage yourself with your targeted audience by searching the specific people who might be looking out for the same product and services as you have!

LinkedIn has emerged out as one of the powerful tool when it comes to marketing, for your business and specifically at that point of situation where you knew about all of those small little known new features, which mostly never get the importance  that they actually deserve! The inception of these new features  for sure acts like an add on for your business ,like posting of updates or sharing of new content makes it quiet a deal for them to get the rising brand  of your company on to the social networking websites successfully!

When it comes to other social networking platforms like that of Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn stands alone with one of the most unique features. Other networking platforms mostly focus on the services to have that one to one access to all of their consumers and clients, while LinkedIn primarily focuses on building their business to business connections, as this is one of their most prominent social media marketing and business strategies. This marketing strategy not only helps the LinkedIn community to enhance their business, but also takes their sphere to some other level!

But when it comes to some of the personal preferences to choose between all of the networking platforms, I personally will go for LinkedIn , I mean it’s not like I don’t indulge myself into other social networking platforms ,Of course I do! But when it comes to LinkedIn, it is one of the most trending and powerful platform to give a head start to any of the business, while it is one of the most used platforms in terms of career enhancements.

It’s amazing, isn’t it!

You are being served with every facility on a single platter!

Why Choose LinkedIn?

We all know in this world where time is money for everyone , it becomes quite clear that reaching yourself with these social networking platforms you are absolutely dealing with the crowd who mean BUSINESS!

Being the most scattered business networking website  globally, there is of course a mindset attached to it that people compare it to other of the networking sites like that of twitter or Instagram! But it’s hard for them to understand the main purpose of LinkedIn!

While logging on to this network, people tend to change their way of interest ,their messages becomes more professional ,that provides them with a more of an extended professional outlook! Conversations that you make tens to be more professional as you must be looking forward to some of the new ventures or partnerships. Isn’t it something way to different from other applications where you must be uploading your pictures!

Yes ,it is! As it helps you to surround yourself with all sorts of career enhancements as well as the business opportunities.

LinkedIn means Business!

Every platform talks about the incredible use of the Face book Ads, though I won’t say that the features face book provided me weren’t of any use! They were for sure! But if I compare it with LinkedIn, it has even more great and powerful features.

It’s as simple to say that if you are not using these powerful features to set up your business in the current market, then for sure you are missing out on something really very important! Start to explore these features and step up your game in to the battlefield!

There are many ways with which you can make a remarkable imprint in the market yourself of your business!

Let’s dive deep down into some of the most powerful features of LinkedIn which will surge up your business’s market potential!

Let’s begin then!

1. Get the basics of your LinkedIn right!

By getting the basics of your LinkedIn clear, I clearly mean that you need to find out and insert one of the interesting and appealing display picture which is quite recent and make you look as if you are solely determined to be a part of this professional world!

The title that you choose is also one of the important aspects that help to enhance your popularity over your profile on LinkedIn. Just in case if you hold many titles and certifications, what’s the point of keeping them secretively, try to focus on your talents and describe each and every point of your them in to your personality ,in to the field where you desperately want to work .

Being a business person, you need to highlight on the most important skill of yours. Try to sell your profile in an antagonistic way, add your best portfolio, which will trust me help to strengthen your case on LinkedIn. People who run their own website are the first step to showcase your amazing branding techniques. Social media platforms like that of LinkedIn helps you to ensure that the website address you provided, is visible to everyone who moves across your profile ,and the case remains the same in the context of blog URL’s.  While those of others like that of face book and twitter they link your profile along with your valid email address and your contact list to everyone who is coming up in your profile. When all of your information is linked with each other, it becomes easy for your clients either to call you or to email you personally asking about the services that you provide.

One of the main differences that lie between the successful and the non successful digital marketer is very clear .The one who puts up all of their valid information up on the profiles for the public domains takes away the cake!

Though, jotting up everything about yourself is quiet time consuming ,but come on, it just a one time investment because of which you will get the benefits all through your life!

Recommendations are necessary if you want to stand out of the crowd! These recommendations for all the professional out there, especially with them whom either you have worked or interacted with, can prove to be beneficial for your business career .Just with the help of these recommendations you will be able to fetch good potential customers that will trust the words of mouth, which increases your chances to be selected for some important projects.

2. Push up your blog section to its utmost potential

Talking about the publishing platforms in every scenario, LinkedIn provides its customers with one of the most convincing content management interface any platform could ever provide you with especially for all the professionals to convey their viewpoint.

LinkedIn sets its own way of superiority which gives its users to add free images to each and every post, just in case if the user is not putting it by its own! Apart from this feature they do provide with the White canvas which is just a cherry on the cake as it gives you that superb feeling to write your thoughts.

Addition of images with every post makes your chances to be more visible in front the viewer!

Keep it a secret!

While we are still discussing about the features how can be forget about the feature that all of us like the most! Hard to memorize! Its commenting, liking and the visitor statistics I am talking about. This feature is added in each and every blog that you will be posting, writer can simply track their user engagement which is quite accurate! This feature helps you to know what your targeted audience thinks about your writings!

Talking about blogging  ,it is the most useful branding as well as rebranding tool that can be used by anyone .It’s simple yet effective! As it congregate a certain type of the audience that you actually target which is very competent, sharp and understand the concept behind each and every writing of yours.

Blogs are one of the medium with which you can actually realise whether all of your informative blogs are reaching to your targeted viewers or not. If they are, then they will for sure try to reach you, asking you to publish more of your writings and may be there can be a chance for you to extend your business as you appear to be a transparent resource to everyone.

3. Premium search filters – never undermine their importance

People in this field are keen to use such sort of search filters while spreading your ads that may be containing all the informative things about your product or the service to all the types of audiences globally, which might not end you up with good results .But when you try to indulge yourself into this habit of applying filters, you can simply get the best and the right segment of audience that you had been looking out for years.

Pull up your socks and add these filters, that will at the end help your product to reach everywhere in the targeted section only! While on LinkedIn you can definitely try these premium search filters as they provide you with features like

    1. Function based filters
    2. Age
    3. Seniority
    4. Preference based filter

4. You want to sell off your stuff better –Create groups

This is the most not so used features that LinkedIn provides! But it can add wonders to your business only if you know how to use it! When you create a group for your separate contacts, you can address them in a better way which will after all help you to get the best lead for your business! Once you are done with your post, your customers will start to respond and may inquire you more about the service you provide!

One of the mentalities is also trending that, customers who are not responding or inactive are just not interested! No, not at all! They are definitely going through everything but may be quite conservative with their thoughts, they will for sure respond only if they are interested in your business! So don’t lose your hope!

5. The real treasure – Status updates

Regular updates of your status do make a huge impact on your business and it does help you to stand out of the crowd, but only if you know how to do it. These updates must be short but also should be crisp and clear.  Try at least the two of them to boost up your user engagement.

Set up your time first one can be around 10 am and the second one in the late evening. The main reason that lies is that most of the users check their important messages either in the morning or in the evening, after they get back to their place!

6. Advanced features of LinkedIn

These are small yet very useful which eventually helps you to build up a strong functionality in the context of sales and leads, every time a viewer goes through your profile.

    1. Writing a small note
    2. You can tag them along with some interesting information
    3. You can easily go with the reminder option in case if you care concerned to mail the viewer

7. A sure way to get the leads – who went through your profile

This feature is ones of the most exciting features of LinkedIn as it helps its users to know that how many viewers visited their profile within a span of certain days. But if you are interested in knowing the identity and the contact information then you must have the premium membership.

8. Go with the industry trends

Every user must be up to date and should practice the latest industry trends that users follow because that will no only help you to know the executive moments of the users but also will guide you to all the insights about the market. Every new information may it be regarding the technology or the new trends of fashion you will have command of everything!

Moreover, you can also find it as a method to self regulate within all the guidelines that are trending in the market right now. Though that can be formal or informal but at least you will be having all the required information regarding the stuff you are into!

Express yourself freely with this amazing social media platform!

9. Try referral chances

Trying to get connected to your old school or college mates can act like a boon if this field for you because most of your mates in this same field must have already gone through this process that you are dealing with right now! All of you together can certainly build a trust before indulging yourself in this transaction of business.

Moreover, communications can to help you as you further can get connected to more people around you which will for sure be a very strong source of referral for you as well as for your business.

Get connected and feel the difference!

10. LinkedIn ads – use this tool

No doubt when it comes to the ads posted on LinkedIn as they help to surge up your response for all of your digital marketing campaigns. They offer you with both the services consisting of self services and managed campaign which is exclusively offered by the campaign manager utility.

These services are perfect for business of all shapes and sizes, just get your LinkedIn account linked and get the premium membership done! That is totally your choice when you are willing to start a campaign and same goes for finishing  it up .But before this just consult yourself with the amount of penny you are about to spend on !

You will be offered with different facilities for a campaign

  1. Account targeting
  2. Display ad
  3. Dynamic ad
  4. Managed sponsored content campaigns
  5. Sponsored In-mail

Try to keep all of your texts for your ads clear and precise, because shorter the message more it will create an impact on your audience.

11. Type of interest

Always look out for the area of interest where are willing to invest into .This platform helps you express your views and points only to the kind of market where you deserve to be into.

Companies: The information that they share get released publically in the form of articles, blogs, press release, etc. mostly the information in here helps you to make a strong bond between the other public relation teams. So be pretty clear with your text!

Groups: Mostly people prefer to chare their hurdle of life in this group as what others seek is the relevant answer to their questions; this helps you to be more visible and active among everyone.


If you want to see your business as well as yourself somewhere to some other level you must follow these features of LinkedIn as it is one of the renowned social networks especially when it comes to business. Just aim to get the best to deliver in a professional manner and you will observe as in how many ways you are being rewarded with new leads.

Good Luck!

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